Operation Frankish Statement Re Ex Servicemen

I have a great deal of empathy for ex servicemen and their families. They sign up thinking they are doing a good thing. Why do the armed forces recruit such young men? Obviously so they don’t know enough about the World and can be easily moulded. Generally speaking the military will recruit heavily from working class areas. Sometimes they set up recruitment centres right in the heart of those areas. Not too hard to get young guys with limited knowledge and life experience to sign up. Then once they are signed up they have zero say in which missions they are sent on.

What I see a lot of are guys who came back from places like Iraq and Afghanistan and who, through personal experience, became totally disillusioned as to what the hell they were doing. It very often dawns on them that the very state which sent them to kill and be killed do not care about them whatsoever. They don’t even care about them while on the field of battle. British soldiers were often poorly and ill equipped while carrying out dangerous missions in hostile lands. The state penny pinched and refused to give them what they needed to have a better chance of survival and success.

Its the actions of a criminal regime that would lavishly spend so much public money on illegal wars only to hide the biscuit tin when it comes to equipping the soldiers properly. Those are certainly not the actions of people who care about these men or their families. If they did then they wouldn’t be sending them into these conflicts gung ho. If they did then they wouldn’t play scrooge when it came to kitting these guys out properly.
To be brutally honest this criminal entity occupying the halls of our establishment see these young men as less than human. They see them as pawns.
They are well aware that its an easy sell to get young men with limited choice all dewy eyed over signing up. They manipulate the emotions of these young guys to keep the supply fresh. They don’t pay them very much either. And as I’ve said they don’t care about equipping them correctly. They couldn’t care less about them – literally. Their treatment of them from start to finish is bordering on hateful.

As we all know the infamous Frankish freaks are on their third or four ‘permanent’ house since May. More like seven if you included hotels etc. Since we lifted images to show the inside of the Darlington property, everyone was able to see that the interior was relatively pleasant. There was a nice big and modern kitchen. There has never been a night when they’ve needed to sleep under a bridge. They don’t need to worry about cost, they can rent private and claim housing benefit – you pay. On occasions when its not been feasible for them to stick around, more than one local authority have moved heaven and earth for them. This included picking up the cost of their hotel stays.


Hold that thought. And now let me introduce this;

9,000 ex-service personnel homeless after leaving the military.
They account for one in 10 rough sleepers across the UK.
Up to 9,000 British heroes who served Queen and country are homeless after leaving the military, a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals today.
Shockingly, ex-service personnel account for one in 10 rough sleepers across the UK.
And charities have warned that the problem of homelessness among former soldiers, sailors and airmen is a “ticking time bomb” which will only get worse if urgent action isn’t’ taken.
Yesterday Simon Weston OBE, who suffered serious burns in the Falklands War, accused the Government of “betraying” veterans after learning of the disturbing numbers without a home.
“A huge amount of rhetoric comes from politicians, but they never actually do anything,” he said. “Ultimately, it’s a betrayal.”


He called it – it is betrayal, all of it. And its for those reasons that they do have my empathy and moral support. I can see how exploited and then so easily discarded that they are. If this is how the criminal entity occupying the halls of our establishment treat our own soldiers then there is no reason to have faith that they care about you and your issues. Unless you force them to. We can force them to and we will force them to. Not by force itself, which would be a stupid position for anyone to tout. We shall force them by way of truth and we shall force them by way of psychological warfare. That is how we will make them commit to the changes so long overdue for the sentences given to human excrement like Frankish and Frankish.

As to those disillusioned ex forces guys? Shameful that their welfare takes a poor back seat to the welfare of proven freaks (among others). Often sent to fight in physical wars they were highly questionable. Now that they are civilians again they might also start to realise that there is a different sort of war going on and this time its within castle walls.
The new enemy are the perverts and degenerates.
They should be viewed as such – an enemy to the nation, an enemy to the people and an insult to high values.
We would absolutely welcome support from ex forces guys who can see that their state do not care about them and they can see our towns and cities being over run with feral predators and gangs.


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