Love your people, destroy the parasite….

Any time there is a story of child or pet abuse I could lay money on at least one person (and its usually more) saying how humanity is the most disgusting species on the planet.

I understand the despair in their sentiment but I don’t agree with it. The reality is more like this. Human society is simply an extension of wider nature. We are not separate from it we are very much a part of it. Contrary to the often mawkish and twee perception we might project onto nature the truth is that nature is ruthless and unforgiving. Nature itself does not care concepts like morality, ethics and values. The wild animals that we often have a Hollywood style notion of are actually dangerous, aggressive and often brutal.

Our species is just an extension of that, but owing to the fact we have large brains and the capacity to imagine we have created concepts like morality, ethics etc. Thats not a species to be hated, thats a unique species that should be admired for its greatness.

However, we do remain a part of wider nature and that means that within our species you have predators and parasites. The nature of the human predator is in line with most other predators – they target the weak and the vulnerable.
Sometimes predators hunt and sometimes they are opportunists who rely on stealth. Either way they are natural born predators and they very much exist in the human species just as they do in nature itself.

The same is true of the human parasite. The function of a tic is to find a host, drain all the goodness it can from it and then fall off. If an animal was infested with parasites then it would grown weak and perhaps die. The parasite almost never benefits the host, it is an entirely one way relationship.
Regardless of how distinct we are as a species and irrespective of how evolved the civilisation there is no reason to think that both the predator and the parasite wouldn’t exist among our own species.

The good news is that in terms of the parasite the host is always stronger and bigger than the parasite itself. If it is able to rid itself of the parasite then the host begins to get stronger almost right away. When applied to human society what this means is that you always seek to shake off those who are parasitical in their nature.

Start a small business, employ ten people and sooner or later you will get unlucky and take on someone that undermines the other workers and the general office atmosphere. That person is a parasite exhibiting parasitical behaviours. They are feeding off the negativity they create and they are giving nothing positive back to the host. I use this as an example and, of course, the only real action that business owner should take is to weed out the parasite sooner rather than later and hand it its P45.

Predators are somewhat of a different thing. A predator is not always a parasite as well. In nature even predators have enemies though. Predators in nature are very often hunted themselves. The issue in nature comes when a given predator has no natural enemy that hunts it. Then it just becomes totally dominant. This is what you cannot allow to happen in human society, you cannot allow the predators to become the dominant force.

The problem is that that we have though. At this point in time the predators are the dominant force and why? Because in a society we have constructs that are meant to serve as bulwark against these predators and they are woefully failing in their duty. MP’s, police, social services, the courts – all of those things are meant to be the hunters who hunt those who hunt the vulnerable. But they are collectively under performing badly and that is why predators currently dominate this society.
(Fire ants. Dominant in regions where they were not native due to having no natural enemy strong enough to stop them)

This is a totally unacceptable situation but what can be done? There are FAR more predators out there than there are people like me that are devoted to their destruction. I only wish there were as many people that wanted to hunt them as there are predators – if that were the case then none of them would have anywhere to go or anywhere to turn. But thats not the case and its not going to be.

The means DO exist to do it though. All the tools exist already its just that our Governments are too weak to use them. But the tools ARE there. We have Government ministers who do have the power to push through policy change. The courts CAN be given a new set of far tougher powers together with an obligation to use them. Despite budget cuts we still have a large police force nationwide and for an island this size. They have access to the very best technology and they hold special powers that we as citizens do not hold (like being able to snoop on suspects e communications, or seizing devices). We also have what is seen as one of the best intelligence networks in the World.
There is absolutely no reason at all why, through the use of those tools, we could not very easily become the World’s toughest country when it came to dealing with these vile predators of the vulnerable.

This is also an island nation. A predator cannot just walk across a border and escape. We could have them all trapped with enough political will. All you’d need do is issue a law that disallowed them from leaving the country by way of removing their passport. Then you have them all trapped here. When you have them trapped you can then have a situation where a Government with a new political will can just give the orders that these predators are to be hunted down and taken down. You then have courts that issue the convicted with hard prison time and for a long time.

It all comes back to that political will that I often speak of. No Government has ever had it, if they had it then … it would visibly exist.
The answer is clear – they must be persuaded, nudged, shamed and pressured into finding the political will.


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