Bishop Auckland Reject Dangerous Sadists – Authorities Throw Ring of Steel Around Sadists

OF understands that the good people of Bishop Auckland have had the apparent temerity to object to two sadistic predators living among them.  Covertly placed there with the full knowledge of local authorities.  All paid for by you.  Never mind that there are vulnerable people and pets in this street.  The authorities don’t care.  They won’t care, not until one of these freaks kills a child and even then they will try to whitewash their complicity.

OF challenges any one of the 650 MPs to let these brothers live with them.  Or even a head of any local authority or a police chief.  Take both these poor innocent lambs in, give them refuge in their hour of need.  After all, they can’t be that dangerous can they otherwise they’d never have been given a non custodial sentence.  So to all those who are in well-paid public office we challenge YOU to take them in.  You take the risks and you take responsibility for them and quit foisting this filth on good working class neighbourhoods that already have enough problems without you adding to it with these twisted pieces of debris.

Naturally this is a redundant challenge since not ONE of them would ever accept.  Why not?  Because there is no way THEY would want them anywhere near THEIR family and pets.

Here’s a wake up call – Neither do ordinary people from areas such as this.  It is an act of pure malice against these mainly working class neighbourhoods to willfully allow convicted sadists and predators to dwell among them.


It adds insult to injury that they even permit them to do so under fake names.  By virtue of these actions they endanger the lives of any neighbourhood that they spitefully place them into.  And then they wonder why people get angry?  The fact that they wonder why shows how far removed they are from reality and how little they care about the dangers that such scum bring to a neighbourhood.  They expect people to just quietly accept it and say nothing.  In fact they try to defraud you of the right to know and object by going along with their bogus identity change and this constant pandering to them.

They expect people not to take THIS seriously?


They expect people not to be enraged by this?


Yes they did think that – for when good members of the public sent those in along with their concerns not ONE single person in ANY position of authority had the professional decency to reply to anyone.  At all.  Indeed, a response was only finally extracted via The Gazette and even then the response was weak and didn’t even make much sense.


Here it is again:


Cleveland Police say no further action will be brought against the Frankish brothers over comments allegedly made via social media.

Andrew and Daniel Frankish were spared jail despite being filmed throwing their pet bulldog- Baby – down the stairs of their Redcar home.  The dog later died.

Several campaigners attempting to get the brothers’ sentence reviewed posted packages last month containing screen shots of those alleged comments to senior Cleveland Police figures.

But a force spokesperson said: “Cleveland Police has received a number of letters regarding this case.  However, there is no evidence of any further offences and therefore no action is being taken by police.

“We understand that some people may be frustrated by the outcome of this case, however this is a matter for the courts, as is sentencing in all prosecutions.”


The authorities never fail to amaze me.  It is they who create the pressure cooker situation in the first place.  Then they add to it by dismissing public concerns and not even replying to the public.  Then when you try to take questions to an MP about the silence they dont reply either.

And they still scratch their heads and wonder why people might be angry…


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