The Plan

When there is a problem and the problem needs a fix then you need a plan. Without a plan and without a direction then you can never hope to come close to a fix. This is true of all things.
We all know there is a nationwide problem. The problem is not merely with the large number of predators. The problem is a defective justice system which is blighted by questionable judges who routinely pass judgments like this;

A paedophile has been spared jail so that he can start a family despite having a huge cache of indecent images of children.

Richard Arrowsmith was found to have 137,000 pictures and 4,336 videos of abuse.

He faced up to five years in prison but he was let off with a suspended sentence after a court heard that he wanted to become a father.
Paedophile with 137,000 pictures of children spared jail so he can start family
I can scarcely compute this judgment. When I first heard the reasoning behind the judgment I thought it was dark satire and not a real thing. Aside from the moral question as to why any women would now want to start a family with a proven beast – it has absolutely astonishing that it was his stated desire to have children that persuaded the judge to let him walk.

As you can see the national problem we face is by no means restricted to a mere handful of idiots that beat up on pets and dogs.

This is a problem that exists at the very top – with the justice system, the sentences and with many judges themselves.

It is entirely down to the totally defective nature of those things that we have a total epidemic of abusers, sadists and predators. They simply have no fear and they have nothing to lose right now. What happens when predators and opportunists have nothing to fear and no deterrent? Its really very simple – they grow emboldened and they grow in number. They claim more and more victims since they aren’t even punished for those they are caught abusing.

They do not fear prison, not because they think it would be one long picnic. No. They do not fear prison because they know there is only a slim chance they will get sent down. Look at where we are – a paedophile can state he wants to start a family as a sort of mitigating circumstance and the judge empathises and lets him go. There is no fear and no loss to the guilty party. There is nothing in that sentence given that says this is a serious crime and there is nothing that serves as a warning to others.

This MUST change and no one in this country can possibly stand back and accept the status quo.

Our plan is ambitious but works within the parameters of law and order and what is possible. We have no magic bullet. This is like being faced with a huge wall. The only way to take that wall down is one brick at a time, blow after blow until it finally crashes.

The plan absolutely rests on a political and legal solution. Without that political and legal solution then matters will deteriorate further. No use going after one case alone and trying to get a review. Even were it a success what happens with the next case and the one after that? We would be stuck on a loop of trying to get cases reviewed for all manner of animal and child abusers.

Instead of trying to do that what must happen are radical reforms and changes that are enshrined in law. Only by doing that do you remove the option for a judge to give such pathetic sentences.

There must be no more suspended sentences for abusers of children and animals.
No more fines.
No more home curfews
No more freedom to casually change identity
No more tagging
No more ‘mitigating circumstances’
No more community service
Enough is enough and I sense a public that have had enough. I know I have. There is only one place that abusers like that belong – behind bars and for a long time. Then strictly monitored upon release.

Nothing less should do and no compromise entered into.
Those should be our minimum requirements.

The exact details of how those requirements would be figured out are not the problem of we the people. There are people in high office who are paid very handsomely to work out the details into a legal framework. That is not our role. Our role is to simply keep brining those requirements to them until such a time that they fold and take on most/all of them.

I do not see them as OF’s requirements, I see them as the basic requirements that should be demanded by all the good folk of the UK. This are completely reasonable, rational and long over due requirements. As a people our message to them should be that we want those new standards met and if they are not met by the present powers then the present powers are not fit for office and need replaced by those that would be willing to meet those standards.

This really isn’t a lot for us to ask, is it? It is almost unbelievable that we are even having to say “Look, could you possibly start locking up the child molesters and dog burners?”. We’re not asking for anything weird or unusual here. We’re not asking for anything that would bring the UK into conflict with international law. We’re not asking for things that would only resonate with a minority – this effects everyone.

It is absolutely imperative that we as a nation fight and fight until every single abuser of pets and kids is sent down every time, with no excuses, no pandering, and no more soft soap.
It should not be up for debate even. There is absolutely NO benefit to this country in letting such filth walk free. It IS absolutely damaging to this country that they often do. It puts the vulnerable at risk and it demonstrates a hyper weak position from what is meant to be the authority.

This ALL has to end and we should accept no excuses. None. The sadists and predators have had it too easy for too long. The Government are meant to protect society from such threats – they are blatantly failing in that function. The courts are meant to punish such people and keep the public safe from them and this is not happening either.

You will see that when a Government has the will be to far more authoritarian with such specimens that the smug smile will soon be wiped off their faces. This is not a strong class of criminal. That is why they are desperate to stay out of prison for ANY length of time. They cannot handle themselves physically and they lack the psychological make up to adapt to prison. They are weak and they are predators of the vulnerable and prison is not a good place for that kind of person.

Here’s the bottom line – there is no other plausible fix than the one we are suggesting. I have certainly not heard of one. Either we find a political and legal solution to this or we go on in this race to the bottom. There is no other way, folks.

I was reading a chat log between someone I wont name and Jack Whiting, one of Chunky’s attackers. It was quite interesting reading, not least due to the giant sized lie he tried to pass off during it. He was right in one thing he wrote though. He said that despite being swamped with threats over and over that nothing has ever happened to him at all. Not once and not ever. In fact he was so exasperated by the threats he was literally inviting someone to make good on them.

This is how confident he is that no one will. And on this one thing I would probably agree with him. He knows that when people write those threats down that they wont make good on them and so do I. After a time you eventually become immune to the threats. This is among the reasons why there is no question of some sort of direct physical solution to this. People are generally not that way inclined. There might be a TINY few who’d go down that route, but it really is only a tiny few if any.

No use wishing that we have a nation of Rambo’s and Lara Crofts just itching to spunk their life away on some violent revenge mission. Its not reality. Its not even meant to be our job to take these people out of society and secure the streets for people. Public officials are paid vast sums of money to do that and they are not doing it at all.

While usually wary about wanting to give the state more powers, in the case of this class of deviant we must make an exception. We should and must demand that the state take a very hard and authoritarian line with those who seek to harm and abuse kids, pets, the elderly.

In the long term you must also look at cultural change and those sorts of areas, but for now we need stability. We need sanity back. We need to get those convicted off the streets and into secure units. We need to give police greater powers to go after these people. We need to empower the judiciary to give tough sentences.

Those are our intentions, our strategy and this is our solution.

Its a good solution and one with immediate and long term benefits. It will not however be an easy victory at all. Morally it should be. Ethically it should be and in terms of common sense also. But those qualities are rather absent in the state we seek to change.

It can be done. It must be done. It will not be easy but it most definitely IS a target that can be achieved.
By being the toughest nation in the West on child and pet abuse we will win the respect of all other nations whose people will admire the new hard line. The ‘Great’ in Britain would have literal and tangible meaning again.



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