Okay fam, it looks like we’re not going to have sufficient beans to do the tank.  It was always going to be a push to be honest.  These sorts of things do get costly when you add haulage to the hire and then the signage.  It also tends to be the sort of thing that is featured on TV, but we have to work within the means that we have.

No use us giving birth over it.  It is what it is.  We are where we are.  I suspect that if we want to do bigger and better that we may have to either canvass for a wealthy backer or wait until such a time that a larger % of the public are serious about wanting to get stuff done.  Until either of those things happen we’re just going to have to work within the narrow margins.  There’s nothing else for it.

It’s not the end of the world so I wouldn’t sweat it.  We’ll just have to think of an alternative that’s within our budget.  At the end of the day victory doesn’t rest on any one action but more an accumulation of multiple actions.

What will we do instead?  We’re not sure yet, but the last time we had to flush something we replaced it with something better in my opinion.  We’ll cut you in as soon as we figure it out.  We already have one or two ideas so there will be a fix soon enough.  We’ll do the very best thing that we possibly can afford.

When all is said and done we can only work with the people that are in our society.  If it so happens that too many people are too distracted by media, games, or any number of other things then there’s not a lot we can do about that.  If it so happens that we have a very hedonistic and self-indulgent society then there is nothing we can do to alter that in time.  It’s not like we can go out and ship a different society in.  This is the only one we have.

There’s no use us soaking our knickers and my thinking “If only we had A, B and C this could be over in a year”.  We don’t have B and C (so to speak).  We’ve tried to get B and C for months but we cannot, so we have A.  Doesn’t mean to say we wont have B and C in the future.  Things change all the time.  Unexpected good things can occur.  They have before and they will again.
Our spiritual leader in this holy war.

I also look at it this way.  Very often in history things had to get worse before they got better.  I wish it were not the case and that mankind didn’t let it have to get to that but we seem predisposed to it, time and again.  It would be preferable if we didn’t allow the rot to set in or, if it set in, to fast eliminate it.  Far too late for that now.  Way too late for prevention and way too late for a few superficial tweaks.

Here’s a harsh reality that it’s already too late to prevent – 2017 will see a record number of cases, not merely the number but the macabre nature.  I would love to be wrong but it would be ignoring all evidence to the contrary.  This massive wave is coming next year no matter what.  Even with a vault of gold we would not be able to stop that now.

I’m sorry if that sounds grim but it is the reality and you must know that.  The only reason to think otherwise would be blind hope based on nothingness.

However, as I have said, sometimes before there is light there must be darkness.  Things often must get worse before they get better.  Again looking at history, when people have truly reached a point of desperation that is when they are most likely and willing to roll up their sleeves.  When they finally feel as if things are so out of control that they have nothing to lose.

Therefore, as bad as things are sure to be in 2017, it is feasible that people will reach that tipping point at which stage they are prepared to get serious and real.  It’s a shame that it will take a whole mass more victims and situations but we are a very abundant society.  Even the poorest in our society aren’t all the way poor that they are eating rat.  There’s nothing wrong with abundance but when it gets out of control (as it has in Britain), then it becomes disabling.

Let’s be honest – a typical 18-30 year old would rather spend three figures on some phone made in China than donate to anything like this.  The average person would sooner spend seven hours queuing up for the new iPhone rather than offer up seven hours free labour to a good cause.


This is just the unfortunate reality of where we are at.  I’m just honest about it.  I get that most people want a safer and better society but they don’t want to personally invest in it.  I get that most people want massive changes to law and punishment but they don’t want to personally do the work.  They just sort of want it to happen by itself.  Somehow.

It won’t though, things will just get even worse and worse.  I’m not sure how bad it will need to get but we’ll get there in the end.  Sooner or later things will become so degraded that the good people will wake up from their slumber and realise that there is nothing official is protecting them or advocating for their interests.

At the exact moment they realise how alone and open they are they will panic and then want to get serious about effecting change.  When there is too much abundance and excessive hedonism then even causes become extensions of that decadence.  A perfect example are concepts like “Comic Relief”.  I do not believe that the majority of people who make a donation or who virtue signal about that are truly sincere in their actions.  I am not even convinced that the ‘celebs’ that hop on board are sincere in their motives.  But with mass media reach and a large audience happy to lap it up, they can pass all of this off as benevolence.

At least we know those who gave to us are definitely sincere.  At least we know that we’re not doing this because either of us want to revive a flagging pop career.  In all truth I would rather hold onto that than trade it for the opposite.

Stay tuned.  We’ll look in our big bumper book of tricks and find something that’s effective.


One thought on “Beans

  1. Very Sad to hear this. Please don’t get disheartened. The fundamental objectives of this group are not only important but inspiring. I truly think you will make progress and achieve these objectives where no one else has and drive change towards the soft animal abuse laws . This is your legacy.


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