Meet The Former Communist Stasi Spy & Head Of The Feels Police – Anetta Kahane

As we have long established, its apparently not a criminal offence to openly state that you plan to go off and torture more dogs and its not an offence to speak openly about raping little girls. Source? The police as per last weeks big news item.

Must just be that ribald Frankish banter. Everyone must just lack a sense of humour. Its not like he actually has form for dog torture or anything, is it? Only then might such a statement be worth taking seriously but, as we all know, he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and he does more for others than himself. A former war hero as well. Not forgetting his devotion and dedication to looking after the elderly and disabled.
Just two poor and innocent boys who didn’t do no wrong and who were on their way to a life as oncologists until we came along and “smeared them”. Shame on us.
They they were just having an honest to goodness joke about dog torture and child rape and what do we do? We reportit. Why can’t Britain stop persecuting these two gentle boys? Its an outrage.

There are far more worthy things to police on FB and social media for than paedophiles and animal abusers. There are people’s feels and emotions for example, that is far more vital. Perish the thought that anyone in Europe raise a voice or an opinion about say immigration. Having a negative view on that most likely means that you are a racist who wants to restore slavery.

But how can a state hope to control peoples thoughts and opinions, esp on social media? Its no easy task and thats why they had to roll in a former spy for the old communist secret police – aka the Stasi. For those too young to remember, those who found themselves monitored by the Stasi had a habit of ending up dead, usually one bullet to the back of the head.

Anetta Kahane
During the Soviet occupation of Central Germany Kahane worked as a civilian employee under the code name IM “Victoria” for the Ministry of State Security (Stasi).

Stasi files connected to her work include more than 800 pages of reports. Among others, Kahane surveilled artists, students from West Berlin universities and West German television reporters.
She is founder of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.
In 2015, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation followed the German Ministry of Justice’s invitation to take part in a task force against hate speech on social media.


There we have it – “hate speech”. An entirely subjective and arbitrary expression often used to shut down unapproved discourse. A term used to make criminals out of people who aren’t criminals. What else would you expect from someone who spent the entirety of her 20’s collecting files on targets for the Stasi?

In an article last week I showed three examples of men in Britain who were convicted over “hate speech” comments. In all three instances no one had lodged a complaint. No member of the public had rang police. No one filed a report on FB.
Instead it was the police themselves who sat there trawling FB and finding a reason to charge someone under these “hate speech” laws. They are probably on targets and bonuses to do so.
What sort of insane set up is this when we have police ignoring threats to torture dogs and statements about raping kids at the same time as you have them scanning FB for views that the state don’t like?


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