Frankish Flees As Stories Of Family Rift Emerge

Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that suggest ‘Liam White’ (Andy Frankish) has fled 57a Collingwood St., Coundon, Bishop Auckland. We understand this happened at some point on Friday.  It is understood that authorities were forced to step in and remove him following robust objections by locals.  Quite how robust those objections were we do not know.  However if these reports are accurate then they were patently robust enough to rid Collingwood St. of this menace and restore some measure of safety again.

We have also received unconfirmed reports that in their haste to move him he was temporarily located in a village called Eldon.  We have an address but won’t publish it because we cannot confirm it.  Sources have suggested that he was again removed from the Eldon property at around 8am this morning.

I wouldn’t take your eye off the Collingwood St. address entirely but it does seem plausible to me that he has fled from there.  When the people of Bishop Auckland learned about this they seemed to be the most proactive community of any so far.  Right from the off there was a steely determination from them that they would not tolerate him in their locale.

One last point.  We also understand that there has been some sort of family rift between the three of them.  We cannot fully confirm it but this is what sources are saying.  It would not be an amazing surprise and would explain why AF was living separate from DF and the mother.  Quite what this alleged rift is about we have no idea.  But it would seem it is a rift with AF on one side and DF and the mum on the other.


3 thoughts on “Frankish Flees As Stories Of Family Rift Emerge

  1. Great job smoking out the Frankish brothers. You’re keeping themalways a short breath away. As long as they know they’re under the microscopethe will not harm the weak and defenseless. Poor Baby had no place to run orhide, and now it’s their turn to shudder. What perfect KARMA!

      You are more than generous in your offer to the mother. I toobelieve she had to know about her son’s atrocities. What in the world did she thinkhappened to that beloved dog?

     Is there a means for me to make asmall donation to your cause?


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