The Mistake Of Your Life

This is a direct message to Mr “Jack Savage”, a clear alias when you look at the photo. This POS is a self identified animal abuser and degenerate from California – or so his profile states.

Now I only occasionally have time to visit our in box and even less time to have any dialogue with people. However, I came across this message to Phil today, sent by this little fucking cockroach. Ready?

“I only abuse humans. My favorite method being crushing toes with a sledgehammer pulling nails offf with needle nose pliers”

“I can show you ways you’d never imagine possible to die
Human life is so feeble and weak”

“How do you rape a dolphin
That is physically impossible for just one man to rape a dolphin”

“All three of you need to be placed on a bed of spikes slowly impaling as you scream the sound so wonderful it would be”

I hope you are reading this you little mongrel. Your statements are being collected. Your IP address located. Federal agents will be speaking with you in due course. And think yourself lucky that you are in the US and not within easy reach. I’ve chewed up and spat out little freaks like you for breakfast. Come to Britain and let’s see you follow through you little mutant. You won’t even need to. I have many many friends in the US. We’ll see what you are made of, tough guy.




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