One Has To Go

You’ve probably all heard that old question – what happens if an irresistable force meets an immovable object? There is only one logical answer to this of course, the two cannot possibly co-exist in the same physical realm. It would defy all laws of physics for both to exist at the same time. It would be like saying someone was taller AND shorter than another person at the same time.
I view this situation as being somewhat like that. The immovable object in this case could be the epidemic of freaks out there and the culture of pandering that feeds and fuels them. And the irrisistable force could be OF and the British public who are sick and tired of this twisted leniency shown to those who prey upon the most vulnerable. These two things are polar opposites yet heading for a collision course. Something will have to give. Which will prove more powerful in the end, the will of the system to continue with this malevolent practice of allowing convicted sadists to walk free or the will of the people to ensure that they do not?

One must win, which will it be?


We are calling out the establishment and we are calling out the Government. We are not asking them for cosmetic change at some point in the future. We are demanding radical change as soon as can be actioned under the rules of Parliament. We are not prepared to compromise on this and urge you not to compromise either. Compromise is a disease. To compromise on something like this would be like saying you could have ‘acceptable rape’ – a clear absurdity.

Its the fact that the people have compromised too much and too often that has led to us being in this insane situation where public officials behave like WE are THEIR servants. We are not. They are OUR servants only both they and the people have forgotten this dynamic. We NEED to awaken to it again and remind them who is boss. They need the public more than the public need a single one of them. They are our servants and they are there to do our will. They are not there to do their own will while shagging rent boys.

If they do not do our collective will and come down hard on convicted sadists and predators then we shall deem them not fit for purpose and at that stage we should consider them an illegitimate entity in office. Don’t understimate how much momentum something like this can gain. It could even cost a party an election in the future if they fail to act. And you KNOW they are desperate to hang onto power and all the perks. The very idea they could lose power creates a reaction like a drug addict running short on heroin.
We want to harnass the public behind OF and our righteous cause. Then we shall corner the present Government and force them to act or risk it being an issue that damages their power structure.
One side must win this fight. Lets make sure its us. The cost of losing is unthinkable. Only those with a fanatical belief in victory are finally going to win this. Let that be YOU.



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