Fake Justice For Real Money

Here’s a story which made the press in Scotland this past day or two;
The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after a cat was deliberately shot by an air rifle at close range. An X-ray revealed long-haired tabby Max, from Blackridge, had a pellet deeply lodged between his eye socket and optic nerve. The pellet is now permanently embedded in Max’s skull as a vet would need to remove his eye in order to extract the shot.
Owner Andrew Murchison said: “He managed to make it home and when he came into the living room he lost control of his back legs, his balance seemed to go and he lost control of his bowels. “We couldn’t’t actually see anything wrong with him externally so we assumed he was having a seizure. We took him straight to the vets who carried out scans and blood tests. “When we got Max home the next day blood started pouring from his nose. He was transferred to the vet school in Edinburgh where he was given an X-ray and that’s when we saw the metal and the pellet. They operated on him for over three hours and were able to remove most of the shrapnel. However, the main body of the pellet was so deeply lodged in between his eye socket and optic nerve that they would have to remove his eye to get it out”.

An undercover Scottish SPCA inspector said: “It is appalling that animals such as Max are being targeted and caused such pain and
suffering. “Because the air rifle had been shot up Max’s nose at close range there was no entry wound. This was a horrific crime and Max is very fortunate to still be alive. “Disturbingly, some people seem to think it is fun to maim and kill defenceless animals with air weapons and this is completely unacceptable in a modern, civilised society.”


He’s right. It is unacceptable in a society that wishes to be respected for how civilised it is. Yet it is accepted though, that is the problem. Who is it accepted by though? We can very easily see the media don’t regard it as acceptable. If they weren’t fussed then they wouldn’t give over so much space to such stories. If anything the one thing the media do fairly well in this country is expose the sort of people who do such things.

We’ve never had any media ever take their side of Frankish or try to lead in with a defence of current sentences. I think we can also see that normal members of the public don’t find it acceptable. As in the vast majority. Charities like the SSPCA don’t find it acceptable either. They’d probably love to be far less busy as it would mean society was heading in a better direction.



Virtually no one finds it acceptable and virtually everyone believes that harder sentences are a minimum requirement. Not a final destination but at least a start. Everyone except one group it seems – the body politic. Only they appear to find it acceptable. If they truly had found it unacceptable then this would have been fixed years ago. We wouldn’t need to lobby for anything as we’d already have sentences that reflected how unacceptable Governments found it to be. If you corner a minister they will always state how unacceptable it is. Talk is cheap though and they will say that if cornered, obviously. I find it hard to take their words very seriously when there are no actions behind the words.
Only Governments think it is acceptable in a civilised society. They are determined to keep on finding it acceptable because doing so fits their overall agenda of trying to avoid sending people to prison. They prefer all these ‘alternative sentences’ such as the tagging and home curfews. They lie and say its because its cheaper (justice shouldn’t be about cost anyway). The reality is that Government are in bed with big corporations like G4S who have the contracts for these alternative sentences. It doesn’t matter to them if these alternatives work (they don’t). What matters to them is that not enough people realise that their money is taken at source and used to boost the coffers of a company like G4S to provide these clearly failed alternatives. Its a giant scam. You are paying for real justice and getting a poor replica for your money.
I say this scam needs busted, these alternative punishments abolished and the contracts to provide them torn up. Then lets have some real justice for the real money the state rob from you. Let’s cage these beasts and take away their liberty.


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