Why Things Go Wrong


Whenever an obvious act of true evil is exposed the public are always understandably confused and bewildered. Because they wouldn’t do whatever the act was they cannot possibly imagine how anyone could. I often have that same sense of bewilderment. No matter how many times I hear or read a thing the shock of it never really goes away. There are those whose minds were even more twisted than Frankish. What they did was an act of evil but you’re on a whole other level when you throw in a name like Joseph Fritzel. The nature, planning, sophistication and length of time he did what he did made World news. He wasn’t even a murderer and yet his actions were so off the scale bizarre that a plain old murderer would have courted less coverage.
Psychologists and psychiatrists have been trying to study a whole range of crazy behaviours for over a century. There is some good work out there and there is some that has little value. You could fill several libraries with books and studies. I’m not knocking a century of research here but its never really led to anything being prevented or cured, has it? No matter how many studies are done or over what time span the findings don’t seem to lead to any noticeable prevention or cure.

I’ll assume they started out studying it for some end purpose otherwise what is the use? Where is the practical long term value of endless amounts of research when none of it ever leads anywhere of true value?
Here’s how I see it. The human brain is just like a very sophisticated biological computer. It is the most developed and evolved brain of any species ever. Our brain provides us with abilities that are shared by no other species because it is so sophisticated. This is what allows us to create, build, to think beyond our limitations, it accounts for all that is great and good in heroes past and present.

However, things can go wrong and owing to the more complex nature of the human brain, far more can go wrong than in any other species ever. When the brain goes wrong then that imagination will be warped. The actions will also all be warped. Its like having malware in a device, it will begin to make it behave erratically and maliciously. The only difference is malware can be isolated and wiped from a device. The human brain is way more complex than any computer and there is no way of wiping clean someones inherent evil as you could with malware.


There are probably genetic, neurological, environmental and a whole bunch of other elements which lead to a mind being that way. I’d wager you could get together the leading experts in those field and while they’d happily produce a lot of reports there still wouldn’t be any solution. I don’t think you’d ever get an absolute and permanent fix, but it should be possible to at least do certain things in your society which would probably help to bring down the levels of insanity. None would be a quick fix though and all would take a change in attitude and behaviour from people themselves. These are not really changes you can expect a Government to do. You also wouldn’t see the benefits for about a generation, but once there it would be new standard. Some of the things sound simple and none are absolutes but they’d include;

Men. Be more selective about who you get together with and impregnate. Stop thinking only with your dick and understand that the female you make pregnant could very easily turn out to be a horrible and useless mother. Your own child may be at risk from sexual abuse or even death by the next sap that she reels in with her fake tan and plastic tits. Or they might just grow up to be a drug addict and loser, either way it is not good. She may even be one of those bitter breed of females who use their children as pawn in some sick power game. So keep your dick in your trousers, find a women you like, get to know her. If she seems demented or uses drugs – get rid.

(Men – don’t you dare impregnate this)

The result. If men reject those types of women then those women will lose all appeal and will have to change and adapt in order to be attractive to anyone.


Women. Much the same advice. This is really not too hard. Don’t just sleep around with anyone or you’ll end up with no father for the child if you get pregnant, or he will stick around and prove to be an utter arsehole. No use moaning about it later down the line if that proves true. No one makes you pregnant to these losers by force, you choose to sleep with these guys who you often know are wasters and druggies. Then you act all surprised when it backfires and your kids are raised in a manic environment or when social services step in. Aim for a higher quality of man. PS. A high quality of man, contray to feminist myth, is not one that cucks out and backs down to you.

(On no account get pregnant to this)

The result. Less unwanted pregnancies. Better quality of parent, more invested in their own children. A more stable environment. Better adults when those children grow up.



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