The Delusions Of The Political Class

British politics is infested with men and women who use their position to feather their own nest, pursue their own agendas and try to force their own delusions on the rest of us as being something of super vital importance.

The RSPCA respond to over 100,000 cruelty and neglect cases every single year.  I’d call that an epidemic.  Two thirds of those convicted of possessing child abuse material receive a non-custodial sentence.

Just try to let the full magnitude of that sink in for one second.  It’s easy to read stats and not fully appreciate how they translate in real life.  I will try to spell it out. Somewhere in Britain tonight there is likely a scenario happening that’ not far removed from that ‘Baby’ case.  Somewhere in Britain there are children who are being abused right now for the purpose of producing that material to share online.

Try to see them as more than statistics.  See the victim, try to imagine what life is like for them.  Try to imagine all the victims in one year.  There would be enough to fill Wembley stadium.  And when I say victim I mean it in the true sense of the word.  Not this modern way of using it which can include some hysterical SJW having their “feels”triggered on social media.

I mean victims who are beaten, stabbed, burned, drugged, sexually assaulted, and tortured.  That’s why those SJWs and their fucking “victimhood” pisses me right off.  They have NO IDEA what really victimhood really is.  They are just whining little brats who have nothing better to do than bitch about “micro aggressions” and “safe spaces”.

The same obsession with an abstract piece of nothingness (to the exclusion of real issues with real victims) exists in our politics.  For every MP that has ever stood up and spoke out against the levels or animal abuse there are 100 who will manically go on and on and lecture us – about ‘Islamophobia’.  They don’t even stop to define what this thing is meant to be- Don’t ask me because I have no idea.

They speak about it over and over like it’s some disease that you can catch if you’re not mindful.  Where are all the real victims of this phenomenon then?  Since it’s one of the most talked about things by politicians they should easily be able to give an absolute definition and then they should easily be able to show tens of thousands of genuine victims of it every year.

However they cannot do this.  Why?  Because the reality is that there aren’t tens of thousands of Muslims who are genuine victims of these apparently hateful non-Muslims.  They aren’t being beaten up, tortured, sexually abused and killed.  While you might find a few isolated examples here and there the reality is that this super vital thing called ‘Islamophobia’ appears to be a feelings-based crime with no true victim.  In other words, if a person’s views or words are deemed to have triggered the emotions of an SJW or a protected minority then this is considered a far more serious crime than an animal abuse epidemic or children being abused to make material for sharing online.

From what I can see, being ‘Islamophobic’ can even mean things like being mindful of national demographics and security, calling out any part of their belief system or calling into question any aspect of their culture.

This in theory could mean that the majority of the nation are ‘Islamophobes’ to one level or another.  The term, how it is applied, and the total fixation politicians have with it is frankly bizarre.  I’d prefer a government to spend more time on matters of real justice for real victims and less time and money on these abstract and vague concepts in which there aren’t a mountain of real victims at all.

I do not see it being the duty of government to try to force an individual into liking a given group of people.  It doesn’t work anyway, in fact it has the opposite effect.  Example: If I held negative views about pygmies and was persecuted for my views by the state then the result of it would be that my negative views would multiply.  If I expressed what were my honest views of pygmies and those honest views had PC Plod knocking on my door then its not going to make me suddenly change my views.  I’d still hold the same views but now they’d be tinged with resentment.

The harder it is to accurately define something the more likely it is that the thing is BS.
How hard is it to define animal abuse?  Not hard at all.
How hard is it to define sexual abuse of children?  Dead simple.
How hard is it to nail down an agreed definition for Islamophobia?  Almost impossible.  It is far too subjective and entirely open to interpretation.

The more real victims of something you can show the more of a national problem it is.
How many real victims of animal abuse can you show?
How many real victims of child abuse can you show?
Far too many and far too easily.
How many beaten, tortured and burned victims of this Islamophobia can you show?  You’d be reduced to scratching around looking for a relatively tiny number of extreme examples, if they even exist at all.  I’d say with confidence that every single Muslim is safer here than they would be in a majority Muslim country.  If that were not the case then they obviously would not come here and stay here.  I’d also argue they are afforded more rights than they’d ever experience living in a country like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

Why are these haughty politicians giving you moral lectures over Islamophobia when there is just no real evidence for it in any real sense?  I’ll tell you why, it’s because they are afraid of the consequences unless they get in front of camera and do it.  They know the Muslim community in this country are very well networked and with a great sense of in-group loyalty.  That alone makes them a demographic that a career politician doesn’t want to upset.  They may lose votes; they may be called a ‘racist’ or even an ‘Islamophobe’.  Rather than take the risk of opening that Pandora’s box they find it easier to just parrot SJWs and give us all lectures on Islamophobia.

I am sick and tired hearing MPs bitch on about it.  They (and sections of the media, like the Guardian) would have you think that we are all hateful racists and that hundreds of Muslims are being slaughtered in Britain every week.  It’s a delusion.  Muslims are NOT persecuted in this country, not by the people and not by the state.

They also aren’t voiceless weak victims like the victims of animal abuse.  Believe me they are well organised and there are enough men in their neighbourhoods that if there were real persecution we would know about it.  There isn’t.  But on the rare occasion that there is an example of something crass you can rest easy knowing that the state and police will suddenly find a very harsh side to their usually liberal nature.  Torture a dog half to death?  No problem, have a home curfew for the summer.  Steal someone’s dog, feed it drugs then set it on fire?  Have a 5 year ban on pet ownership.  Caught with 100,000 images of bestiality and child abuse in the category A class?  Have a suspended sentence.

But when some dickhead attaches a couple of rashers of bacon to a Mosque door handle it is national news and the police are all over it.  The guy goes to prison (funny how cost and space are not an issue).  While doing that is just a pretty thick and dense thing to do it hardly compares to a guy like Frankish.  In the case of the bacon handle guy he’s someone that I could take aside (or anyone) and say “Look lad, if you have legitimate points and criticisms to make then bacon on a door handle only undermines them”.  I could hardly take Frankish aside and have an equivalent discussion.  One did a stupid thing the other did a sadistic thing.  One action caused no physical harm or pain and the other action centered around both.  Bacon handle guy probably isn’t even dangerous.  That cannot be said for Frankish and his ilk.

(Actions of a twit.  Only some emotions were hurt here though.  And the pig I guess.)


I call upon MPs of all parties to give it a rest with this Islamophobia thing.  I call upon them to focus their action on a real thing, that being the genuine victims of this epidemic of pet abuse.

(Local and central government would have a hand-wringing fit over this…)


(… but not this.)


I would sooner they sent a Frankish to prison than some bloke putting bacon on a handle.  I fully understand the offensive intent in doing it, but it’s still just bacon on a handle at the end of the day.  It can be flicked off with a broom.  They can probably call the council to remove the thing.

It makes no sense to send someone to prison for stupidity while keeping someone free who is a proven sick sadist.  It only makes sense because the political parties are so afraid to upset those communities that they promote Islamophobia as some massive deal.

(Actions of a sadist.  More than some hurt emotions here.)


That’s the clue.  If you are organised, network and prepared to create a gigantic fuss then eventually the political parties will take on and push your narrative.  This should give you hope since it means there is a viable fix to getting animal abuse issues to be the next big thing for politicians.  We just need to follow that same proven path of being organised, being networked and being prepared to keep creating a massive fuss that humiliates the establishment.  Then all we need are a sufficient number of people to get in behind that and literally force the momentum of it on and on.  When you do those things and when you do them well and persist, it is only a matter of WHEN you win and not IF.



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