The Enemy Within

During our meeting yesterday something was said by the person we met that absolutely resonated with us.  I’d call them the enemy within, those who want to give the impression they desire a better nation with a better justice system but who are betrayed by their actions.

Instead of productive and commendable actions they are petty, vindicative and persistent with it.  Here is a classic example and this was mentioned to us yesterday.  Since I founded this movement I have been all about keeping the focus on Operation Frankish and the cause.  Right from the early days when I spoke to the Express and Mirror, I made it clear that this is where I wanted ALL the focus to be and rightly so.

To that end Phil, NeMo and I always made a point of always signing off with our first name only.  Aside from that we are doing some things that while not illegal do indeed carry a level of risk taking that no one else is doing.  As we grow so too would those risks.  So you can very easily see why our personal choice was always to showcase the movement, the Operations and our objectives and not ourselves personally.

Everyone respected that choice and (maybe to people’s surprise), that included the tabloid media.  I also had personal and family reasons for this choice, but all thanks to one little troll that choice was ripped away from us.  They were in the privileged position of knowing our surnames and what did she do?  She ran off to her Facebook page to reveal them to everyone.  The damage is done now and our choices removed from us and our privacy violated.  She cannot undo it.

But this is exactly the kind of person (much like Val and her boys) who would never see any wrong in such a thing and no matter what.  They would also be the sort of person who, when met with retaliation for that action, would weep a machine of fake tears and claim victim status.

We’ve tried to ignore this person and even ban them.  We really have zero interest in them in terms of the campaign, but when they purposefully rip away our freedom to remain private, and when by her actions she threatens our security, then we clearly cannot ignore and tolerate that.  At that point they have gone way too far.  If only they had invested their time in getting this “case reviewed” as they have ignoring that and bitching about us.

People aren’t stupid.  They can see for themselves those who are giving this their all and those who are not.  However, when that person uses their page to undermine our personal security and identity then thats a step too far and is personal.

It is for that reason I would consider them to be a threat to change, a threat to animal welfare and a threat to justice.  We really only wanted to focus on convicted beasts, but if someone is going to do their work for them and pull stuff like that then they can be treated just as the brothers are treated.

This leads me to our Facebook page.  Having a FB page is not a right.  We are fortunate to have it.  It is a good tool and in order to preserve it we have to fall in line with their own regulations.  The alternative is that we simply have no FB presence.  It’s as simple as that.  Either people understand and respect that or we wont have a FB presence.  It’s all well and good you venting in the comments.  But if that leads to having no FB presence I will not be rebuilding it again.  It takes too much of my time and effort and it puts us behind schedule.  We will still go on but there would be no FB presence for you, no daily content, no breaking stories, nothing.  It is October next month and we have been going since May.

This was my day yesterday: Get up at 7am and start preparing for the meeting.  Get ready and go to that very intense meeting.  Run back home, take the dog out, grab a sandwich, do two hours on OF work from home, go back to meet Phil.  Home by 10pm when I eat properly for the first time that day.  Log onto FB and spent 25 minutes having to delete comments that are so violent that they’d incriminate the person and not merely our page.  Get up today with a view to doing some constructive work, have to explain for the 10,000th time why you cannot make death threats or induce them in comments sections.  Get moaned at when I explain this.

It’s never the person making the violent comments who is at fault though.  Nope.  It becomes my fault, Phil’s fault or Nemo’s.  We “made them” do it.  I cannot even begin to express how much I despise that mind set.  We cannot “make” you do ANYTHING.  Your actions and your words belong to YOU and you (and only you) are in control of them.  It is no excuse to say that because you saw a photo that justifies a death threat.  It doesn’t.  Not in the eyes of the law, not in the eyes of FB’s terms and conditions and not in our eyes as well.

How people fail to understand that one basic point is beyond us.  Why would you INSIST on making such comments knowing full well that the eyes of some pretty big players are upon us?  People that could help us and be a game changer?

It all comes down to selfishness.  That’s what it is.  Someone’s momentary urge to spew some death threat on our page becomes more important to them than anything else.  This is a fact.  Were it not a fact I would not be taking out yet more of my time to say this yet again.

There are days when I don’t think the public want or deserve great change.  This is one of them.  Maybe they subconsciously don’t want great change as it would deny them their daily dose of seethe as the numbers of abusers plummeted.  There are definitely days when I do not think the public deserve three devoted volunteers and a volunteer force.  This is one of those days.

Convince me otherwise because all I see are a mere three men leading the charge supported by a tiny number of funders, one of whom has contributed HALF to what we raised to try to do the filming.

(A photograph of a tulip.  Why?  Because it’s pretty and we cant get accused of mind control with this image.)



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