AF Luring Cats While Police And RSPCA Fail To Act?

The following is an unconfirmed report, however, owing to the nature of the allegations we have decided to publish as a precautionary measure.

The allegation suggests that AF has been attempting to lure cats into his property by way of leaving tins of tuna on the doorstep.  It is further alleged that although this action was reported to both the police and the RSPCA they both refused to do anything at all about it.

It has also been suggested that the police and fire brigade fitted panic alarms and smoke detectors above the letter box at the end of last week.

Finally it has also been alleged that a local Police Community Support Officer assured the neighbours that they’d gone and that they weren’t the Frankish brothers.  However, they have been seen a few times since.

What do I think of those allegations?  Well it would hardly be an amazing surprise if there was a lot of truth to them.  I could definitely imagine the RSPCA and police refusing to act on reports.  I’d only be surprised if they did.  Refusal to act is what they often do best of all.  Except when its to protect the most vile of people – then they will swoop and do all they can to help them.  They will LIE for them even.

As for the cat thing?  Unless he has taken all leave of his senses (if he had any) then it would be suicide to behave so blatantly under the circumstances.  It would only make some sort of sense if his aim is to be caught.



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