REVEALED – My Guide On How To Defeat Operation Frankish

There is no doubt or question that an organised movement with ideas is a worry to Government. It is not something that they wish to see grow and become emboldened for if it does then they will be forced into a corner and into answering some pretty tricky questions. Such as how is it possible to punish someone who carried out an act of sadism in the home by handing them a curfew that binds them to the home – like parents grounding their child? Or how is it possible for a piece of shit to be found with child and animal abuse images on his phone and be “punished” with a fine of £20?

No one is asking them these questions. I sometimes listen to Question Time and I can never recall such points and questions being asked of any of the panel. Its always very safe and controlled questions. They claim the panel don’t know the questions in advance but that doesn’t stop the researchers screening and filtering both the audience and questions to get what they want.

Anyway my main point is no Government wants a grass roots movement that is built from the bottom up that has a solid case and a righteous cause.

The very idea of bottom up/grass roots is entirely alien to the establishment since they rely heavily on nepotism and coming in at the top and ruling over those they have usurped.

They do not have the honest endeavour and decency to understand such a thing, they only understand back room deals, self serving actions and getting their feet under every table they can.

They despise a movement funded by public goodwill since they themselves are absent of goodwill. They also despise such a movement as its proof to them that the people can organise and the people can force an issue forward.

The last thing they would want is for OF to turn into something far bigger and more powerful than they ever thought possible. They know that a movement that is publicly funded is far harder to corrupt. They also know it is impossible to put pressure on public funders, it would be very much easier to apply it to private donors or sponsors. What they count on is not enough people elevating that movement to take it from where it is to where it could be a sledgehammer in the fight against evil in many forms.

However, I am going to lay out for the establishment how they can defeat Operation Frankish before it ever gets to that stage. This should be of special interest to any serving MP since they are part of the establishment. However, you could certainly include judges and magistrates as part of the establishment as well.

Without further ado then;

How To Defeat Operation Frankish

1) Immediately review the sentence originally given to Frankish and Frankish. They are still serving a suspended sentence for at least another 18 months. It can therefore be reviewed and recalled.

2) Rather than procrastinate and pontificate, use your political will to hasten an act of Parliament which would see strong custodial sentences given for such actions. Don’t pretend there is some mysterious obstacle that we’re too thick to know about. There is no obstacle and none that cannot be easily resolved. Strong does not mean going from the present (barely given) 26 weeks to say 52 weeks. Come in at around three or four years and you’ll negate us.
3) Desist from permitting such people from taking on new identities and force them to use their real and given names. It utterly disgusts me that this is permitted at a smaller level in the case of Frankish and right the way up to the killers of James Bulger. And for what? All so these predators can have an easy time of it and maybe dupe unsuspecting people. Totally unacceptable. Abolish that and we will have one less reason to exist.


4) Stop LYING and stop STEALING tens of millions every year to line the pockets of G4S shareholders (who are probably you) with this utterly failed electronic tagging system. We want it absolutely abolished, along with home curfews, suspended sentences and serving only part of a sentence. Do those things and you remove our narrative.
5) Stop handing out £20 fines to twisted bastards that are proven to be in possession of child and animal abuse material. Understand that when you repeatedly do this all you serve to do is create a whole new set of people that will eventually throw their lot in with us. You disgust us the way you allow these perverts and freaks to walk away with insulting fines. End this and you end us.

6) Stop behaving like corduroy wearing social workers and start acting like leaders and people who work in the spirit of justice and protecting the majority of good people. We don’t want to hear your excuses for giving these freaks another pathetic sentence. What we want is true law and order. Give the public that and we will have no reason to exist.

You’re welcome


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