Segregation and Separation

I can think of nothing more evil and malevolent than permitting extremely dangerous predators and abusers the liberty to claim more and more victims.  Yet that is precisely the system that we have.

Whether they are released back into society right away or after a very short prison term the fact is that they are proven predators and they are integrated back into normal society in the full knowledge that the odds on them claiming more victims are very high indeed.  It is insane to believe you can ever reform these abominations.  We need to face the reality that in 99% of cases they can never be reformed.  We need to quit pretending that those sorts of people self-reflect and are capable of feeling guilt.  They don’t.  They only ever regret getting caught.

It is delusional and dangerous to keep buying into the myth that such people can be turned around.  All that sort of thinking has ever done is create many more victims.  It is utterly irresponsible to know this and keep releasing such people back into society.

I think the answer long term is to separate and segregate them from the rest of society, from mainland Britain – permanently.  The death penalty is too problematic;  you can’t bring someone back to life if they later prove innocent.  Furthermore, the largest % of those I speak of wouldn’t even get the death penalty were there one.  It was only ever really reserved for murderers (and treason).

A far more plausible and rational ambition would be to simply separate all convicted animal and child abusers from normal people.  This could be done quite easily and it needn’t turn into anything weird or barbaric (which you won’t get popular support for).  I’d propose securing an island off the coast of Britain.  As you can see there are already some that are unpopulated.

Uninhabited islands of England

Uninhabited islands of Scotland

If absolutely none of those were suitable in terms of size and logistics then simply build an artificial offshore island.  The advantage with that option is that you can add to it and expand it if needs be.  This is where all your child and animal abusers would go.  They could still live, but they can live out their days cut off from society and never again able to claim more victims.

I’m even okay with giving them medical care and food – just get them the hell away from a society that wants to be healthy again.  Forever.  I’m not speaking about turning it into a place of barbarity and sadism carried out by the guards.  You don’t solve this problem with more sadism.  Their day could involve rising at 6am, doing ten hours work making things that would be of use to someone back in normal society, then lights out at 9pm.  What would be so wrong with that?  Why shouldn’t these people be permanently removed and why do they deserve chance after chance when the people who pay the price are the vulnerable and weak?

It’s one hell of a price for someone else to pay and all to cater to the freedoms and liberty of the abuser.  It would also prevent an abuser “progressing” with their activities as they tend to do.  There would no longer be a need to worry if a Frankish may one day turn on a baby rather than ‘Baby’.  They wouldn’t be able to – since people like them would be sent to the island for what they did.  And you know what they say about prevention being better than the cure.  Since there would be no animals or children on the island there would be no-one or nothing to abuse, except perhaps for one another (no tears from me).  At least they’d be made secure from the rest of society and could definitely claim no more victims – ever.

I personally think this is a very logical idea and so long as it’s not presented as some sort of torture island I see no reason why it shouldn’t be done.  The inhabitants could live out their lives while doing something constructive every day.  They’d live a very basic life and it goes without saying there would be no internet access, no visits, no newspapers or television.  If by some chance one of them proved innocent – then at least you can get them off the island again.

We’ve tried the method of convicting and letting them go again since all of time.  What has it resulted in?  Absolute tragedy.  We cannot go mass executing people so the most rational and reasonable thing to do is simply cut them off from society – for good.

Try it for one generation of 25 years.  Then look and see if the number of victims reduced during that period.  It seems clear to me that the more sadistic degenerates you remove from society the less victims of sadism there will be.

There aren’t millions of sadists in the UK.  There aren’t millions of child abusers.  It’s probably in the thousands and its generally the same core of people (and the offspring they have and raise) that are committing the same types of offences over and over.



2 thoughts on “Segregation and Separation

  1. All your comments make sense . Why are we putting up with this scum day in and day out, and worse of all they get given protection . A psychopath is a psychopath , they cannot be cured.


  2. Just read about Frank Lewis. Seems to be a lot of this type sick bastards in Wales. Last year there were JAC PARRY ROBERTS and TOBY HUMPHRIES who go out at night killing animals. They caught a 2 month old baby deer and cut it’s throat after punching it and standing on it just like the fucking scum Frankish. I made a telephone call to ROBERTS grandmother, which lasted 30 seconds if that, before she put the phone down. I had a visit from the police, they had took the time to trace my number and investigate the complaint from this old hag , who bought her scumbag grandson a ipad whilst he was serving 8 weeks in prison for torturing the baby deer. They live in Porthmadog, North Wales and I live in Kent. I could not believe that the police took the time to investigate such a trivial matter, getting in touch with another police to pay me a visit.


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