Parents – This Is A MUST read

Following on from the (I think everyone will agree) spectacular London display, it is important that we remember this – the real future lies not in us but in the youth. When the youth go bad then they grow up to be dysfunctional adults, and so the cycle goes on, getting larger each generation.
We firmly believe in the potential of our youth to be great again. We firmly believe that the potential is there to influence the culture so that young boys aspire to be men of valour as their ancestors once were.
We also believe it is a crime to waste or contaminate that potential. We believe that kids with good values and something to believe in today will lead to men of good value who stand for something in the future.

It is a tough fight because there are just so many corrosive and corruptive influences vying for the attention of YOUR children. You know this is true. However, even if we can capture just a % of that youth whose potential may otherwise have been wasted then we should endeavour to do so.

Outside of your family home, think what those influences are that seek to corrupt the minds of your children. As a parent myself I can empathise with good parents who feel they are fighting a losing battle. You know you can teach them decent values but what of those external influences? What if they are stronger or just appear more appealing? Well then you have problems.

I cannot stress it enough – by the time someone has reached the age of the bros then the core of their nature will already be cast. If they are like how they were at that age then I’m afraid they are already lost and beyond redemption. We cannot do anything for them nor can we do anything for those who raise their children as dysfunctionally as they were raised.

But do you see this large scale public weakness that exists today among otherwise good people? We CAN sow the seeds to deal with that, we can play a part in making the children of today the men and women of true substance and fight of the future.



We can also very much work on creative memes, images, artwork and material that would be age appropriate but at the same time not the sort of boring thing kids would pass by.

It needs to look and feel engaging for them for them to get into it. If you want more adults in the future who step up to the plate then this can only be achieved by instilling those values in your children. There is no other way.
With all of that in mind it has been very much in our thoughts for some time to construct something for that youth. We wanted something that would be in part or at times informative and educational. We also wanted something that would make them feel they were part of something (that they didn’t see as too boring and complex to understand). We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for as broad a range of people with children to get behind. Finally, rather than do a one off thing for a small number we wanted something that would be enduring and on going for them. You don’t learn anything in one lesson, right?
I’ve thought all of those challenges through and I think I have come up with what I know will be an effective plan and a welcome tool if people get behind it, esp any with kids in the family. This plan takes into account all those different facets that I have mentioned.

We would like to invite your children (age group 10-15 but we are flexible) to join our OF youth movement.
We will;
Design and create a spin of page with visual content and video that is age appropriate but engaging to them.

Create cartoons that are fun and aspirational figures but where the story itself will have a moral to it.

Send them free stuff throughout the year. As parents you’ll obviously know what stuff as we’ll suggest it to you first and foremost. We don’t know how much free stuff, but maybe ten or twelve things per year. Depends. Something at Christmas and on a birthday. Something that is in some way relevant (but not shocking!). We know what we’re doing and you know what we mean.

As we develop it we will persuade certain companies to donate a prize which we will offer out in the format of online competitions (which will be educational in of itself). As it gains momentum we’d even be able to do stuff if invited to do so in certain schools. At the very least we’d be able to provide them with interesting materials and tools.
This is not an operation, I see this as something we can build up as a viable feature. A tier if you will.

Even if we can get some of them to stay off their games and phone for an hour every week then it will be worth it. If it even inspires or motives just three who later grow up to try with all their might to fight whatever battles they may face it will be worth it – for we at OF are only three.

Nor is this remotely something you want to profit on – we never have, not ever. On the contrary, it would likely run at a cost to us, but I am confident any cost can be soaked up by other means throughout that year. We’d kick it off by sending them a band and a membership card (that would be designed to look cool). I’d then set up the satellite page (which would have a totally different feel to the adult OF page).
I think this is a good idea that could be a great idea if you back it. Encourage others to do so as well. Let’s just call it an annual membership of £15 and we will go from there. If you have two kids call it £20. If you have more call it £25. Its not set in stone so don’t stress on figures too much. Take the idea to friends, mums, schools. It will be a good thing. You know it will.


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