Plutocracy And The Death of Justice

The people are in a state of abject confusion. They are simply bewildered and at a total loss – they don’t understand two things. The first thing they do not understand is why there is such a proliferation of casual evil in our country. The second thing they don’t understand is why casual evil is given a free pass over and over. These are complex matters that can’t really be fully explained in one post, but I will try to deal with the main source. The main source is the political culture. Contrary to popular myth you don’t really live under a true democracy at all. What you live under is a plutocracy with a facade of democracy.


“Plutocracy is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. The first known use of the term was in 1652.
Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. The concept of plutocracy may be advocated by the wealthy classes of a society in an indirect or surreptitious fashion, though the term itself is almost always used in a pejorative sense.”

Yes you can vote in elections and yes there are political parties. However, it should be very easy to see that this is merely theatre and window dressing if plutocrats outside of the democratic process can buy up politicians and favours. And that is precisely and exactly what you have, you have two establishment parties and both sides are on the same side – and that side is NOT you.
Any differences the establishment parties have are very superficial and there is nearly always broad agreement between them on the matters that really count. All the school boy debating that you see in Parliament is, for the most part, pure theatre. It suits the oligarchs and plutocrats to remain out of the public eye and simply buy up politicians and policy from the sidelines. In this way they can maintain the illusion of democracy.

No nation whose body politic have been contaminated and subverted in this way can have any morality. Those who call the shots have no morality and MP’s are just lackeys to those who call the shots. Those with the TRUE political power in this country have no concept of morality and have usually gotten to where they are by conducting themselves in ways that are amoral and criminal.

They are addicts. They are addicted to power and they are addicted to wealth and they will stop and nothing to keep getting their fix. That’s the sort of people who have the ear of your elected Governments. Thats why Governments seem to do things that are so badly out of step with public opinion and mood.

Plutocrats aren’t an abstract concept. They are real people with names and faces. Here are a couple of examples;

Sir Philip Green
Green became the target of activist group UK Uncut in November 2010 for alleged corporate tax avoidance. The group targeted Green specifically as a government adviser.
In 2010, Green was again accused of using sweatshops, this time by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme. It was asserted that he was using factories in Britain in which workers were paid less than half the legal minimum wage.
Green bought BHS for £200m in 2000, but the firm performed poorly so he sold it for just £1 in 2015.
By April 2016 BHS had debts of £1.3bn, including a pensions deficit of £571m. Despite the deficit of £571m, Green and his family collected £586m in dividends, rental payments and interest on loans during their 15-year ownership of the retailer.
Referring to the conduct of Green, Angela Eagle, the shadow business secretary, said: “In this situation it appears this owner extracted hundreds of millions of pounds from the business and walked away to his favourite tax haven, leaving the Pension Protection Scheme to pick up the bill.”


Lord Sainsbury – the billionaire supermarket magnate – is said by political insiders to be emerging as the driving force behind the pro-European movement.
A close ally and personal friend of Mr Blair, who recently called for Britain to stay in the EU, the Labour peer’s previous brief stint in front-line politics was dogged by controversy.
As Science Minister in Mr Blair’s cabinet, Lord Sainsbury was dogged by accusation of a conflict of interest over his family supermarket chain’s involvement in the development of Genetically Modified (GM) crops.
He was also one of 48 people questioned by police over the “cash-for-honours” scandal in July 2006 and resigned his Cabinet role three months later, citing personal reasons.
That April he was also cleared of breaching the ministerial code after he failing to disclose a £2m loan to Labour.


I could sit and give 100 more examples but I think even someone with no strong interest in politics gets the idea. There’s nothing wrong with a democratic model in principle and there’s nothing wrong with having different parties to vote for. There is everything wrong with two establishment parties who have been totally subverted and who are entirely beholden to the interests of a tiny minority of crooks. Because thats what most of those oligarchs really are – high end crooks.

It should be very easy to see how dangerous this is. When elected Governments are beholden and answerable to a tiny number of people with zero interest in the social health of a nation then you are sliding toward disaster. It simply doesn’t cross the mind of these oligarchs to care about the things you care about. They have an addiction to feed – money and power. There is no money and power in morality.
Your Governments then form party policy which is shaped not in your interests and those of the public mood but in the interests of this tiny clique of high end crooks. Even the justice system itself becomes blighted. Why do you think successive Governments keep going with electronic tags and home curfews when they are a proven failure and extremely expensive to the public purse? The answer is simple – the justice system has become contaminated and turned into a cash cow for the interests of large corporations such as G4S. Its G4S who are handed the massive contracts to “manage” this failed system. What are the odds that handing them the contracts results in direct and indirect benefits to politicians and Government..?
Even the welfare state is turned into a window of opportunity for private corporations. The infamous ATOS were an IT company who were handed a massive contract to health screen people as part of “benefit reforms”. You can see how badly that turned out – but not for those who profit from it.

Profit and a true free market is fine. Thats not what this is and these oligarchs are not men who make their money honestly. They make their money by ripping people off. They make their money on the back end of exploitation. They are parasites whose attachment to YOUR elected officials has resulted in any goodness, decency, virtue and morality being sucked right out of them and your body politic.

They make a mockery of elections and democracy by their meddling and buying up of politicians. Those who pull the strings of elected officials have no interest in this country, its people or the future for your children. They subvert, they plunder, they exploit.
Politicians are now there to serve their interests and your interests are incidental. For as long as these oligarchs have control over your Governments then the nation and all virtue will slide further into the mire.


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