Cheated, But Not Defeated

Hey everyone, Phil here, this time with some very bad news.

Operation Truss Bus has been wrecked at the last minute by the two spineless companies involved- Bus and Us Ltd., and Signs Express Norwich.  Both companies waited until four days before the campaign date to send us a cowardly e-mail, not a phone call, informing us that they are breaching their signed contract by flat out refusing to provide their services.  This is a disgusting double standard- If we had cancelled like that we would have forfeited our deposits for sure.  The two e-mails were mysteriously sent just 20 minutes apart from each other leading us to believe that the two companies collaborated on this decision.

As you will see in the e-mail exchanges I have reproduced below, both companies cited vague and inconsistent excuses relating to the artwork we sent them.  Bus and Us initially mumbled something about “graphic content”, yet in their next e-mail this reason suddenly changed to “copyright or consent issues”.  Signs Express were adamant that printing public domain images of public figures (Liz Truss) is infringing copyright laws.  Every time I refuted their claims, they ignored it and dug up more excuses.  It got to the point where I felt embarrassed on their behalf, that they were resorting to bare-faced lies.  You will see that at one point, I asked them outright to be honest with us but, of course, they wouldn’t.

In the developmental stages of this Operation, Steve personally phoned up both companies to explain exactly what our campaign is about, and the specific details of the artwork that would go on the bus.  This was agreed to at the time and both companies know it.  Both companies have had weeks to flag up any concerns and allow us to come up with alternatives.  Ken Venables from Signs Express saw the artwork well in advance as he worked with Nemo to resize and restructure the image of Liz Truss.

Ken Sucks Balls
Courtesy of Nemo: The e-mail that Ken Venables doesn’t want you to know about.

How therefore can both companies suddenly realise four days before the Operation that they have a problem with the content?

It actually seems malicious that they should wait until we’re so close to the Operation date to announce that they’re not doing it, giving us no time to find and negotiate with replacement companies.  Neither company gave us the opportunity to use alternative artwork.  I even called their bluff by suggesting a text only version, which as expected, was ignored.

Why was the Truss Bus REALLY cancelled?

I invite you to read the e-mail exchanges yourself and draw your own conclusions.  Here are the two most likely possibilities that Steve and I have come up with:

1. We mistakenly chose companies who simply do not have the balls to run a guerrilla-style advertising campaign.  You can tell from his correspondence that Alan Wells from Bus and Us is a beta cuck with his head in the clouds.  He is used to running small-time tacky wedding events with white ribbons, and is without doubt intimidated by the dark nature of what we’re up against.  Ken Venables of Signs Express is accustomed to providing bland branding for generic businesses and clearly turns his nose up at the sight of edgy and engaging campaigns.  However, this does not explain why both companies gave informed consent and accepted our bookings.

2. Due to the suspicious and inexplicable way in which both companies did a sudden and complete “180” on a project which for weeks they had assured us was coming along nicely, we have reason to believe that a third party could have spooked the companies in order to sabotage the campaign.  We know that certain individuals who claim to have Baby the Bulldog’s best interests at heart have done nothing but spread hate and misinformation about Operation Frankish.  The companies may be fabricating bizarre excuses to protect the identity of the saboteur(s).

What do you make of this?

Signs Express





Bus and Us

For want of a better expression, these two companies have dropped us in the shit at the last minute.  They have put Operation Frankish in a terrible position of telling all our supporters who donated to us that there won’t be a campaign on the 27th of August.  The public’s trust, which we have worked hard to build through a series of fundraisers and publicity stunts, could be shattered by this.  Our date would have coincided nicely with Liz Truss’ alterations to human rights laws, and also the Norfolk dog show.

Worse still, as I’m sure you will agree, their refusal to run this campaign is essentially the same as both companies condoning animal and child abuse.  They have cancelled a critical Operation to get the laws changed.  They wouldn’t even support the cause if we paid them to.  They have jeopardised the reputation and future of Operation Frankish, the only publicly active campaign group for animal and child protection laws.  It just goes to show that it’s not only the sadists who are the problem in our society- It’s beta bitches like Alan Wells and Ken Venables who bury their heads in the sand rather than taking action.

What will Operation Frankish do now?

Obviously as both companies have breached their contract they will be refunding us immediately, otherwise we will report them for fraud.  I have offered both companies the opportunity to save face by sending a formal letter of apology to our supporters and also to the child and animal victims who will not be saved.

***Update: Both companies have now refunded the money.***

As you would hope we are already planning a replacement Operation which will take place as soon as possible, in other words mid-September.  To avoid being burned this time I believe we should have our campaign material approved by an independent legal advisor and have the companies involved confirm by signature that they understand the precise details of the artwork.

As always let us know if you have any questions.  I hope to be back tomorrow with some good news.  Remember to leave glowing reviews if you’re as pleased with Bus and Us Ltd. and Signs Express Norwich as we are.


3 thoughts on “Cheated, But Not Defeated

  1. Sounds like they have been nobbled. Spineless comes to mind. It’s absolutely gutting that both companies can do this with such short notice and without any repercussions other than the detrimental effect on their reputations.
    But as always confidence in the OF team is not diminished and I am sure a replacement action will be better than this would have been. The steely determination of both Steve and Phil conversing with these two
    Companies and not letting them crawl back under their stones without a kick up the arse is very satisfying. OF won’t be dissuaded from their mission. Just more determined to make a change


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