Solutions – Not For Paper Skinned People

I was asked tonight to further expand on something I said during that audio Q&A.  This is how it was put exactly:

“As you again say in your interview, 5 or so years time, pounds, homes, rescue centre will simply saturate and will not cope, what then?”

There’s a good news part and a bad news part when it inevitably reaches that stage, which it will with current trends.  Here’s the good news part (you are going to need this part since the bad news is pretty bad).  The good news part is that when it got to that stage it would in theory be possible to use it to evoke some much needed changes that are long overdue.  Sometimes there can be order out of chaos.  When the banks burst then it would be a good opportunity to then put in some proper national standards of dog ownership and also a strategy to simply achieve the aim of there being far less dogs.  Like I say, order out of chaos is possible, so long as there are those around with the foresight and vision to seize the moment and quickly turn that into a positive.

I hope you enjoyed the good news because here comes the bad news.  Unless current social trends are almost immediately changed then you are sliding towards a living hell.  There’s no other way I can put it.  Things don’t occur in a vacuum.  What is coming down the pipe as everyone’s new reality won’t be a result of some sudden and overnight event.  Not at all.  Instead it will be the ultimate conclusion of the accumulative effect of an entire generation of societal errors.  It will be the Devil’s Climax.  Look around – You are already amid it.  The only reason you might think otherwise would be if the cold hand of evil hasn’t yet touched your own life.  But it will.  Be assured of that.  Don’t expect a single MP to tell you this – they don’t care about you, this nation or a better and safer future for your descendants.  Why would they?  Listen to what they mainly speak about.  If its not about “the economy” then it’s about some new bizarre strikes that they are bizarrely planning in some foreign land for no real clear reason.  They’ve been asset stripping this nation for at least 30 years now.  That which was once owned by the people has all been sliced up and sold off to those who care only about returns and profits.  This country almost has nothing else that can be stolen.  Gordon Brown even flogged the nations gold!

Your politicians speak and sound more like accountants and lawyers than men of action who love their country, their people and who want a safe future for their descendants.  And when they do pay lip service to matters of social importance, how do they sound to you?  They always sound totally artificial to me.  They sound artificial because they don’t mean any promises they make to you.  They only care about their handlers, themselves and maybe their party.  These so called democratically elected officials pay no mind to what a society may look like in years to come.  They have no interest or incentive to.  They are professional career politicians.  They operate in short time slots of four or five years at a time.

Why do they get away with it?  Because they are allowed to.  Ever known a former cabinet to be brought back before a court and made to answer for catastrophic actions on their part?  Never.  Blair and Labour could even send our soldiers to kill and be killed on clear deceptions and he’s still out there; he’s still earning big on the speaking circuit.  You might wonder why on earth he gets paid huge amounts to do stuff like that?  It’s very simple.  Your Prime Minister doesn’t answer to you and the people- He or she really answers to a tiny % of oligarchs, speculators and corporations.  Sometimes these high-end mafia (which is what I see them as) are in the business of war and weapons sales.  They need a narrative to sell a war to the public and that’s where the Prime Minister comes in.  They expect him to sell their wishes to his cabinet and to the public.  The narrative must be built on lies of course, since if the real reasons were stated then the soldiers would refuse to pick up their arms to start with.  They also need public support for such things and they would never get that if they were candid about their true motives.

So the job of the PM, his cabinet, their think tanks and their ad agencies is to get together and create a reason for war.  I even know how they do it; I’ve read about it for years and many of the principles are not that far removed from those you’d find rooted in the advertising industry.  It’s like a very sophisticated trick.  The tragedy is that people were never wired up to be subjected to that sort of trickery.  That’s why it works so well.  Why do you think a BBC news reader still seems to create that aura of “serious person speaking facts”?  It’s because it works on a subconscious level.  On a subconscious level there is a man (who seems to know what he is talking about) and he’s speaking to you in your own room.  They use methods like neuro-linguistic programming.  I see them doing this all the time and the media are de facto allies of the state in that sense.  It can be used and applied many ways on the unsuspecting.  You can literally create an ‘-ism’ or a ‘phobia’, prefix it with something, and on the back end of that you can then crucify ANYONE that disagrees with you as being that label.

Pop culture, media and governments do this ALL the time and non-stop.  That then induces a society of people that become OCD about doing the same.  Hey presto – You have a society divided by identity politics and fighting with each other over imaginary ‘-isms’ and imaginary hate.  Nothing like a people distracted if you want to sustain a culture of ripping them off.  We now have a nation where people are running around like chickens on speed and clucking “racist” at everyone and “homophobia” at anyone.  It’s almost become like a form of psychosis to do that in of itself.

What you have to understand is that you have a culture that is bedevilled by cancerous traits like narcissism and Machiavellians.  It didn’t “just happen”, it is abnormal for one person to be that way, let alone for it to become the culture.  Guess what?  It IS the culture.


People are too busy having a “good time” to notice.  What would you call the explosion of ridiculous selfies if not a symptom of a mental illness?  It is just NOT healthy or normal to spend time, day after day, taking and uploading pouting photos.  Females who do this ARE engaging in blatant manipulative behaviours and parasitical ones at that.  Why?  Because they want YOU to make them “feel good”.  They only want likes and compliments and lots of them.  I think its repulsive, but I try not to find the girls themselves repulsive as I realise they have been born into that culture.  They have learned this behaviour and they can unlearn it one day.  I hope beyond hope that they collectively put down the camera, put away the self-love and find real love and likes, not self-love and FB likes.  Be loved for being a good mother, a good older sister, a good wife.  Be liked not for your outsized fake boobs but for your loyalty, your devotion and your femininity.  I fully accept that males engage in these actions as well, but that merely shows that the symptoms are even worse.


As you might expect from a Machiavellian culture it becomes mirrored in law.  Note how it is easier to go to jail these days for illegally hurting someone’s special and protected feels online than it would be to be jailed for abusing a child or beat the shit out of your dog for a laugh (sic).

Call someone a suspected paedophile or animal abuser and you might get a police reaction if they can be bothered and have time.  The courts might hand out a sentence if they convict, but it will probably be non-custodial.

But label someone a “racist” or “whateverphobe” and the full force of the law will be brought down upon them for their allegedly extremely dangerous point of view on Twitter.

While Parliament rarely speaks about genuine injustices in the shape of leniency to animal and child abusers, they are never shy to give a sound bite so long as they get to use the word “racism”.  It’s almost like they are on commission to weave that into any discussion and as much as possible.

People don’t even really know what this “racism” is anymore.  They only know that being called it provokes an insane witch-hunt based on zero facts and no critical thinking – just irrational emotion.  It’s a word so overused that its meaning has almost been made redundant and it almost doesn’t matter to define it or have any facts.

I was speaking recently to someone from Gambia and in his one year visiting here he said to me that this constant use of the word seems to be only aimed at white people.  I notice that too.  It’s almost like the word itself has become interchangeable with white person.  Whatever people think “racism” is, they also seem to think that only white people are “afflicted” by it.

The only exception is if a non-white honest person points this out – then THEY bizarrely get called a racist by these mainly white Social Justice Warriors.  Looking into the thinking of a mass in 2016 is like looking through case notes for someone with schizophrenia.


If all of that isn’t challenge enough then consider that people are taught to police one another’s thoughts and words.  We are now encouraged to pretend that things which are clearly not healthy and which are obviously a danger are “good” and to be “celebrated”.  We aren’t even allowed to tell the truth if only to save people from themselves.  Doctors are begging the government to discourage this new culture of “celebrating obesity”.  You see how irrational and based on emotion it is?  Society would sooner let obese people die young and for their kids to have no parents than hurt their emotions.

We are not only encouraged to accept them now but to idolise them and say how fantastic they look.  Why?  Why not just be honest, let them deal with their hurt feels, and encourage a culture in which people took obesity for the threat and financial blight that it is?  Why not learn to create a society that gets past their self-centred emotions; a society that no longer needs to take part in mass lies just to spare the feels of someone?

Doesn’t mean to say you need rip them to bits – just stop telling them that bad is good, stop feeding their destructive delusions and you will actually be giving them something far better than compliments of compliance – You will probably help save their life.


If your daughter took up crack cocaine would you tell her it works like super vitamins just to protect her fragile ego?  And then speaking of drugs, what do you expect to grow from a society whose people make such liberal use of drugs and whose people abuse alcohol as they do?  How do you think their brain cells will be by the time they are 25 if they start out at 14?

Whatever drug policies governments have pursued for 40 years have only served to exasperate the problem.  They certainly haven’t prevented or resolved a thing.  I guess they just kick the issue down the line and they don’t usually live in the neighbourhoods blighted by it, so why would they really care?  It just becomes another way for various agencies to justify their existence; it becomes a way for government departments to spend public money on things that never work.

Instead of pissing around wasting so much time and money going after the little dealer or the user, why not do this instead – arrest the first ten examples of top-end dealers, those who are caught in possession of industrial amounts of the poison.  Then execute them.  No torture.  Execute them as an example to others in this country who would dare be so demonic as to make an income from destroying our youth with this filth.  If you are semi-receptive to the idea of the death penalty for a child killer then how many children do you think die as result of those who peddle this evil?

How many have died from neglect or abuse because their ‘parent’ was addled on drugs?  How many children (who could otherwise have been productive people) have their lives cut short by this?  Far more than one.  It would make absolute sense then to hang ten such individuals since the message would be clear – Britain is NOT a place where you want to peddle that poison.  See it as a ‘narco war’ against the young and try to think what sort of adults that children born into a society like that are going to be.

People’s irrational feelings would cause one to hesitate in pointing out that in the past generation the nuclear family has been deconstructed to a massive extent.  The state have incrementally replaced the father in many cases.  This has been a disaster for society.  I fully appreciate that we all know that example of the single parent who does a fantastic job – I know several myself.  But that doesn’t disprove the data which clearly shows that children with a mother and a strong male role model do better in life, in education, in lifestyle, they are statistically less likely to get involved in crime and so on.  Rather than do the logical thing and the most ethical thing, the state encourage the culture of male replacement with surrogate state fatherhood.

What would be the most logical and ethical thing, especially for children?  If we (again) had a culture in which high value was placed on love and not sex, on marriage before children, of the mental and physical benefits of monogamy and not rampant promiscuity.  If you can promote anti-values in popular culture (which you can and they do), you can promote logical positive values in pop culture and in education.  You do that until the repairs have been made and the new norm and coveted standard were some of those aspects.

Pointing out general truths is enough to send some people into absolute orbit.  It’s another mental disconnect, because if they were plugged into reality they would not have time to fuss about their triggered feels which they then use as an excuse to behave abysmally.

There’s this expression that I see being passed around by many women on Facebook: “If you can’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”.  The arrogance and level of self-delusion here is breath-taking.  Yet there are all these women who seem to love that phrase . What this usually means in reality is that she will be a childish and hysterical little cow, but if you can tolerate that then you might get to pay to take her out to dinner.  And then they wonder why men these days “wont commit”.

What man in their right mind would marry or have children with someone who had that attitude?  Only the very worse or most cucked of men would sign up to a portion of that.  All goes back to that narcissism and ego mania again (doesn’t make them happy in the end).

You want a portal into your future?  Okay then.  Your future is one where predators, sadists and paedophiles will be king and the system will not be able to cope with the sheer scale of it.  Your police wont be able to cope, your social services wont cope, welfare and rescue centres of all stripes will go on doing their best but its the laws of physics that something would have to collapse there at some point.

It is far too easy to solely blame governments though.  You get the society that YOU tolerate.  You get out what you put in.  A society built on narcissism and emotions is utterly doomed.  If the people aren’t spending time in their bubble of self-love then they are getting all irrational and emotional over something and nothing- Time that could be better spent fighting for a nation with a higher bar.

Don’t be surprised if in the not too distant future you slip right over the edge into a culture of accepted paedophilia and bestiality.  That’s the very bottom to which this society will ultimately slide into.  You’ll have a society where the press no longer report the latest animal abuse case, because doing so will become the new common sport of the sadist and the cruel.

If you want me to prove that future true – Just do nothing and you WILL live long enough to witness it.

Good luck explaining to your grand children that you were too preoccupied with special snowflake’s feels and triggered emotions to have fought back.

The decay is already at an advanced stage.  It may or may not already be too late, but I guarantee you this much.  It WILL be too late if you expect things to somehow magically get better on their own and it will be too late if you are expecting someone in government to take the initiative.

Who should do so then?  That is easy – You.  And now.


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