September Storms

Not one day has gone by in the last week that we haven’t been working on a new Operation for September.  We didn’t really anticipate having to do so but for reasons well documented we had to totally regroup and brain storm again.

As you grow and develop so must the message and its means of delivery.  We must become more sophisticated and elaborate each time – this is vital.

The obvious benefits to this are that the press media always want to cover it and it persuades TV companies that everything to do with this case is worth time and investment for making a programme around.  Creating these operations is far more of a challenge than it may seem from the outside looking in.  We do not lack the ideas and creativity, but operating on a modest budget as we do, the ideas and creativity are often stifled somewhat.

We want to put on a Premiership show but we’re trying to do it with the income of a league 2 club.  In the past 5 days we have sourced potential operations that would be absolute box office.  Things that no-one would ever expect to see.  However, not even £2k goes a very long way and in most instances we have to reject those ideas on the grounds of cost alone.


Its quite frustrating since we are rejecting fantastic ideas that would elevate things to a whole other dimension.  I hope in the future that we can rectify that situation so that we are not restricted by working with extremely small budgets.  I’m confident that television exposure will lead to a huge spike in awareness and with that a spike in those who donate.  It’s as simple as this – the more funds we have the more spectacular our events can be.  The more spectacular the event the more it has the media talking about it and the issues.  The more that happens the more it provokes the public to get on board with the issues.  And the more that happens the faster the government will buckle and give us what is long overdue – an end to the culture of leniency for such people.

We will put out something as good as we can afford for September.  To an individual like you or I £2k might seem a decent chunk of cash.  However, when you are hiring sub-contractors, when you are trying to put on a real show and when they factor their time and materials and other costs in, it soon becomes pocket change.

This will change in the near future though. Not only as a result of future TV exposure but as a result of an idea I plan to reveal after our September storm.


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