Exclusive – Tax Payers Pay For Two Homes and now TWO CARS!

As reported a couple of weeks ago, the brothers were residing at two separate addresses. AF had his place in B Auckland while DF(and Hannah) were residing in Stockton-On-Tees. Keeping in mind that all three are in receipt of benefits this means that YOU are presently being forced to fund not one but two houses for them. I do not think AF is still at the original B Auckland address but the point still stands up. We’re probably looking at the guts of £1200 every month and on rent alone. You can add to that the cost of their hotels and guest houses and to that you can add the cost of police protection. Not that anyone has actually hurt the pukes as far as I am aware. They just go crying like two little bitches over the least little thing.

You can also add to this the collective cost in paying them three lots of additional benefits over and above housing benefit. Finally, you can add the cost of the tag and the home curfew. Anyone STILL think it would be “more expensive to put them in prison”? Sorry, but if anyone claiming to be an authority makes that argument then they are lying or ignorant. It costs £40k per year to keep someone in prison. I would wager that this is probably slightly less than the collective cost to keep one of them OUT of prison.
We received word from an anonymous female informant (who is reliable) that on this very evening the original Ford Focus has magically resurfaced. If you thought you had seen the last of the Focus then think again. The word from the informant is that it was seen pulling up outside the address in Stockton- On- Tees in the last few hours. For about two months the Focus had vanished to be replaced by a Citroen. Tonight it has resurfaced again. At the very least it means they have had access to two cars. Who pays? You do of course. Cars need fuel and road tax do they not? And since all three are on welfare then where do you think the money comes from? It comes from you. Money is stolen from you are source and its called taxation. Then a % of that money goes toward keeping them in the lap of luxury. If you didn’t like that deal and chose to break free from it then the state would go as far as to use force to make you pay into it. What sort of twisted scam is that?

(Pictured. Weak coward AF gets ready to stamp on Baby’s skull. Your injustice system is determined that sub human filth like that receive non custodial sentences. Operation Frankish are determined that the state have it wrong and that mandatory prison sentences are a MUST for that category of crime. Your state are prepared to rob you of your money in order to keep people like that housed and fed. Operation Frankish take the view that the only place that should happen is inside a prison. Your system are absolutely determined to place your children and pets at risk by attempting to anonymously weasel them into your community. Operation Frankish take the view that the rights of your community come before their rights)





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