Profile of a monster – Interview with a former friend – Part 2

Q) How long did you know him for?
A) About six years.

Q) Was the house where the attack took place on West Dykes Road?
A) Yes, it happened on West Dykes road.

Q) You mentioned that he’d taken a few second prize kickings in the past.  What would normally be the cause of it?
A) He got jumped because the Lakes Estate in Redcar was quite a bad area at the time.  The attacks where random.

Q) Who was all living there at the time?
A) His dad, brother, mam and Andy were living in the house at the time.

Q) Did he ever do any work to your knowledge?
A) He didn’t work when I knew him.  He was on JSA.  He used to pull money from places I wasn’t sure about.  Probably hand outs from the parents.

Q) Do you know of any friends that have remained friends?
A) I don’t know who remained friends with him.  Probably no-one.

Q) With the level of pressure, constant exposure and never ending house moves, how do you think this will end for him?
A) It’s gonna end one of a few ways for him.  Either he will move country, take his own life, or someone will take it for him.  I hope he suffers to be honest.

Q) Do you now reflect and suspect that any of his other dogs or pets may have been treated a similar way?
A) I’m not sure if he treated his other pets in the same way.  His reptiles were expensive and his dad bought him them so I doubt he would have dared.

Q) Does the name David Westwood mean anything to you?
A) Nah don’t know him.

Q) Do you think he sells drugs to finance his own needs?
A) Doubt he would be able to sell drugs cause everyone wants him dead.

Q) Do you think he’d rather have gone to prison for a short time than six months of exposure and pressure?
A) He is a pure fanny.  He would probably do anything to avoid jail.  They would eat him alive in there and I hope he gets jailed, he would hate it.

(Pictured –  “a pure fanny”.)





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