Analysis Paralysis

Hey everyone, Phil here.

As you probably know already, Operation Firefly is our first publicity stunt which is addressing the government.  We are going to pressure MPs, on a large scale, to acknowledge, admit to and resolve our country’s regressive climate of animal abuse acceptance.

What I expect will happen at first is that they will generate cowardly excuses to maintain the status quo.  They will mistakenly believe that if they defer action for long enough then we will give up.  To give you an example of this, let’s look at an excerpt from an e-mail exchange between one of our supporters, and an assistant of Justice Minister Liz Truss:

You suggest that those who commit animal cruelty may go on to commit other offences. Evidence about this is mixed. Whilst there have been a number of studies on the possible link between animal cruelty and violence towards people, this is a wide and complex area which covers a number of animal welfare and social issues. This is an area that needs to be further explored in future. One of the purposes of sentencing is deterrence and courts will have this in mind when sentencing.
Yours sincerely,
Liton Miah

What you have just read is fundamentally nothing more than a cop-out.  She is telling you that before we decide that animal abuse is 100% unacceptable in our society, we have to sit around and wait for more decades while social scientists do even more research.  This counter-productive behaviour of eternally reviewing causal factors in order to avoid taking affirmative action is known as ‘analysis paralysis’.


Do you honestly believe that one day, social scientists are suddenly going to inform the government that there is definitely a link between animal-directed violence and human-directed violence, to which the government will respond by immediately jailing all animal abusers?  Why didn’t it take decades of social science research to conclude that non-payment of parking fines should result in a jail sentence?  The fact of the matter is, when it comes to animal cruelty, the government does not want to act.

Now let’s humour Liton Miah and suppose that for example, only 10% of animal abusers go on to kill humans.  Is that really a risk you are willing to take?  You want to let the next ten animal abusers walk free from court, knowing that statistically one of them will murder a person?  And hang on, isn’t torturing animals morally reprehensible enough for you in its own right?

Not only does this response demonstrate a lack of will, it also comes across as arrogant and condescending.  We’ve had people like this commenting on our Facebook page before- Pseudo-intellectual animal abuse apologists, mumbling non-committal platitudes such as “education is key” or “you have to take the home environment into account”.  Their primary goal in saying things like that is to create the impression that they are more intelligent than everyone else.  They oppose people like us who are committed to affirmative action, because it exposes their social science college course as being a pointless waste of time.  They are not far from being a defence lawyer for animal abusers, coming up with mitigating circumstances such as “muh drugs”, “muh upbringing”, and “muh culture”.

Even Andrew and Daniel Frankish themselves know better than anyone that their behaviour caused pain, fear and distress to Baby the bulldog.  They knew it was evil and they chose to do it anyway.  Their arbitrary decision to torture the dog had no rationale behind it other than to provide them with sick gratification.  That is why it is so incredibly redundant to have people pretending to be animal lovers who are effectively seeking to exonerate animal abusers through social science.

It is both common sense and popular public opinion that violence towards animals threatens the safety of our country and does not constitute civilisation.  We will be pressuring and shaming the government on an increasing scale with each Operation we do, so I suggest that they act now rather than digging themselves into a huge hole.

P.S. Operation Firefly is happening in just 10 days’ time.  If you’d like to help us maximise the pressure we can place on the government, consider helping us pay for professional filming of the event.  Our film could be displayed by all the news outlets and spread throughout social media and YouTube.




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