Simple question, simple answer…

There was a question asked of me in comments today.  I’d like to address it fully here.  This was the question:

“I often wonder if more people took to doing something about it instead of ignoring, would things change?”

The simple answer to this is an absolute yes – always.  Depending on what that something constitutes mind you.  For example, no amount of online moaning will ever effect change.  No amount of wishing ill will against these individuals will effect change.  Liking or sharing a status has a small function but its not going to lead to change either.  I will lay it out like a blueprint – precisely what you’d need to have and do to effect change.

1) The first thing you will need are leaders who are halfway intelligent.  They need to be willing to devote huge amounts of time at no benefit to themselves and you will require those who are not only part way intelligent but who, on some level, have experience in media, political lobbying, generating publicity and strategy.  You do not need many, but you do need them.  Without them you will have no true sense of direction or end game.  There will be no one to make fast and sharp decisions.

2) Having found them (assuming you do), then they must organise.  This is vital.  Unless they are organised you will not be organised and if no one is organised then you will win nothing.

3) Assuming you have managed to find number 1 and assuming that they’ve managed number 2 then you should by now be able to see if that organisation has been successful in getting the media interested.  If you can see that they have then you are well on your way to success.  If you see no evidence of that or little evidence of other work then you probably have the wrong people and need to return to 1.

4) If you now have 1,2 and 3 in place then you are blessed.  Especially in this day and age.  However what follows is now just as key and that’s what the public do with the facility created to act in their interests.  Even if you have the best leaders utterly dominating media then without the public getting their hands dirty you finish up with a slick organisation with everything going for it save for a public who are very, very lazy.  If you are handed 1-3 on a plate then after that it is entirely down to the people themselves.  If they elevate it, if they fund it, and if they offer up their labour?  Then you create something which would have the capacity to steamroller over almost anything.  If not?  Historically speaking what happens is that the previously highly motivated leaders begin to lose the motivation.

So that’s really the 4 point model which you must have in place to effect change.  No single individual will achieve it – only an organisation or movement with a definite set of aims and a direction.



2 thoughts on “Simple question, simple answer…

  1. Please be aware of where these dispicable brothers reside at all times. Keep them in your sight at all times to protect the decent people in their neighborhoods. They wil contaminate anything they touch.


  2. Hi Phil, Really enjoy reading your posts and couldn’t agree more with everything you say. . I am so angry and frustrated by these useless laws. After reading your post, Simple Question, Simple Answer, it’s true people are just not in for the long haul of this type of campaign. Finding the right type who could further the advancement and who have time on their hands and possibly the qualifications you speak of look no further than the retired generation. I belong to the University of the Third Age, U3A. Lots of intelligent people are members. Don’t know your age group, so will give u a brief outline. A nationwide organisation of retired people (£10.00 a year to join) . An individual can start a group in their area and get together every week either in one of the member’s home or some other venue depending what the group are interested in. I am sure that within these groups there are people who were once in the media, have political experience and know how to generate publicity . It’s just an idea, I am going to see if I can generate any interest in starting a group for people who want change in laws that do not administer justice for victims. If you want anymore info please email me privately.


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