Taking Back Your Streets – More Than A Slogan

Taking back your streets sounds good but as the title states it must be far more than a mere battle cry.

It has to actually mean something in practice. In order for it to have meaning you must consider who or what it is you wish to take the streets back from. You should set a personal standard of who you think you should tolerate on your streets and in your neigbourhoods and work from there.

Its not as hard as it sounds so I will walk you through my own personal set of standards. I would not accept a convicted paedophile on my street. The moment it was confirmed to me that there was one it would just be a matter of time before he had to move on. I would not compromise on that position and no matter the pressure from authorities or anyone. Not stating that I’d go in a commit murder, but I would think of every legal and psychological way of getting this threat out of my community.

The longer he took to go the more I’d ramp it up. I’d even be prepared to calmly tell him from the get go that it would be best for him to go that very day and not try to sit it out. I’d do it alone or if I needed to I would canvas and mobilise local backing. Either way I would not relent nor take one step back until that threat had gone.

The same would apply if I found out there was a convicted rapist, a convicted animal sadist or someone who’d been convicted of possessing child abuse material. All of them would HAVE to go. I wouldn’t wait for another neighbour to start the process, I wouldn’t consult the police for guidance, the process would begin the second I found out and the process would end when they were packing their bags.

This is my own personal standard for what I will not knowingly tolerate in my midst. I have removed a convicted sex offender once before and that was years ago. I could easily do it again and so very much better.

(If a man in this shirt cares about the streets then so should you)

This should also be the basic standard for every good man and women and in every community across the country. Inevitably it begs the question – wouldn’t that mean that I’d be driving that offender out of my area and simply into another area? Well it would if the people in the next community do not apply the same basic standard and tolerate their presence.

If they do similar to what I would do then he will move on again and again and again. Not only will this definitely demoralise him, but pretty soon a new culture would sweep the nation in which communities were noticeably driving these people out, time and again.

They would eventually become absolutely ostracised from all and any community and much less able to settle in, win trust and pick their next victim. They’d always have their case half packed. If this became the new community norm across the country then you would eventually and slowly put the state in a very awkward situation indeed.
You see, they very much DO want you to quietly and passively accept all such types in your community and they want you to shut up about it.

They bend over backwards to disallow you from knowing to start with. Authorities are even prepared to flat out LIE to neighbours about the true identity of who they have living near them. They already did it once with Frankish, first claiming to a neighbour that he didn’t live at a given address, then conceding that he had but wasn’t there, before their lies fell down like a house of cards and they were shown to be deceiving people all along.

Make no mistake or error – your local authorities and various Government bodies absolutely want to covertly keep these predators living near YOU and YOUR children and loved one’s. And when it ends in tragedy? Well its not the children or loved ones of the people that covertly placed the predators there who suffer. Its yours. As ordinary people.
If you foster a new culture in which such creatures are rejected by every community they go to, a culture in which they become unemployable and unable to slither back into the gloom, then you are going to eventually force a huge nationwide debate.

Look – if some stupid idiots in clown suits can dominate the press this past week then a growing phenomenon of community expulsion for these threats would soon garner national and probably international recognition.

It would need to become the new standard, a habit, a new development in British society. Its really not as hard as you think, all it takes is really one determined person from any given neighbourhood and they can remove the threat. If that was the new national community reaction then you’d have an exodus of human excrement roaming around unable to settle anywhere for long.

In this day and age of technology it is also not hard to network those communities so that they information share. The enemy must always and with no exception be proven and convicted though. You can legitimately wish to have such predators removed if they are proven to have committed the offences. You cannot act against anyone based on rumour and supposition.

There must be proof that they carried out the offences and that proof must have been tried and found to check out in a court. Rumours and stories about a suspected abuser should always be reported to the police to start the process off.

Here’s the big problem you’d cause for the state if you fostered this new culture of community expulsion on an organised and nation level. Their game would be up. For their game to work they absolutely relied on the public to just sort of quietly accept it or be kept ignorant. They also relied on the public not getting organised and asserting themselves.
Only through maintaining that could they keep getting away with placing this filth near people you love. Putting your children at risk. Putting your wives, girlfriends, pets at risk.

Yet their entire system would be in total ruins if we people did indeed adopt this simple principle of relentless community rejection for those that we cannot have live among us. Things would eventually come to some sort of critical mass. Now the Government would be forced into a crisis situation in which people were not going to stop driving the beasts out and no matter what. There would be far too many people doing it for the Government to intimidate or undermine.
From a public relations perspective it would also be utter suicide for the Government or police to come out in defence of the beasts against the people. If anything it would only serve as a recruitment tool for more people.

This one simple tactic (repeated over and over, by communities nationwide and for a period of say one year) would trap officials and people in high office.
That is an absolute given not a guess.

You would as a nation eventually push the situation to the point where you had them trapped. For once YOU would have them paying attention to and wanting to serve YOU (and not this bizarre dynamic we have right now in which they act as aloof royalty). You would now have this massive bargaining chip – that being that the state would very much like the new phenomenon to end. They’d want to do something to appease people so that they would consider taking the foot of the community expulsion gas. And at that exact moment you would find that people would then step forward who would indeed enter into talks and broker a deal for the nation. Some might even be existing politicians who would see the tide is turning and wanted to swim with it.

For once they would want to hear from you since if they did not seek to appease the people then they realise their would be no end to the phenomenon of community expulsion. This would place you (as people) in a very strong position indeed.
On the back end of a societal shift like that you could likely get them to agree to a whole raft of new and overdue changes across the board, and not merely restricted to animal abusers. You could literally force them to lock rapists up for longer, lock child abusers up (always), lock animal abusers up (always), you could likely force them to add time to whatever the current maximum is for those different offences and you could probably broker far stricter measures of monitoring and public transparency from them.

They would absolutely rather make massive concessions and give all of that than start to lose control (which they are addicted to). They would much sooner save their own professional skin and give all of that than they would to risk inflaming the public further and being ruined.

They naturally would not fold on day one of this new phenomenon. At first they would attempt to ignore or downplay it. This would work only for a short time. When they could no longer do that they would condemn and criticise it. When they saw that only made things far worse then they would switch feet and eventually arrive at appeasement.

This is really quite a small country. An island. If community expulsions became a thing in this country and people didn’t surrender their stance then you must see that the authorities would eventually have to relent and they would have to create a safety valve – that means they’d be ready to trade and trade big.

Its an entirely reasonable thing for anyone in any community to do. It is entirely logical and reasonable why you would not want to endure clear threats living near you. The state are robbing you of free association by forcing you to live among these people and they are definitely placing your children and your loved ones at risk.
Anything that doesn’t accept that can ONLY be a force for good.
You dont even need be a ‘member’ of anything as such, just a man or women that gets up and says “As of this day I am not accepting the following in my community”. An oath to yourself if you will. Just write down the most obvious category of offender that you rationally cannot accept among you. Base it on risk factor and the nature of the offences. Factor in any sentence they were given. You should now have a concise list of offenders that no sane human being would want among them, nor should they be tricked or forced into being among them.
(Just think like this)

It creates an absolute headache for authorities when just one or two of these offenders are exposed. Can you imagine how they’d choke on their own bureaucracy if community expulsion became a national thing? They would only be able to save their own system one way – by very quickly holding a series of high priority meetings after which they would effectively come to you with the first set of concessions they wanted to offer.

You absolutely do not need to risk throwing your own life away while doing it. That’s why we have always advised that chimping out and engaging in some sort of violent revenge isn’t the way to go at all. Only if you were personally under threat or attack should force be required here. Criminal violent acts only give authorities a stick to beat you up with and present you as a violent mob. And you do not want that because you HAVE the moral high ground. Why throw it away?

(Leave emotionally led actions to these guys)

Community expulsion simply means making it known that a given offender is NOT welcome, never will be welcome, and needs to move on. There are so many effective ways to do this without ever going right off the scale. What you really should be looking to do is just reject and expel these threats on entirely reasonable grounds and then growing that into the new standard. Always keep them moving. Always keep an eye on their activity. Never be afraid to speak to others and tell them what they have living among them. Never be prepared to be beaten down and accept that you “have to” have them among you.

One of the most favourite and successful methods of Governments is to simply wear you down. That’s why they have ten year public inquiries into things that end nowhere. You can very easily flip that around and wear them down. I’ve just laid out how to do it and all it needs after that are people to see it as a duty and do it. That’s how you’d very quickly turn it into something that swept the nation. Once it started making the news it would be game on.

I don’t see these methods as an “operation”. Nor do I even see them as something at all exclusive to OF. This is not our responsibility, it is really anyone and everyone’s. In actual fact I wouldn’t even call it a ‘method’. I would better describe it as a new state of being, a conscious decision to be part of that nation wide development.

That is how you make a slogan a reality.

It begins when the individual starts.


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