My Own Awakening

I posted this on FB, but I am also posting it here for my own archives. Very hard to archive things on a FB page. I will also add further to it at the end.


Welcome To Your Forthcoming Hell…

It was something that deeply puzzled me when the Frankish case came to my attention and I established that the sort of sentence they received is par for the course for their ilk.

I simply could not understand rationally or logically WHY this was the case. It made no sense to me so I began trying to reverse engineer the problem. I wanted to determine why, in a nation of self proclaimed “animal lovers”, that this alleged love had never translated into anything in terms of radically tougher outcomes for abusers.

The first thing I looked at was this – was it a a potential vote loser for a given party to build tougher sentences for guys like Frankish into party policy. The answer was no. It would definitely NOT cost ANY party votes if they proposed getting tough with these sadists. If anything the polar opposite would be true.

I would certainly find the body politic guilty of not seeing the vote winning and populist potential, but I do not think it is politicians who are at fault per se. We cannot blame Government or politicians for everything, as convenient as it may be to dump all the blame on them.

We are meant to be thinking beings in our own right, so we cannot blame the state for everything. I understand how these career politicians work, I understand what their priorities are. I also understand what methods and styles various very successful lobby and pressure groups deployed in order to gain traction.

Some of the very most successful in the US and UK began out with few people and resources and decades on grew into lobby groups so powerful they can literally and demonstrably influence policy. It takes a great deal of time to bother to read up and study such stuff and at times it is hard going. Its not exactly your typical light hearted reading material.
I fully get that people raise a curious eyebrow when they look at my library of books, since there are very few novels and a great many books about group psychology, political science, criminal psychology etc. I know that not many of my friends are going to ask to borrow my copy of The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind ( Gustave Le Bon). I studied those subjects for a long time, but it was never with the intention of how I eventually deployed them (creating OF).

I did have reasons and motives to study them but at no time did I think I was doing it so that one day I could take some of those methods and use them in this way. Likewise my working background. At no stage or time did I ever think that my years spent in the advertising industry could ever be used for anything beyond making money for newspapers and myself. However, when I really started to look into the scale and almost satanic nature of this abuse, when I fully understood the extent to which the perpetrators are simply admonished and let go – it dawned on me that I could draw upon many of those learned talents to create something different, something with the most successful elements of what I’d studied built right into the heart of it.

I absolutely did not really WANT to assume this role. I get nothing from it and it only costs me time, money and problems. I had a nice quiet life before and avoid negative or whiny people in my personal life.

There are far more enjoyable and hedonistic things I could be doing of an evening than all of this. I’m not a stupid person so it would be very easy for me to go off and spend this time earning money and looking after number one. I am even a fully qualified media sales trainer, I could go outsource myself and spend this time and energy getting paid big bucks, rather than living hand to mouth due to the demands of running this set up. The ONLY reason I set this up and remained devoted to it was entirely down to the fact that I could see with my own eyes how a proper structured plan and movement was required, and one that did draw heavily upon the areas I have mentioned. I also knew I had the self confidence to make it real.

I have zero doubt that with time, persistence and by deploying methods which incorporate the areas mentioned that the body politic will yield. Even if they are self serving career people, I still do not doubt that they will eventually yield. The politicians are not the issue.

I then looked to the police. Was it the fault of police that the likes of Frankish were laughing their ass off at such pathetic sentences. No it is not. It is not even their fault when they are forced to go respond to one of their paranoid rants. They are obligated to respond to their calls by law. If they did not do it they would get sacked.
We have never had ANY problem with the police. Not ever.

If you ask me there are officers who probably admire what we do, which is to exert a well thought through style of pressure that doesn’t cross the line into random acts of violence and destruction (which would force them to act against us).

Likewise when we have rang the vets or any place where an abuser resided or worked. Always polite, always firm, never threatening. I’d be happy for anyone to record a call I make because you’d only find my manner very polite and open. I tell them who I am. I tell them who we are. Thats the open and transparent thing to do, especially as we only ever call to fact check or inform and never to threaten. The police are NOT the problem.

Are the abusers the problem? Yes, they are clearly A problem. But NONE of them have been a problem to us. I would love to be able to tell you that AF or DF had been a total blight to us for 6 months. I’d love to be able to show all the problems they have caused us. But I cannot do so since there are none.

Despite the massive weight of pressure and humiliation brought down on them, time and again, at no time have either of them (or the mother) ever been a problem to me or us. It pains me to say it but in this one area they have show some common sense. Sadists? For sure. Despicable? Certainly. But NOT entirely illogical though. Drug addled or not they seem to have retained enough brain cells not to go there.

The abusers are not even the obstacle to much more hard core sentences. They aren’t organised or funded. They don’t have backers. They wont get together and do a big counter demo. They are simply opportunists and predators who thrive BECAUSE society is far too soft.

If the state decided they needed to do 4 years and not 26weeks then these punks would do 4 years and have nothing to say about it. What IS the problem then? If its none of that then why are we even in this situation? Why don’t we already have tough sentences and why haven’t we had them for decades?

The reason has dawned on me in the half a year I have spent doing this. The reason is that people are their own obstacle to change. I guarantee you it is especially pronounced in these “animal rights” circles. Its their mentality that is the problem. Coming from the outside in I have never seen such a degree of entitled, demanding, whining, unappreciative and petty people in all my life.

Its not all, but then nothing is ever all of everyone is it? However, it is a high enough % to be a problem.

It is a high enough % to be a threat to change and progress. And its definitely a high enough % that there is barely a week that goes by when our time and energy isn’t being wasted having to field utterly insane and crazy words and actions by the very people who SAY they want radical change and who SAY they need people to step up.

Be rational here. What incentive is there for anyone to step up and devote time at their expense when you lie, you distort, you attack, you undermine, you moan, bitch and you argue over the least thing?

Are you honestly that blind that you cannot see that there is a nationwide shortage of intelligent men that would bother their backside enough to sacrifice their time and life to do this? You are fortunate to have three. Yet ALL of problems and issues we get are from those who are self proclaimed animal lovers. They don’t have better ideas or plans, they just attack and attack and attack, over and over and in a giant loop.

If this were coming from the actual abusers it would be one thing. To be expected even. But it does not. If this were coming from Government agents online then I could understand that. The state worry about a grass roots pressure group with strategy and an intelligence behind it. It worries them far more than “protesters” who riot and cause criminal damage. They can deal with that sort of thing. They are not so easily able to resist the methods and strategies we have in mind by their very nature. However it does not come from them either.

I have never experienced anything as schizoid as those types of actions in 30 + years, despite being involved with and setting up so many different things. I can see why those in power have not taken these issues seriously. I can see why the RSPCA deals with an increasing work load of cases that get more and more severe. I can see why animal shelters are at breaking point with abandoned or rescued dogs. I can see why there will be more and more ‘Baby’s’ and ‘Chunkys’. I can see why a man raped his dog and was found with child porn and got a fairly short sentence. I can see why another man gave his dog cocaine, cut its ears off and got a relatively nothing sentence.

But here is what else I see. You may bookmark or screen shot this if you wish. I see a HELL coming your way that will make present conditions seem like a lamented memory by comparison. Not long, you are in the early part of it right now. I will give it two or three years at most. By 2019 the spread of sadism will be so great that it will consume all that you love and the phoenix of valour and goodness will never rise again. You will not believe your own eyes and you will think you are living in a hell.

However. From what I have seen it will be a hell of people’s own making.

And I mean every word of that.
With these actions and this mindset you are literally enabling the sadists and the sick. Whether done willfully or not that is precisely what those actions and that thinking equates to.

On a personal level its no skin off my nose WHEN you arrive at the point of no return. I’m safe. My dog is safe. My loved ones are all well protected.

I never thought I could find people more repuslive than the like of the brothers. How wrong was I.

What I have come across all too often are people who are really no different to how they are. They have that same destructive, cowardly and useless set of anti virtues.

And even more worryingly – it comes from those who would benefit most of all by the success of our endeavours. The only difference between their naked malevolence and mendacity and that of Frankish is that Frankish ended up battering his dog.

What a shower of cowards that would take to Twitter to LIE and about a 25 yr old guy (Phil) and try to destroy his character without knowing him. Having known Phil for half a year one of his fingernails is worth more than 10,000 of you.

There is NOTHING honest about you. You need to lie and distort the truth and why? Because the actual truth just wouldn’t damage us, so you willfully make up lies and implications.
You deserve to rot in this society and forever be stuck with the predators, the evil and the vermin. All you do with your pathetic and petty lying is create more victims like Baby. Well done. Take a bow. You should be ASHAMED of yourself but you are too lacking in any self reflection or intelligence to understand that concept.

99% of them fit this profile – leftist women. They are disgusting, lying, underhand, vile witches. Like most on the left these days they are reduced to lies, deceptions and distortions. They cannot STAND men and they especially cannot stand men taking a lead role. It drives their feminist leftist indoctrination crazy. They are so hateful and so disgusting that they’d sooner that there were more victims of Frankish evil than anything created and driven by men that had a fix.

I thought I was coming into a demographic of people that wanted the evil to end and for the perpetrators to be properly punished AT LAST.

I was completely and totally wrong.

And THAT is why the evil will flourish and that is why nothing will change except to get worse. Don’t blame the politicians, the police, the Government or anyone else. I can see with my own eyes WHY in 2016 freaks stroll from court.

Its not they (the sadistic minority) who are the barrier. It is the emotionally driven, reckless, spiteful and wholly dishonest majority who are to blame.


One thought on “My Own Awakening

  1. I’m not sure why you added the video to your post. I don’t agree with several points this man makes.
    According to him I’m a trash trailer Park single mum and because of that I hate men. I am a single mum and I have apologised multiple times to my child for choosing such a terrible father. I started full time work when my child was 6months old and I paid for child care, free child care was not available back then. I only hate my child’s father because of the way he has treated my child. Throughout my child’s life the father has paid less than £100 total in child support and the coat he bought. I don’t care about that, I did it all myself. My child is very clever and a lot more respectful of others than 99% of kids these days. We both have a great loving relationship with my Dad and we had the same with my Granddad.
    I worked in the service industry and within a year of stating there I got promoted and couldn’t have gone higher unless someone left or I moved. I was 23 at the time, a single mum and gaining qualifications while working 45hrs a week. Giving good service was a must to me. I didn’t earn any extra for it, I got a sense of achievement, a sense of making my customers feel appreciated.

    I know that this comment has nothing to do with OF, it’s just in response to the video posted within the writing. I get very defensive about being a single mum and I became one just before single mums starting being trashed all the time mostly by the government. I believe I have done a better job bringing up my child as a single mum than a lot of families with two parents have. My child has always been polite, respectful and loves to learn, even now at 21yrs old. My child has never roamed the streets shouting, swearing and being obnoxious. My child has always and will always be a decent member of society, unlike a lot of kids these days. This is why I get so defensive when people bash single mums.


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