SJWs Attack Cat Sanctuary

Hey, Phil here.

I already knew SJWs hated animals.  The sight of a vegan recipe video on Facebook is enough to make hipster metrosexuals rage in the comments section.  And 99% of the time someone berates us on Facebook, it’s the politically-correct language police.

However, SJWs have now reached a new low, by victimising animals directly.  In an act of hate, violence and intimidation inspired by Black Lives Matter, criminal gang ‘Defend Our Hoodz’ targeted the charity Blue Cat Café in Austin, Texas.

At face value this appeared to be a racially motivated attack, based on the fact that a white person had renovated a defunct building previously owned by a non-white person.  When we dig deeper though, we find out that the group attempted to starve the cats to death by supergluing the sanctuary doors shut.  Furthermore, they e-mailed their favourite photos of dead cats, and for some reason, dead pigs to the sanctuary owner.

For a demographic who claim to campaign against hate and prejudice, SJWs exclusively demonstrate these characteristics.  Animals are easily the most hated, most victimised minority group in society.  If anyone needs a ‘safe space’, it is them.  Name one other minority group in the UK whose members were buried alive with a nail stuck in their head, set on fire, or repeatedly thrown down the stairs and stamped on- There are none.  Prejudice and discrimination against animals is even taught to children from a young age- That it’s ok to exploit and kill certain species.  Children are otherwise born with a natural interest in and fondness of animals.

One thing I always notice about animal abusers is they always have enough motivation to act out their intentions.  If SJWs are fuelled by enough hatred to leave their house and terrorise a cat sanctuary, why can’t the so-called “animal lovers” of our society be persuaded to advocate on behalf of animals?

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