An invitation

Hey everyone, Phil here.

Aside from “the other” Frankish page on Facebook, there is only one person who is working to benefit the Frankish brothers.


Our resident troll and animal abuse apologist “Joe Bloggs” has struck again.  He believes we should have more sympathy for his good friend Valerie Frankish.  Well “Joe”, how much sympathy did Valerie Frankish have for Baby the bulldog?  Last time I checked, it was none.  Did she publicly denounce the dog torture committed by Andrew and Daniel Frankish?  No.  Did she complain that the courts let dog torturers walk free without a punishment?  No.  What she did do, however is defend their behaviour on Facebook.  When the boys go on to throw a child down the stairs, will she defend their behaviour then?

Now here is something which I find very interesting.  Joe Bloggs asked us why the father did not discipline the boys either, if he was living with the brothers when the abuse happened.  Are you admitting, Joe, that Valerie Frankish knew about the abuse when it happened, and did not report it to the police?

Joe Bloggs has made some incredibly bold claims in the past.  He claimed that the Frankish boys “did not harm” the dog.  He also gave me the impression that he has seen the contents of the SD card, which includes a video of Baby playing in the garden just days after being repeatedly jumped on and thrown down the stairs (as if the garden video would make the abuse video acceptable).

Well Joe, you clearly want your opinions to be heard, and you clearly feel that you know better than us.  I therefore invite you to write a guest post for Operation Frankish, with your version of events in full detail.  I recommend sending us the full contents of the SD card to substantiate your claims.

Failure to do so will be regarded as an automatic confession that you do not believe your own words.  Here is our e-mail address:  We look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “An invitation

  1. Nice one Phil. I agree. If Joe Bloggs feels Val has been abused then let her set the record straight. After all she is a caring responsible dog owner, that took her pet to the vets as soon as she saw she was ill. NOT. Three months of pain and neglect and the father took Baby to the vets. Any pet abused in such a manner would obviously look and act scared and withdrawn. But prove us wrong Val!


  2. It confirms that Joe has very poor character judgement being a friend of Valerie Frankish, the woman raised 2 evil bastards , she is guilty of leaving a defenceless animal with 2 monsters that she gave birth to, she knew what those 2 shitbags were capable of all mothers know their kids. She defended them and made them what they are DONT expect anyone Joe to feel anything but utter contempt for useless fucking old tarts that inflict these vile bastards on society. Come on Joe take up the challenge I dare you, write a guest post.


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