The Winds Of Change Are Blowing…

Over these next 7 days there are going to be some very radical changes to how we do things.

This change is vital and long overdue. An open FB in which we were honest and transparent has not been a benefit to us overall.
In actual fact it has cost us more than any gains we’ve made.

Makes no odds if we have 3,000 likes or a status with a 20,000 reach. If its not translating into anything worthwhile then its merely numbers. The vast majority of our funders came on in the early days and have more or less been the same people ever since.
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a wide reach attracts more funders and labour.

It patently does not for if it did we’d have found that by now. In actual fact I think it can unwittingly have the opposite effect – people eventually treat it as some sort of specialist news page. They may read it. They may be shocked at material or something. But all the evidence points to the fact that it translates to nothing except for a lot of commenting, a lot of venting, a lot of empty and laughable threats aimed at abusers who aren’t even reading.


There is absolutely nothing we can do, create or offer out that changes this. We have tried it all and then some. We’ve done a series of excellent works and promoted them heavily. They do get likes and shares but likes and shares are not labour and capital. Those likes and shares do not translate to more people offering us backing and labour. This has never changed and has always been the case.

We were in the regional and national press multiple times in the summer. We ran all the stories on here and they were shared and they were liked. At no time did it bring in more backers and labour. The public craved knowing where the brothers were so they could alert their community. On about six separate occasions we offered out an expose. They received many likes and many shares – but not once did any of them bring in more labour or funding.
We used to lead with a lot of crisp visuals. Yet these were never intended as tinsel because the guy making them had nothing better to do. They were for practical use. I’ve lost count of the number of visuals and posters that were put out there with the simple instruction to print off and use (or something).
The facility was vastly under used to the extent it became something nice to look at only.

Just as we cannot expect two or three people to carry the costs for something, we cannot ask a person to devote time to creating good visuals if they aren’t going to be used. If people don’t use a thing as intended when laid on a plate then there is no use offering it out all the time when it takes a person time to do them.

It is extremely hard for someone to remain motivated if their work is not being used as was intended. It becomes very hard to keep that person(s) motivated. Even on occasions in which a piece got lots of views and compliments there was never a time that it led to new people offering their labour or funding.
We have frequently asked for people’s labour among that 3000. We can count on the fingers of one hand with fingers missing those who offered it and did it. We ran a post with a 7,000 reach this past week and at the time it attracted two new donators.

That’s what six months of this model has NOT brought us. Here’s what it most commonly and notably brought us.

Having lost our first ever page and with a mind to do a project aimed at schools (leading with a pilot scheme), we ask again and again for people to keep that in mind when posting.

This has always been ignored and we are not going to waste time any more. We don’t have time to repeat and we do not have time to edit the wall all the time.

We even had to action the swear filter because people just cannot put a point across without peppering it full of this and that. We should not need to be actioning a swear filter under the circumstances. People should be able to exercise self control and respect for what we want to do. But we did need to action it and we spend time every week having to clean up the comments section.
This is why a number of newspapers have taken to shutting their section down – people totally abuse the facility you give them. Its easy to sit back and expect us to edit and moderate everything as well as everything else but unless you’re the one having to do it you cant know how much of a boring hassle it is. All the time.

When we have been an open page and open people it has only damaged us and damaged the cause and enabled the brothers.

When we met with the TV people it was absolutely imperative (for them and for us) that our real ID was kept out of the light. Crucial. Part of the reason was that it wasn’t just going to be a docu it was going to be an undercover sting operation done by the makers.

This would have been seen by millions (no stretch). This would have put Andy, Danny, Baby and the case for law changes right in the public living room. What happened? Someone’s emotions get triggered and they decide to give out our names to every sadist and predator out there. There was no possible way we could do it after that. Not only had she ruined it from their production perspective but she had put as at personal risk of exposing ourselves to millions (when we were going to disguise our ID). That is the reward we get for being an open and transparent FB page that does good and wants to make lasting change.

They think those things damage us personally but they do not. What they do damage is any chance you have of stopping this insane sadism and getting these demons under lock and key.

With an open page we are ‘rewarded’ by people who have habit of trying to destroy or deconstruct things before they are even born.

Since having an open page brings us no visible extra financial backing and labour it makes absolutely no logical sense at all to keep on as we are and expect a different set of outcomes. We’d only be here in a year saying the same thing.

There are times when our best financial backers and supporters have been almost scared to comment in case they get leaped on by people that have never contributed anything at all.

There have been times when people from other pages have rocked up and only to attack some of our longest and best financial backers. We are then duty bound to sort that drama out when we wake up to it (as well as trying to run a campaign).

We simply do not have the will or time for ANY of that. If anyone has time for that then they clearly do not think the problems are that serious.

(May not gel with us)


If it were bringing in a good number of new donations and more pairs of hands then it would nearly be bearable. But since it does neither of those things then it is imperative that we migrate to a new model.

Here’s what it will come down to once we are set up and good to go. Those who are serious will have an easy chance to come with us. Those who are not serious and who are internet Rambo’s, trolls, agitators and stuck on venting and rage – they can go find another platform to do that on. We wish them well in their quest.

In the meantime what we will be doing is very clear.

(We’ll be caging the beasts)


We’re going to make Britain ‘great’ Britain. We’re going to formulate a manifesto, it will be a good one, everyone will love it.

We’re going to take advantage of the political chaos that exists in most parties and we’re going to take advantage of Brexit. We’re going to get electronic tagging scrapped on the grounds of it being a costly fail. We’re going to get home curfews scrapped for the same reason.
Justice does not mean making G4S shareholders rich.
We’re going to demand that the money spent doing that is spent locking these predators up and for longer. We’re going to demand a national register. It will be the best national register in Europe. We’re going to insist on mandatory prison for such offenders and wont accept anything less.

(We will secure a future in which all dogs are this happy)

England has among the weakest penalties in Europe. Even Scotland gives 12 months and not 6 as the maximum. Not great but twice as good. That’s going to end as well. We’re going to get some new sentences in place, they will be rational but they will be tough.
We’re going to educate the young. If you want to change a culture then you have to reach the very young. Free from the “Muh burn them and chop their legs off” crew we will be able to progress with that. We’re going to making Britain great by making it good again.
We’re going to form a think tank aimed at reducing the numbers of dogs bred and raising the standard and responsibility of the owner. We will convince the mothers who are not pet owners that animal abusers blur into child abuse. Then we will do the same with fathers and raise their ire. When they look for an answer we will be there.

(We will fight for a more moral and just future for children)



We’re going to encourage people by example to be bold and audacious and take back their neighbourhoods. We’re going to show people that taxation is theft, esp if taxation is being used to keep these human WMD’s at large.


We will build a new site, a great site. We’ve discussed it and we want a sharp minimalist look that mainly showcases our past and future works. When people Google us in the future they will see our work and understand our history and aims. Any time we do a project people will be drawn over to the site. They can read our work and see our work but there is really no purpose to entertaining people who are foaming at the mouth, even if it is the punks that they foam at.
We’re going to make this a showpiece site that will be used as a promotional tool. We’re even prepared to pay someone to build it to our wishes.
We’re going to form a sub group. It will for all intent and purposes supersede the open page. Only it will be many times leaner and more productive. I can test new ideas out to a sampling of people I respect. We can speak and write freely without the tone being lowered by the Torture Them All Gang. Anyone that has donated before is automatically invited. No matter what they’ve donated, all is relative. Anyone that has made stuff or done work will be invited. Any time we do an event or get into the press the people can still find us on FB. They just wont be able to freely see what we write and do. They would be able to see everything in all of its majesty on our site though. And if they wanted to donate or offer us their labour? Great. Then the invite would extend to them as well. In this way you eventually end up with a group of people who have proven that A) They are prepared to roll up their sleeves or B) They were prepared to put their money where their mouth was. It will be far leaner, more productive and more efficient. We will log on every day knowing that everyone there is a serious person that has shown that they are. We believe it will foster a greater sense of real community and mutual respect.


2 thoughts on “The Winds Of Change Are Blowing…

  1. Fantastic read OF! Wishing you well in all your endeavours to deal with scum like the Frankish brothers and make the authorities sit up and take notice, dishing out more appropriate sentences! Unfortunately trailblazers like yourself are always undervalued because you come at it from a different perspective. If a lot of money ever came my way YOU would be at the top of the list for some of it! GOOD LUCK in all that you do!


  2. Having read today’s post “The Winds of Change Are Blowing…” and with the benefit of hindsight, I’m not surprised. The changes make a lot of sense however as a “supporter” it made extremely uncomfortable reading and I’m deeply saddened to hear some of the factors leading up to the change. In particular, the TV production not going ahead (which would have undoubtedly gained huge visibility and benefited the Operation Frankish campaign for law changes more than any other campaign or event) and that your IDs were exposed putting you at personal risk, is devastating news.

    Migrating to a new model is brave and could be the way forward, others may follow. I think and hope that it will foster a greater sense of community and mutual respect (and that I will be part of it) You are right to ask for tangible commitment from your supporters, whatever the contribution, we too need to be brave, have more conviction and step up if we are truly serious about change.

    Onwards and Upwards


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