Where we are strong and where we need to be stronger

A simple and honest overview.

Media coverage.  The media coverage is something we have been extremely strong on.  Barely a month from May to August went by without a story in the press, sometimes regional and sometimes national.  This has culminated in a major TV producer sounding us out and keen to do a dedicated programme.  The viewing audience can be measured in the millions with that.  Generally speaking the press coverage has been fairly on point.  Only the Express decided to go full hyperbole.  Everyone else has been fairly factual and fair.  It’s an informal mutual relationship in a sense.  They get good copy from us and what we do.  We get the coverage which we use as political leverage.  Anyway the media coverage has been exceptional, especially when the catalyst involved something that originally took place in 2013.  I doubt any single animal cruelty case has ever dominated the press for this long and led to a TV programme.  And most certainly not one that occurred nearly four years ago.  This media coverage and all that goes with it makes the sums we raise to do the Operations look tiny.  To buy that volume of coverage for so long would literally take a small fortune.  We’ve managed to do it for less than five grand for all operations.



Innovation and Ideas.  We are also strong there as well.  We have more than enough costed public events to take us right into 2017.  With that being said we are not unreceptive to ideas that are a bit special or different.  We’re always prepared to listen to one at least.  It may be one we have thought of and didn’t do due to cost or too much red tape but suggest any that you think we miss.


Motivation.  I think you can see we are strong in this area as well.  We have never gotten bored by it; there has never been a tailing off of content.  If anything our momentum increases, more is achieved and that motivates us more.  If someone wasn’t highly motivated then OF probably wouldn’t be the place for them anyway.

Resilience.  Strong in this area too.  We’ve had knocks and blows.  We respond by using the knocks and blows and coming back stronger and better.  Every time there has been a knock the counter-reaction has been devastating.  The convicted sex offender and friend of the family would not quit making excuses for them one week; the reaction is that one week later all their new locations are busted.

National Network.  We have a good informal national network of anonymous informants.  Over time you realise the difference between those who are bang on and those who are there to misdirect.  You try to sift out the latter and leave just the gold.  This network essentially now goes from the North to the South of the country.  With that being said, such a concept is not a destination.  You can go on adding to it and enhancing it with more people of quality.


Income stream.  If I were scoring it for raising funds for Operations alone then I’d score it highly.  We haven’t had to pull anything for £ yet and I don’t think we will.  Indeed since it is blatantly obvious that they are clearly doing what they were designed to do (and more) then this should persuade more people to step up and donate to the next one more than ever.  On the downside our revenue stream leaves us with absolutely no breathing space once something is paid for and done.  Likewise, not having a revenue stream means that when we need an extra £300 we have to go to the extra bother of doing a mini fundraiser.  If we (and that means the public) are really serious about getting these horrible bastards behind bars as standard, if we are serious about sentences that would make their eyes water, then we are going to need to raise the bar in terms of revenues.  Keep in mind that while our enemy are not in of themselves a great issue (to us) the establishment are able to call upon all their machinations in order to retain the status quo and kick the can down the road.  We NEED to break through that dam.  There is only one way to do that – the force of pressure.  Once the dam is bust wide open then the repairs and corrections can begin.  Not before and only then.  We have raised and spent about £4500 since May.  It’s really nothing when you consider everything and when you break that down from May to August.  Imagine what we could do with a real budget?  Imagine how well we could make that work for us if we have made relative buttons go so far?

(Fig A.  How it should be done.)


Well, the public do not need to imagine.  We are here.  We have proven that we are not ‘cowboys’.  We have proven that we give our all and take nothing back.  We have proven that we can court and dominate the media.  You can’t blame the government for this one; they aren’t banning the public from doing what they like and funding us if they want to.  There are organisations that do get banned from receiving funding but they are very specific examples and we are light-years from that sort of thing.  The state are not stopping you from helping us to grow.  The state are not sending agents around to put the heat on if you give.  There’s nothing they can do because we conduct ourselves in a legitimate way that is permitted, even in this absolutely choked-with-red-tape society.  They would definitely prefer us not to grow.  Why?  Could be a problem for them.  It might put them in some tough corners and they may be forced to make radical changes.  They can deal with random violent dickheads smashing stuff up.  They know what to do with that.  They can deal with petitioning and e-mails to MPs.  They have bins and trash folders for that.  What they absolutely cannot deal with is a multi-faceted populist movement that is well funded and has the backing of the general public.  That is their nemesis.  That sort of movement keeps them awake at night.  They WANT a movement to be violent and illogical.  Then they can ignore or mock it, and they can push it to the fringes.  They do not want one that is built on psychological warfare and rooted around a cause that they’d be fools to argue against.  Anyway, the income stream area can and must be addressed.  On the back end of Operation Firefly I’ll be speaking about a very simple and effective idea that should take put us in a very favourable position.  We’d be able to do some pretty amazing things and more often.  It would take us to a whole new dimension.

Human resources.  Our informal network is good as mentioned.  The components of the team are good.  However this is an area that needs support rather than improved.  Let me put it this way.  What if Nemo got some syndrome and was ill for a two weeks and at a key time?  I can do many things quite well but that is not my area.  Phil perhaps somewhat better but by no means able to step in and deal with all the technical side at any time.  That’s just not our skill set.  Now I am sure Nemo wont get a two week syndrome but that doesn’t mean we would turn our nose up at extra help by those with those kinds of skills.  We are going to need it anyway since there will be times we may need to put two or three together to work on the technical aspects of something (the more sophisticated it becomes).  So I’d definitely say what I’d call ‘systems support’ would be a good thing to develop.

Conclusions.  I think we are doing excellent in most areas and I think our followers and helpers have been excellent.  Growth is key though and so is the flexibility to do more and bigger.  They need to get it into their head how serious we are and the public must also see that we are by no means some movement that would appeal only to a niche but in fact are a movement whose efforts may help lead to a better future for them and their children.  That is our underlying ambition and it can only be achieved by first taking out the trash (locking scum bags away for a long time).  Clear the decks of them, clear the streets of them and let’s start afresh with a new attitude in which we lay down a marker – that marker being that this is the toughest country in Europe when it comes to stuff like this.


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