Dealing With Dramarama

I was going to hold off writing this until next week but to an extent my hand has been forced.  With that in mind I’ve decided to get it out there now so that it’s out of the way and done because, aside from all else, I just don’t have the time to dwell on drama and side issues.

No one should – we are ALL up against the clock here and societal decay is at such an advanced stage that I can hear the death rattle in the distance.  I don’t think there has been a day that has gone by when I haven’t been presented with some issue or drama.  It is constant.

The only people that haven’t caused me an issue are the brothers and the police.  Whatever other dumb shit that pair did in their life they at least had the common sense not to cause us issues.  This is the most sensible thing they will ever do in their entire lives.  This demonstrates that they must possess some reasoning powers and rationale for if they were unable to think rationally and logically they’d have spent the past few months trying their best to be a nuisance to us.  But no – instead of doing that they sensibly stayed well away and didn’t make things even worse for themselves.  Maybe this is a glimmer of hope.  It shows me that when they fear a thing they are able to make rational and logical decisions.  Maybe the answer to keeping such people disciplined and rational is to give them something to fear and respect.  I’d love to be able to tell you how they tried to cause us so many problems – but they just haven’t.  The only thing they’ve tried to do is get as far away from us as possible and not bait us.  If only they had shown such common sense and good reasoning powers back in 2013.

The police (for all their operational faults) have also caused us no problems.  None of the team have ever had a phone call, a letter or a visit.  They haven’t tried to put us off doing our operations, and they haven’t tried to stop us going on with our campaign.  Since April I have tried to lead the campaign in such a way that gave them no valid reason to do so.  The reason why I have always stressed that damage to property and people isn’t the way is very simple – to protect the team, to protect OF, to protect our campaign.  I’ve pushed things right to the edge at times, but I have tried to be intelligent and lawful about it.  The police have caused us no issues at all- There is no valid reason for them to do so and had they done so it would only have been a PR own-goal for them and PR gain for us.

You can probably imagine how long we could dine out on it if the police had chosen to get in our face for no real reason.  But the fact remains that the police have caused us zero issues.  I still think that the average copper is a decent bloke and out of uniform they most likely fully agree with our objectives.

The issues we face on an ongoing basis are everything else that’s not the brothers or the police.  For instance, this past week we’ve had to absorb the fact that Nemo is no longer with us.  There are no personal issues at all.  We obviously like the guy and appreciate all his efforts.  However, he is having personal/work issues and there is nothing we can do to solve those.  All we can do with those is to wish the guy all the best in resolving them and leave the door open for him to do stuff in the future if he wishes to and salute him for the time that he did give us.

I obviously can’t go into his issues because they are personal and I’m not that clear what they involve anyway.  I do know that the nature of the work was also getting to him.  It makes him angry and upset having to work with this sort of material.  I guess when that overwhelms you its understandable if you can’t do it anymore.  It angers me as well, but I am able to sort of detach myself now.  I have been able to get to a place where I can work with and discuss this sort of material and it doesn’t eat away at me emotionally.

However we are all different in our nature.  If someone feels that it gets to them too much to work with material like this then there’s not a great deal I can do since working with the material goes with the territory.  All I can do is respect and accept that everyone’s different and not try to force a person into changing their nature.  At least he had the grace to finish off the artwork for the Truss Bus.  He knows we are here to help him if ever he needs it.

There’s no use our dwelling on it though.  As the old saying goes – “The Show Must Go On”.  It does create a gap in our set-up, but in time I will resolve this.  I already had a plan that I was putting together to roll out after the bus.  That plan will still go ahead and if it works (which it should), then it will put us on a very stable footing indeed and it will enhance us to a level not seen before.

So, from a man who I consider principled and decent, we’ll now discuss a women that has been crying out for attention for months and is just a strange troll.  This is the sort of women that men like Nemo despise by the way.  And he’s not alone.  These are the sort of narcissistic and unstable women that we despise as well.

(Our face when it comes to such women.)


Actually, we don’t know whether to despise them or pity them, that’s how truly twisted and strange they are.  For weeks we’ve had this bizarre Harpy behaving like that witch from “Play Misty For Me”.  She spends so much time trolling us, trying her best to undermine our work and efforts, and now, as you can see, this lunatic has taken to Twitter to trying win the ear of Anna Turley.  It’s honestly amazing.  On behalf of the public we have been trying to fairly get some answers to some key issues from Anna Turley.  We cannot give the public those answers since she never responds to us or to those who contact her having read something we’ve highlighted.


We repeat, the only contact we have ever had from Anna Turley was when she contacted us.  We didn’t ask her to – She just did.  We showed you the message and allowed you to draw your own conclusions and the consensus was that 5% of the message was about the case and 95% of it was a personal defence of the vet at Whitecross.  Those were also our conclusions.  We also found what she said in regard to the vet redundant.  No MP or non-professional can possibly make a statement that “no vet could possibly know the dog had been abused” and not have that questioned.  That’s a non-clinical and personal opinion and we felt it had no place in an MPs communication to a pressure group.  I could just as easily make the statement that ANY vet would have identified abuse and that opinion would be as valid as her opinion that NO vet could.  The truth lies somewhere in the middle most likely.  The reality is that there are some vets who would have suspected abuse and there are those who would not.  I think it depends a very great deal on the individual vet.

During our research though we did discover that a vet isn’t legally obligated to report a suspected abuse case.  That came from the mouths of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.  Isn’t that worth changing?  Surely there is a case for saying that vets should be legally obligated to raise concerns and err on the side of caution?  I was amazed to find out that they aren’t already legally obligated.  Our only critical observation of Turley was what seemed an inappropriate defence of a vet based on personal feelings.  No one was bothering the vet on our say so, in fact we stated explicitly not to bother the women and make your concerns known to the appropriate body – which people did and are entitled to do.

We are also entitled to hold an opinion on a politician if we want, and we are not obligated to be fawning little sycophants when one of them does the least little thing.  Excuse us if we don’t gush forth with forelock-tugging praise just because an MP initiates a discussion scheduled for February.  It shows how far we have fallen when you have individuals that want to elevate an MP to demigod status just because she is said to have queued for eight hours to secure the slot for the speech.  This is their job, it is what they are voted in to do and are paid to do.  This should be the minimum expected standard by the public and not something that we bow at the knee over.

Any questions we have asked Anna Turley have been huge questions and on behalf of the public who ask us to ask.  All of these questions have always been asked fairly and reasonably – without exception.  We absolutely stand by what we said in relation to the vets.  So what though?  She is entitled to her view and the public are entitled to their view.

All of this is a far cry from this demented Philpott woman and her insane one woman campaign to undermine us.  It wont work of course- She is just making herself seem nuts.  We’ve never actually done anything to this woman.  We’ve never bothered her in any way and we just have no interest in her.



But it is truly amazing that she finds the time to create these weird memes and take to Twitter to undermine the cause and it is truly amazing that Turley would give that the time of day.  What is it with this bizarre “sisterhood”?  We have Turley contacting us about how she feels in regard to a female vet, we have this strange women Tweeting Turley that she feels we “condemn her all the time”.  They seem far too preoccupied with perceptions, hurt feels and emotions and not so interested in facts and solutions.

People like this woman are effectively throwing ‘Baby’ down the stairs all over again when they behave this way.  Talk about doing the devils work…


One thought on “Dealing With Dramarama

  1. Cannot begin to understand this crazy woman. Everything you say makes so much sense, why don’t you become an MP. Change this country and make it a better place for people and animals. Don’t like it a present.


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