Love your people, destroy the parasite….

Any time there is a story of child or pet abuse I could lay money on at least one person (and its usually more) saying how humanity is the most disgusting species on the planet.

I understand the despair in their sentiment but I don’t agree with it. The reality is more like this. Human society is simply an extension of wider nature. We are not separate from it we are very much a part of it. Contrary to the often mawkish and twee perception we might project onto nature the truth is that nature is ruthless and unforgiving. Nature itself does not care concepts like morality, ethics and values. The wild animals that we often have a Hollywood style notion of are actually dangerous, aggressive and often brutal.

Our species is just an extension of that, but owing to the fact we have large brains and the capacity to imagine we have created concepts like morality, ethics etc. Thats not a species to be hated, thats a unique species that should be admired for its greatness.

However, we do remain a part of wider nature and that means that within our species you have predators and parasites. The nature of the human predator is in line with most other predators – they target the weak and the vulnerable.
Sometimes predators hunt and sometimes they are opportunists who rely on stealth. Either way they are natural born predators and they very much exist in the human species just as they do in nature itself.

The same is true of the human parasite. The function of a tic is to find a host, drain all the goodness it can from it and then fall off. If an animal was infested with parasites then it would grown weak and perhaps die. The parasite almost never benefits the host, it is an entirely one way relationship.
Regardless of how distinct we are as a species and irrespective of how evolved the civilisation there is no reason to think that both the predator and the parasite wouldn’t exist among our own species.

The good news is that in terms of the parasite the host is always stronger and bigger than the parasite itself. If it is able to rid itself of the parasite then the host begins to get stronger almost right away. When applied to human society what this means is that you always seek to shake off those who are parasitical in their nature.

Start a small business, employ ten people and sooner or later you will get unlucky and take on someone that undermines the other workers and the general office atmosphere. That person is a parasite exhibiting parasitical behaviours. They are feeding off the negativity they create and they are giving nothing positive back to the host. I use this as an example and, of course, the only real action that business owner should take is to weed out the parasite sooner rather than later and hand it its P45.

Predators are somewhat of a different thing. A predator is not always a parasite as well. In nature even predators have enemies though. Predators in nature are very often hunted themselves. The issue in nature comes when a given predator has no natural enemy that hunts it. Then it just becomes totally dominant. This is what you cannot allow to happen in human society, you cannot allow the predators to become the dominant force.

The problem is that that we have though. At this point in time the predators are the dominant force and why? Because in a society we have constructs that are meant to serve as bulwark against these predators and they are woefully failing in their duty. MP’s, police, social services, the courts – all of those things are meant to be the hunters who hunt those who hunt the vulnerable. But they are collectively under performing badly and that is why predators currently dominate this society.
(Fire ants. Dominant in regions where they were not native due to having no natural enemy strong enough to stop them)

This is a totally unacceptable situation but what can be done? There are FAR more predators out there than there are people like me that are devoted to their destruction. I only wish there were as many people that wanted to hunt them as there are predators – if that were the case then none of them would have anywhere to go or anywhere to turn. But thats not the case and its not going to be.

The means DO exist to do it though. All the tools exist already its just that our Governments are too weak to use them. But the tools ARE there. We have Government ministers who do have the power to push through policy change. The courts CAN be given a new set of far tougher powers together with an obligation to use them. Despite budget cuts we still have a large police force nationwide and for an island this size. They have access to the very best technology and they hold special powers that we as citizens do not hold (like being able to snoop on suspects e communications, or seizing devices). We also have what is seen as one of the best intelligence networks in the World.
There is absolutely no reason at all why, through the use of those tools, we could not very easily become the World’s toughest country when it came to dealing with these vile predators of the vulnerable.

This is also an island nation. A predator cannot just walk across a border and escape. We could have them all trapped with enough political will. All you’d need do is issue a law that disallowed them from leaving the country by way of removing their passport. Then you have them all trapped here. When you have them trapped you can then have a situation where a Government with a new political will can just give the orders that these predators are to be hunted down and taken down. You then have courts that issue the convicted with hard prison time and for a long time.

It all comes back to that political will that I often speak of. No Government has ever had it, if they had it then … it would visibly exist.
The answer is clear – they must be persuaded, nudged, shamed and pressured into finding the political will.


Operation Frankish Christmas Plans Revealed

I have been keen to stress of late that what we all need is a strong finish to the year. Not only would this boost morale among the people but that momentum would carry right on over to the new year.

I really believe that 2017 can be our year. Parliament has existed for 800 years and in all that time the best we ever got was to give home curfews and fines to convicted abusers. And while prison is sometimes used it is not used as an option nearly enough and not for long enough.
If our collective efforts and will could lead to sentences measured in years then we’d have made more advances in this situation than at any other time in the history of this country.

That is why a strong end to the year is key.

But what does a strong end to the year really mean? Its very simple. A strong end to the year is that which is most likely to gain your cause most exposure on a national and perhaps international level. A strong end to the year would do that and it would also get a new wave of people talking about this situation. That is what a strong end to the year would translate to.

There’s more though. Since this is a British problem it requires presence across Britain.

This is what we’ve been quietly trying to piece together for the past couple of weeks and I now believe we can do just that and it will all be achieved inexpensively.
We have all the costs now and we can do this with the existing funds we have – less a mere £190 short. But since £190 is not going to derail us then I think we can safely say it can be done.
This won’t be one operation. It will be three. There won’t be a long gap between them. They will be sequential.
December 3rd – Manchester
December 10th – Glasgow
December 17th – Cardiff

Three major British cities.
That’s the when. Now to the what. What we did here was reflect back on the past year and ask ourselves what did we do that got the best exposure and for the best value. The answer was obvious and irrefutable. Beyond all doubt and question the thing that achieved that was the plane that we commissioned and had flown. Nothing else came close and the video for that still circulates in press articles to this day, from time to time.

So here’s what we have done. We’ve reached back to what was most value for money and what triggered most exposure and we have put it on steroids.

We are going to create three campaign messages, one for each city. We are going to commission the plane and on December 3rd we will have it fly to the home ground of Man City who play Chelsea that day. It is totally irrelevant if you know nothing about football. What is relevant is that this game has a noon kick off as it is live on TV. In fact it is live on TV across the world.

Believe me, the viewing figures for a show piece game like that are several million. On this occasion we wont fly it in ten mins into kick off. Instead we will fly it in ten mins before kick off. Our aim is not to interrupt the game but to raise mass awareness and evoke comradeship among the people. Man City v Chelsea is probably one of the biggest fixtures in all of European and British football.


(Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium)

There is almost no way this can fail to prompt publicity in the days that follow. And a mere 7 days later on the 10th of the month? We will do it again, this time in Glasgow and with a modified message. We will take the plane over Ibrox stadium ten mins before Rangers v Hearts. This game isnt live but there will still be 45,000 inside the ground. Scotland is also a small country and the press are on things like this more easily. Not to mention the fact that by the 10th this fixture will enjoy the momentum started by the Manchester one.


(Ibrox stadium, Glasgow)

And then we will wrap it up in Cardiff on the 17th with yet another modified message. Cardiff will benefit from the momentum now created in Manchester and then in Glasgow.


(The Cardiff City Stadium)
By doing this we should be able to orchestrate a whole new tsunami of media and social media coverage while also putting a stamp across the country to demonstrate that its a nationwide issue. This will then create that energy that can carry forward into 2017 and it will add heat and light to any bill in Parliament.
It will also lead beautifully into our campaign for 2017 in which we plan to foster relations with powerful clubs across Britain as well as their national associations. If there can be a ‘Give Racism The Red Card’ campaign, I see no reason why we cannot engineer a ‘Animal cruelty is foul’ campaign (that’s just an example title).

Done properly you’d have high profile players adding their weight to it and in doing so their fans would as well. This also taps heavily into males 17-40, a demographic that are not always as on the case with this as they should and could be. They can be. We just need to socially engineer it in a way that speaks to them.

The only possible spanner in the works would be adverse weather. Its not that the games are postponed, its the flying conditions. But there’s no use worrying over that since we cannot control the weather. If one game wasn’t possible then we’d work around it as we always do.


Here’s a fun trivial fact – if you’d put just a fiver on Leicester to win the EPL, Brexit to happen and Trump to win the election then you’d be a cool ten million richer today!
Here’s what that all proves though. It proves beyond all doubt that major surprises can and do occur. In fact there are probably more massive surprises that occur now than at any time in my life. I think a lot of this is down to the internet, social media and alternative media.

There was a time when we had three TV channels, a few newspapers and not much else. Its fairly easy to control a narrative and keep public opinion in line if that is all there is. However, the last decade or so has seen a great shift. Trust in the MSM in the US is down to around 7% the last time I looked. Viewing figures for big cable news networks are not what they once were. And most printed newspapers are struggling financially. I am heartened by that and by the fact that in this day and age its possible for anyone to offer a counter narrative which can be reached and read by many.

There have been times in the past year that one status has drawn in 30,000 views. That’s about as many copies of an evening newspaper for a good sized city. People are in a good position right now as we no longer need rely on corporate and established media to tell us what to think. We can research it for ourselves, draw our own conclusions and share those conclusions with many.

This fully explains why you are starting to see these outcomes that the media and pollsters fail to see coming. They’ve become out of touch, cumbersome and behind the curve.

Never before have we had the opportunity to reach so many and so easily with a message. That’s why I don’t waste my internet time posting pictures of what I had for lunch and use all of it for the campaign and to give you a cautious message of hope for the new year.

The spirit of change is in the air.

Professional politicians and MSM have been too entitled and too comfortable for too long. There is NO doubt that for reasons of self preservation they are going to have to adapt and change. This is good since it means those in our Government are going to be more receptive to what we all want more than at any time in the past.
Talk may be cheap and yet, when you have Liz Truss quoted in the press and speaking how she did then this is not worthless. Compare her words to those of her predecessor, Michael Gove. The difference is night and day. And she only took up that role this year. There are other Tory MP’s that intend to support that bill and that’s a good thing. Ministers in Government have additional advantages over those who are not. However, this is one of those rare things that should transcend party politics and differences. This is something that should really unite ministers of all parties.

Parliament was established in the year 1215. That’s over 800 years ago. Eight centuries later our present laws carry a maximum of 26 weeks for those convicted of the most extreme animal abuse.

Now consider this. It was the Frankish case that mainly served as a catalyst for what followed this year. There were a few other shockers but that one stood out. It served as the lightening rod for our very existence and for that Parliamentary bill.
Let’s go forward a year or two for now. Let’s say we are sitting here and the sentences are now four or five years with a mandatory component built in to ensure a custodial sentence. 800 years to get to 26 weeks. Potentially 12-24 months to take it to four or five years. Just have a little think about that the next time you feel down in the dumps.

With that in mind it is important that the most is made of the time that exists between now and February. We absolutely cannot rely on the establishment alone, after all, its relying on them too much that led to it taking 800 years to get to where we are now! While it is certainly good to have a few MP’s who have been vocal and while it is good to hear Liz Truss speak such strong words, it would be a monumental error to relax, loosen your collar and think its all in the bag now. Far from it. Things are heading in a good direction but it is absolutely vital that those outside of Parliament do their part – that means the people.

What we want is an end to 2016 that is relentless, strong, bold and leaves people in a positive frame of mind going into Christmas Day. What we want is to then have that momentum carry over into the early part of 2017.

With that in mind our last operation of this year shall aim to achieve three things. The first thing it will seek to achieve is the most organic mainstream and social media coverage that’s possible under law and with a limited budget. The second thing it will seek to achieve is national presence (more than one country within the country). The third and last thing it will seek to achieve is to serve as a deliberate segue into an ambitious idea we have for 2017.

This is easier said than done, but we are very close now. We are always faced with logistical challenges, such as there maybe only being three people in Britain able to do a given thing. Then there are always challenges with dates, security issues and a whole bunch of other “behind the curtain” donkey work.

Quite often we must modify and reshape an idea because of such reasons. Other times we have scrapped an idea due to timing or in the case of that tank, a lack of funds. This is okay though because I enjoy having to then try to come up with something potentially better.

The last operation of 2016 that we want to do is now morphing as well. First we wanted to do it three/four times in London on the same day. Impossible. It legally cannot be done there. Not without many thousands of pounds and a great deal of official clearance. That was okay because we then had a better idea – do the same thing but pick on city in England, one in Scotland and one in Wales. It is a nationwide issue after all. Then do it all on the same day. This is also impossible. There are literally about two or three people in the country who are able and one does not work between Dec-March.
It would be physically impossible for one person to be in three places on the same day.

I adapted it. Could they do the idea in three British cities over three different Sat’s in December? Yes they can. So that’s what we are looking at right now. There would be one on the 3rd of next month. One on the 10th. And a third one on the 17th.

All that’s left to do is broker a cost with him that’s within our budget.

I think this three city representation over three weeks in the lead up to Christmas would give us the strongest possible end to the year we could hope for.