A Warning To Degenerate Parasites of Britain

This is a warning to all those who exploit and abuse the children and pets of this country – your time is at an end.
We are coming not for some of you but for all of you, whoever you are and wherever you may be.

We shall exhaust every single legitimate and democratic means to do so first. We’re not done with those means by a LONG way. We shall call upon and insist that this government commit to passing laws that will be the most radical for offences of this kind, anywhere in the world.

We shall give them every opportunity to do that sooner rather than later, but if they dare hesitate then we will serve to destroy them politically.

We will seek to cost them votes at the local and national level. That same measure will be used on the other side of the house. We shall call them out as well and if they do not act we shall ensure it costs them politically. We shall present a choice to them that they either choose political success or they choose their political demise.
If they want the former then they shall need to show the people that they have the moral fibre to govern. They will do this by way of bringing in sentences that shall be unrivalled in the West.
We will use the system that we have and all of its machinations to crush you. Do not for one second think this impossible for history will show you otherwise. All of history shows cycles in which degenerates and the worst of people ran riot. Then the wind changes and they never even see what’s coming. History is full of occasions when degenerates ran free until the culture and mood changed and suddenly they were getting shut down, locked up and beaten back.


My message to all those who exploit the nations pets and children is that we are now going into zero tolerance mode. Within one year you will start to feel it bite. Just you wait and see what your status will be in 5 years. And then in ten. It is not going to be good – for you. It will however be just great for the rest of society and that is why this country WILL move in that direction at increasing pace.
You exploiters of animals and children have no one onside. No one will advocate for you, no one will fight your battles and no one will risk their profession or neck for you. You are scum and when the government get the message that this could be an issue that might cost them, what do you think they will do? They are going to throw all of your predators right under the justice train. They would MUCH sooner do that than risk doing anything (or not doing) that could cost them power or hand an advantage to a smart political rival.


Today you laugh in your ill-deserved arrogance but I assure you, you have a purge in your future. That much I do know. And when we get this government to do the right thing it shall have a knock-on effect to police forces across the country. Owing to future legal change all forces will treat you and your actions as a far higher category of offence. We even want to advocate to give special units extra funding just to hunt you all down. You can bet that will go down well with all forces who very much want larger budgets and more manpower to do just that. And we shall advocate to incentivise these units to hunt you down as well. The more of you scum they bring in that leads to convictions the bigger a bonus they will get.

Think about this animal and child abusers – the police do NOT care about you. They think you are scum just as we do. They are limited only by powers and budgets. In regard to vermin like you we shall seek to empower them and advocate for the budgets that shall permit them to hunt you down. And you can forget about home curfews, tags, and suspended sentences in your future as well. You can also forget about fines and community service. You are dangerous predatory filth – and you belong in a cage. And it’s a cage where you are going to end up. Not for weeks but for years. And that’s just for starters.

You will look back in a decade and remember this declaration. This nation shall be taught a new culture and that is one in which your kind are totally cut off and ostracised from normal society.

Storms are heading your way. In the meantime we will expose you and your deviance mercilessly. You can enjoy that pressure, see it as a taste of the future.


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