Former Frankishtein Friend Speaks

I was speaking with one of AF’s former friends in the early hours of this morning.  He invited me to ask a bunch of questions so here they are:

Q) What was the relationship like between him and the brother?
A) Quite distant.  I hardly saw Daniel, he used to just sit and play on consoles and never leave his room.

Q) What was AF like as a person when you knew him?
A) He was strange.  Always wanted to be the centre of attention, had a tendency to lie about anything.  Very ADHD like behaviour, always wanted too get high or drunk or anything.

Q) Did it shock you when you learned it was him?
A) Yes it did shock me.  I knew he was a freak but never knew he would hurt a dog.  I met Baby during one of his house parties, she was lovely.  Before anything happened his house got trashed which was quite funny.  He had a bad drug habit.

Q) Name something you 100% know he’d hate to get out?
A) He lied about joining the army.  He always lied about what he was doing, could never take him seriously.  He cried in the middle of Middlesbrough town when his girlfriend left him.  He also thought he was a tough guy but used to get mugged and jumped a lot.  I’ve seen him in some states.

Q) Has he committed any other offences of note that you are aware of?
A) He used to shoplift at times for attention.  Very loud and annoying on nights out, acted like a 10 year old after a few beers.  He was very paranoid and delusional.

Q) Why do you think he is now not deemed fit for work?
A) Because the whole country wants him jailed or bleeding in a pit.  Possible mental health issues since he wasn’t all there and lived for attention from others.


Q) How long did they have Baby would you say?
A) I would say a few years. When I met her it was before it happened she was happy and could walk fine. He had a massive issue with mephedrone (mkat), he always asked friends for favours.

Q) How did he seem around dogs and animals before? Any clues looking back?
A) He had a few dogs had more reptiles than anything. He seemed like an animal lover.

Q) Was he violent with women, other men, anything?
A) He had a temper but wasn’t violent, used too throw child like tantrums.

Q) Whose idea do you suspect the whole thing would have been?
A) Not so sure maybe a drug induced impulse. I reckon his brother was the main suspect.

Q) Did you know the mother, thoughts on how he got on with her?
A) A broken home, his dad was apparently quite of a character, used too argue a lot with his mam.  The mother was shite.  Didn’t seem to care what he did.

Q) What most gets under his skin?
A) Not getting what he wants like drugs.


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