The Demise of Women

The best women I’ve ever known is my daughters mother who I care about and respect to this very day. We’ve not been together for many years, its not a respect born from any lingering emotional love. I respect her behaviours, her standards, her efforts and her actions. We get on extremely well and I see her as my only true female friend. She has so many good qualities and yet would have every reason not to – she was the victim of horrific abuse by her father. As were her sisters. In actual fact it was me who blew the lid clean of those historical abuses and in doing so finally exposed him for what he was. The outcome of this was that he moved to a little flat in the city, but not long afterwards he got a very aggressive strain of Parkinson’s and died.

I’ve had other relationships since of course, but about three or four years ago I decided I that I no longer wanted to date or be involved with women. Why? Because I had noticed a marked and irrefutable change in them during about a ten year period – and it was not a change for the better. Too many that were sneaky, manipulative, passive aggressive and flat out liars. I noticed they were drinking too much, their language was often terrible, and they had no respect for anyone – themselves included.

I noticed that they were also simmering with self love and ill deserving entitlement. They even began to physically mutate! Out went natural femininity and beauty. In came a look which 20yrs ago would have been exclusive to street walking prostitutes. The absurd fake tan which made them orange, the fake boobs, the fake hair, the fake everything. I often laugh at memes that say women want a “real” man when there is nothing real about them at all and they are all about artificiality.


I’ve never enjoyed my life more than in these past three or four years. I’ve watched on the sidelines with dark amusement as the demented women I describe live their relationships out on FB, updating their friends on the latest car crash thats happened between them and her poor bedraggled partner.

I feel especially sorry for guys who are about Phil’s age. I can 100% assure him that the quality of women out there is NOT the same quality of women that existed when I was 25. I have no idea if he hopes to get married and have children at some point but I absolutely promise him that he needs to be super wary these days as there are far too many women of his generation that are just outright horrible cows.

They don’t advertise their disgusting nature in advance though. They will SEEM okay but they aren’t. Its just a facade, every bit as much as Frankish hid behind the facade of being “one of the kindest people you could ever meet”.

Things got so bad among social attitudes in women that I (and most men I know) would go out of my way to find work that meant we did not need to work alongside them. My experience of doing so in media offices taught me that they are flat out troublemakers and agitators. These women would group together in order to cause hassle for any man that did well in their job, but here’s the rub – even their loyalty to one another was fake as they’d stick the knife in each others back as well. You honestly have to wonder what sort of mothers raised those women.

It is deeply unfortunate that by dint of starting OF I have found myself in the very environment that you could not pay me enough £ to be in in real life – an environment of extremely entitled, passive aggressive, mendacious, vindictive, pugnacious and emotionally demented silly little girls.

Every single bit of bother we have had has come directly from them. They lie, they sneak around, they twist, they agitate. They have zero manners or respect and think they can rock up on our page and start agitating. They THINK (god knows how) that we somehow owe them something. Well the way one or two conduct themselves they are right – we will eventually owe them something. It may just not be the something they had hoped for. No use crying a machine of tears if you openly agitate against us and we finally react in devastating fashion.

They are clearly used to cuckolded men that they’ve known from their gender studies class. These women have been born into a culture in which they have been taught to despise men. Correction. A culture which has taught them to despise native British men.

Note that while such mentally ill lefty feminists neurotically drone on about college “safe spaces” and “micro aggressions” they NEVER EVER dare criticism the inherent and REAL “sexism” and misogyny that exists in (say) Muslim men and Islamic culture.


In January this year in Cologne, there were hundreds of cases of sexual assaults against German girls. You’d THINK all the lefty German feminists would be all over that, right? But no. Absolute silence from them in terms of condemnation. Instead of condemnation the uber man hating feminist, Angela Merkel, ordered that special classes be established to “teach non German incomers not to rape”. You can hardly make this up thats how twisted it is. You had female mayors of German towns printing booklets for German girls with state mandated “suggestions” on how they should modify their looks and movements in order to prevent causing “cultural confusion” and getting raped. Where was the pan European feminist outrage at all of this? Silence.
In actual fact the Western feminist hate Western men so much that they are prepared to overlook any behaviours by non Western men – up to and including mass sexual assault.


There are no shortage of loud mouthed lefty feminists on British college campuses. They usually never shut the fuck up so it was very curious to me that they they weren’t all over the scandal in Rotherham in which over 1400 female children were systematically raped and tortured. I wonder what the common denominator could possibly be. What was it about those men that earned them a near free pass from the usually opinionated feminist left? Hmm – I wonder. Must be another big mystery with no clues.
The ONLY Western men that these misandry driven feminist leftists tolerate are flat out weak men who will put up with all their insane behaviours and even go along with their crazy positions (usually in the slight hope of losing virginity).



On the upside we do have some of Britain’s finest women here imo. We have elegant, supportive and respectful women. They know who they are and we really like and very much care about those women. On the days when the stench of all those weird and twisted men hating women gets too much, we are reminded of the great women that we do have and the vital support role, encouragement, and good will that they have toward us.

Its exactly those kinds of women I’d like to see have the most children because that would lead to a better quality society in years to come. They would make excellent mothers and partners for anyone. We know that one day many of them will indeed have children. What we desire most of all is to cause a shift in politics and culture that leads to a better society for those children to grow up in (compared to the filth of today).


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