Operation Frankish EXPOSED

Hey, Phil here.

The Frankish brothers have never caused us any trouble since we began.  In fact, the only people who have campaigned against us have been animal rights activists.  I can never get my head around that.

We have received threats on Twitter today from left-wing extremist group @0pfunk1ll who claim they “know who we are”.  Yeah… because our surnames were exposed on Paige’s anti-Operation Frankish group already… and no one gave a fuck.  Great detective work lads.  What are you going to do, expose them again?

To kick off his pre-meditated mission, self-proclaimed Animal Liberation Front member Jax Hall (@HallTh3original) came forward on Facebook under the pretence of being a potential supporter.  His passive-aggressive enquiry about our use of public funds instantly deteriorated into full-blown aggression.

He proceeded to admonish our use of crowd-funding to pay for our Operations.  That’s right, he thinks we should not raise public money to pay for publicity stunts which represent public opinion.  Why not?  His reason* is because he does not ask the public to pay for his activities (real or imagined).  He claims that we have lost credibility by building up trust and rapport with the public every time we deliver a new crowd-funded Operation.  That was the extent of his logic.

Let me explain to you Jax, the difference between what we do and what you (claim to) do…  Whilst rescuing animals is morally correct, the actions of ALF are illegal.  They have also alienated the public by building up a reputation for themselves as cult-like extremists.  For these two reasons, public crowd-funding is not appropriate for ALF so you’ll have to fund it privately.

Operation Frankish seeks to make all members of the public feel that they can be included in the process of cleansing their society of sadistic animal abusers in order to benefit both people and animals.  Since we represent public interests, it is perfectly understandable that the public want to fund our Operations.

If we could organise AND be able to afford to pay for the whole thing ourselves, we would.  If the companies we hired didn’t have families to feed and were willing to do massive amounts of difficult work for free, we would gladly accept that.  But we live in the real world, Jax.  And how else are you going to get animal rights laws changed without highly conspicuous public lobbying?

Are you going to do it with petitions?  No.

Are you going to achieve it by trolling pro-animal welfare campaigns on Twitter?  You might think you are, but no.

Let’s see what the public think; Should Operation Frankish stop creating high-profile publicity stunts, in order to appease Jax Hall?  Let us know in the comments.

*Some other things Jax was upset about:
1. Criticism of terrorist group Black Lives Matter and other SJW causes (probably from about two months ago).
2. Phil’s suggestion that posting endless animal abuse stories on Facebook does not get us closer to new laws.
3. Phil “not having a clue” about animal rights causes or any interest.


5 thoughts on “Operation Frankish EXPOSED

  1. He is obviously an idiot!!!

    How anyone can criticise Op Frank beggars belief!!!

    What an absolute prat – its embarrassing that a grown man (maybe) criticises the good work that you do.

    Am so angry!!

    Elaine McCarthy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. What a complete WAZZOCK !
    Most of the general public are reasonably intelligent people and can make decisions, such as being willing to fund operations such as OF have masterminded. In fact if I recall correctly I was one of the people who asked if they could provide funds to enable such things. We weren’t pressurised into it. All the hard work, time , effort along with having to deal with tossers such as him must be very draining. But the OF team do it all and do it better !


  3. I have been fighting for animal rights worldwide for as long as I can remember (several decades in ways I thought would get heard)…. yet I wouldn’t consider joining ALF, their “methods“ achieve nothing but contempt, anger and hatred from the people they want supporting them. I am behind OF every step of the way and truly believe they will eventually lead the way to change the laws…..AND….IF I choose to donate my hard earned money to an event created by OF that is my business….no one has forced me….

    NEVER give up OF…… just brush these little trolls off your shoulder and move on with your heads held high!


  4. NO! You must NOT stop! From the little that I have seen a lot of ALF are extreme idiots! Too full of their own self importance to really achieve change! As you said all their extreme actions achieve is to alienate the general public, who unfortunately for most part are lazy if good intentioned! Ignore the trolls, they are just keyboard warriors hiding behind their smartphones and keyboards! GO OF!


  5. Unfortunately ALFs actions in the past have done nothing to gain the support of the public. In fact it has done damage to the cause, and people have a negative reaction to getting involved in animal rights protests , associating it’s with ALF ‘s violent history. Does ALF do anything for animals rights these days. I thought they disbanded years ago when they were getting banged up on terrorist charges. OF keep up your great campaigns to ensure animal abusers get a form of punishment that is not delivered by the justice system. I am with you all the way .


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