Public breast feeding

I bet that title will get the Norris Cole’s twitching their curtains (pun not intended). SJW’s and hang wringers alike will see the title and feel sure OF is about to reveal their position on mums breast feeding in public. We’re not. We don’t have one and aren’t bothered.

Thats why this is about a different sort of breast feeding in public – the breast feeding being done by the public and on the teat of the state. I’m not speaking about welfare here, thats a whole other thing. What I mean is that this corrupted liberal style of democracy has made the public over reliant on it for .. everything.

People still believe that those in high office must to some level have their interests at heart and especially their safety and community security. But its just not reality. If the state really cared for the lives and security of the people why do you think they allow know ISIS operatives to come in and out the country all the time? It obviously suits the state to allow that regardless of the danger to you. You can speculate why your state would prefer a disaffected society full of fear and social unrest but I can think of some good reasons why it would appeal to them.

If the state really had your interests at heart why do they keep on cutting budgets to already over stretched police departments? Why? Because the most common types of crime are least likely to effect them personally. Why would they care about a good visible police presence in an inner city when they live in a gated community with a hot line to Special Branch if they feel they need to use it? Why would they care about the drug dealers, the sexual predators, the animal abusers and all the rest?

These things almost never endanger their families. Instead all of the utter shit is dumped on you. And when the inevitable happens, guess who gets to pay for the cost of cleaning up the mess they make? You do.
Known scumbags leave a trail of destruction in their wake and there is no good reason to believe that wealthy politicians and judges are going to really care. Most of them don’t have a conscience. I listened to a debate between Owen Smith and Corbyn the other night as they both pursue this ego centric leadership battle. With Owen Smith in particular his personal ambitions and disregard for the public was on full display.

When they weren’t bickering like two cuckolded bitches the only issues I really heard them speak about is this mysterious Islamophobia thing. That was more or less the central theme of the debate. Not a single mention of anything that people like you would consider of true value, aside from a tedious and predictable Trident spat.
People like Smith do not give a single toss about community and a better future, its the same old modern Labour rhetoric. No different on the other side – May is really no different from Owen Smith. No one voted her in either. Anyway, only one way to get them to change and that is to hold their feet to the fire and keep on doing it and doing it until you win. There’s no other way.

If Liz Truss wants to be more than a pen pusher in her new role then she should resolve to kick some arse. She had critics when appointed, mainly due to the fact she wasn’t from a legal background. Could be envy from rivals, it is a common thing. She has it within her sphere of influence to answer her critics in the best possible way – by proving her worth and being remembered as somebody in politics.

Speaking enthusiastically about cheese won’t get her remembered. Being the justice minister that finally dragged these particular laws into the 21 century would though. The public need to stop sucking on the teat of the state and understand that if you want them to take your issues seriously then you are going to have to get serious in your actions.

Less Cheese, More Justice


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