If Tears Were Currency, If Anger Was Action…

I am of an age now in which I am not old but old enough to be able to have the years to now reflect upon.  The experience if you will.  What I see an abundance of today are anger and tears.  All just emotional nothingness.  There is no shortage of tears apparently shed when something as truly horrific as the ‘Baby’ video surfaced.  Doesn’t even need to be that.  How many gallons of cyber tears do you see being expressed when the latest fairly mediocre TV ‘personality’ or actor dies.  Oh how I wish those tears and all those RIPs actually counted for anything but they do not.  The tears are worthless and the RIPs are worthless.  They serve no purpose and have no practical value.

Have you ever known excessive amounts of internet weeping to provoke change?  Don’t get me wrong- There is nothing wrong with someone expressing genuine sadness for a genuine situation.  But a machine of tears over so many different things and on the internet?  That feels very artificial to me.  Moreover, tears are fine but once you dry your little eyes you need to do something after the tears.  When a news story breaks of an abused animal, child or elderly person, if it truly moves you to tears then it should move you in other ways.  Tears with no follow through are but salty water on your skin.  In today’s Britain I see a great many cyber tears but that is not matched by action.  One can only conclude that those who let others know they are ‘crying’ and have no follow through are in fact just fake people that want to virtue signal and fit in on the internet.

This brings me to the excessive amount of anger that exists out there.  Men are angry with women, women are angry with men, parents are angry with the children they chose to have.  Go online and people will be angry over perceived racism, others will be angry at the race card always being played, there is just all this utterly pointless anger and conflict.  What does it all achieve?  Where does it all actually take you?

If it achieves nothing and puts you on a road to nowhere have you ever considered not doing it?

We occasionally get comments, ostensibly aimed at the abusers which are far worse than the original abuse done.  We only occasionally run other abuse stories and we ran one the other night.  Some little boy (5) and cat.  Thankfully it wasn’t very severe and nothing at all like the ‘Baby’ case.  This is a child only a couple of years past being a toddler.  Yet there were some truly horrific comments aimed at the child (who doesn’t even read them), and when I read those comments I really do wonder about those who write them.  This is one of the things Phil and I were discussing this evening- This culture in which the level of hate and violence in the comments (if they were acted out) would actually be far worse than the original action.  Have people no other ideas or ways of articulating themselves beyond this never ending online tears and seethe fest?  Because I see a LOT of that and very little in the way of work or meaningful acts.

Please do not make the error of thinking that we welcome sadists who can almost use these cases to express their own sadistic thoughts in a way that might be socially acceptable among the baying online mob.  We do not.  I have no use for sadists or psychopaths, even if we coincidentally held some common ground in terms of enemies.  Do you know what would happen in a POW camp if the prisoners were guarded by those with a sadistic and/or psychopathic mind?  There would be extrajudicial killings, rapes, and abuses of every kind.  Now what if you were the commander of this POW camp and stressed that while it was vital that the enemy was contained and secured that any cases of guards proven to have raped or broken other protocols would be shot?  Here’s what would happen- You would create a culture within your army in which they were professional but not sadists and psychopaths.  You would have an elite army and it would be enhanced by the fact that it tried to conduct itself with a degree of honour.

When you hold and express explicitly sadistic thoughts then you are inside the mind of the brothers.  Not a place I’d aspire to be.  I’d personally aspire to elevate myself above their train of thought and into a better place.  And we have.  All three of us at Operation Frankish have done just that- We shed no tears (real or fake), and we have never believed that extremely violent comments online is a strategy for winners.


Instead we stepped up to the plate and started doing stuff, and eventually the accumulative effect of all that stuff began to open up doors for us that we may have thought possible in a year or two.  We did not build it with tears and anger, we built it with logic, psychology, rationale, reason, and strategy.

All this violent keyboard warrior stuff is all bullshit.  At least if you truly believe what you are writing then don’t write it- Just do it if you really think it’s the way to go.  Don’t incriminate yourself by making a written log of it online.  You can call that a free tip.

Those sorts of comments do not impress or motivate me in the slightest.  Indiscipline and an irrationally emotional and violent mindset is the problem that drives the ilk of the brothers.  How on earth could two such things ever be the solution?

They cannot.

You cannot create a better society by taking on a similar psyche to those you are supposed to be the opposite of.  You do need a strong mind-set but a strong mind is not one that makes lots of over the top violent remarks on the internet.  Anger has its place and I’m not saying it is never just.  But I assure you that anger alone will gain you nothing at all.  What you really need is a clinical and methodical psyche when dealing with this stuff.  That’s if you really want a better nation.  You need that psyche and you need direction and strategy.

As for excessive amounts of mawkish emotion and tears?  Let me explain it this way…  Do you see such people who do what Andrew and Daniel Frankish did as your sworn enemy?  Do you consider this enemy to be inherently sadistic in nature?  If you answered in the affirmative to both then ask yourself this – What do you think fuels an enemy like that after the fact?  It’s YOUR tears as expressed on the internet.  Your enemies like you feeling that way and they like reading it when you express it online.  This is food and drink to them.  They see it as weakness of that I assure you – 100%.

I understand there are some genuine tears and genuine emotions but from a purely winning tactic stand point I wish people could at least express it in private.  I would prefer they deal with such emotions in private, got it out of their system and moved on to cold and clinical action mode.  Have a cry in private, have a wee rant, once its purged then you have to show a hard front.  Not a lunatic front with wildly violent fantasies, but a hard and just front.  In a nutshell people need to place the rage and tears to one side and follow a calculated, systematic, calibrated route that actually brings about real change in a real world scenario.

My own personal rule on violence is don’t talk about violence if you really believe it’s the answer.  Don’t write it down, don’t log it for the world to see, keep it in your mind.  If one person can show be an irrefutable benefit to repeatedly writing in an ultra-violent way on public mediums I would be only too happy to hear it.  It makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever to me.  I would also say that when it comes to violence do not talk or write about that which (when it came down to it) you would not have the guts to do.  And most who do write about it are the most likely to tuck tail and run if ever confronted with it.  But even if they really would follow through why then advertise the fact?  Why not simply do it and say nothing?  At least that would make some kind of sense on a basic level.

If tears were really currency and the internet rage-a-thon were really action then you tell me – How do you think that might play out?  There can only be one sane answer – You’d make massive strides and record huge wins in historically small amounts of time.  Result?  Much less reason to get all triggered and enraged, much less reason to ever need to shed as many tears.  Free yourself from this manic cycle of tears and rage.  It’s very easy and I have laid it out.  This is a dangerous enemy, if you have tears then try not to show them to the enemy so easily.  Replace the blind hate (which consumes) with creative fight.  If a physical war is not plausible (which it is not), then learn of the benefits of psychological warfare.  Replace the irrational (and often sadistic) statements with a steely determination to just win the battle.  Too much rage and anger is not your friend in a battle.  Discipline is.  Intel is.  Creativity is.  Organisation is.

If your enemies feed off emotions such as sentimentality then harden your heart.  Why?  Because you are going to have to if you want to have any chance.  Practical things are of far more value to us than rage and tears.  When someone like NeMo came along, that was far more of an asset to us than any amount of anger and tears on the internet.  When people donate to the causes, that is something we can use in a real and practical way in this fight (most fights these days are a propaganda war).  We cannot use violent comments.  We cannot use tears.

Things are in bad shape nationwide and we are all up against the clock.  I will keep on repeating that part in the vague hope that enough people understand it for themselves before the malaise and rot means it’s too late and the society is dying and can never be made fully well again.  If I hand on heart believed that things would be cool if we just left them and that we could trust our government or their opposition to do right by people then I would truly say so and put my feet up.

But I cannot tell you that because I know it would be a lie.  No use treating people like babies and not telling them bad news.  Better to tell them the bad news- They deal with their feels then they assist in dealing with the threat or problem.  In that way the bad future doesn’t need to materialise at all and a much better one can be shaped by what you do today.


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