Filming For The 24th

At this point in time we have £1117 for the film crew and production.  Their normal cost is about £2k plus VAT – so £2400.  I have so far delayed calling them to negotiate a deal.  While confident they could be negotiated down the way there is a limit.  The things that we are doing are increasingly high profile, complex and involved.

That’s how it has to be if you want to ramp up the pressure and draw attention to the situation.  I could possibly get them to accept £1500.  At the very least it would give me a sound platform.  That would still involve them shaving a straight £900 off the cost, but with the added incentive(s) I have up my sleeve then I think they might accept it.

Your alternative is that we go on with the OP but you will be limited to lots of digital photography taken by our photographer.  It will still look and be great I am sure.  But considering the benefits to them giving us all the footage (which we would own), it would be an opportunity lost not to get this over the line.

Keep in mind that a mere 20 seconds of grainy footage of the plane was used by the press from May to August.  Keep in mind that it was not merely still images that ignited me into action with Operation Frankish, it was in fact seeing video.  This should definitely tell you something.

But it’s totally down to everyone.  I think the three of us do more than enough and there are times when we think we do far too much as it is not reciprocated fully.

Like we said last night, go on to any animal abuse site and you’ll see anger and rage in it’s full majesty.  The reason why I loathe it is that it translates to nothing.  If it meant THAT much to me and I was THAT angry about it then I would actually DO something in the here and now about it.  I’d start a movement or I would get right behind one.  I’d offer up my skill set and if I couldn’t do that I’d offer up financial backing.

We see tens of thousands of enraged comments across the internet.  This might trick you into thinking they are people of action but they mostly aren’t.  We are financially supported by around 25 people and one in particular whose substantial donations have made this one possible.

That’s just not good enough.  People constantly want to be motivated and we try.  Ever wondered what or who motivates us?  Maybe you think we are some sort of special breed of homo sapien who do not require any external motivation and who are only there to spend their whole day in a taxing meeting and later come home and have to clean up the comments section.
Maybe there is an assumption that we must really enjoy doing that and all for free and being that we are this apparent different type of human, maybe there’s a notion that we are good with having to work with the material that we have been forced to by way of the movement?

Do you realise that the police have dedicated officers who are trained to deal with watching such material?  Do you realise that we were told yesterday that two security officers (who were ex-marines) were offered to watch Operation Black Box and lasted two of the seven minutes?

I have had to see and work with that filth for six straight months and do I ever ask for support or slack?  Nope.  I just have to get on with it.  To think that it doesn’t affect me or that it is somehow fine for us is to fail to understand that we are people as well.  Of course it did – Why do you think we created this movement and why do you think we want to make radical legal changes?

The fact that I may not need to share my “feelings” about it in some overt manner does not mean that its fine for me or any of us.  We just don’t ask or go fishing for support and just have to get on with it.  I say “have to”.  In fact we don’t have to do anything at all.  I could just be like most others and express my impotent rage on abuse pages while contributing nothing at all.  The other lads could do the same and that would be the easiest thing in the world.

Instead we create something so different that the media are all over it and its causes the enemy to feel less haughty than they otherwise would be.  And we do it all inside of a few months and we give over our entire skill set for free.  We take risks and at times put our necks on the line.

At least make it worth our while.


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