Unknown assailant “attempts another genocide”

OF News understands that well known glamour model and “Mum of The Year”, Hannah Le Coco De Frankish-White, was the victim of another photograph-themed attempted genocide of her emotions today.

This extremely dangerous picture of her car in Billingham was taken by an UNKNOWN ATTACKER.  This follows on from last month’s ASSAULT on her feels when a local man was suspected of dangerous photographing.

A spokesperson for Cleveland police said: “We cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to take a photo of a car in public.  Not only can the flash cause the driver to crash but it’s bad for the environment as well.  While we can come and go when it comes to lads having a laugh about child rape and dog torture we will take a zero tolerance approach to anyone who photographs anything without written permission from us.  And we won’t answer you, so you are fucked”.

It’s not known if Hannah (29) sustained any injuries as a result.  A Friends of Hannah vigil is to be held later this week with crowds of up to 40,000 expected.

More at 10.

(Pictured – A car that was pictured in public.  Note the large rock that appeared just after the photo was taken.  That’s totally what can happen.)



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