Let’s Do It For The Memory Of All The Victims

I’m very pleased with how this trilogy is unfolding. Everything went precisely as it should have on Saturday. There were no issues with weather, we had the presence of mind not to disrupt the minute silence and the Manchester Evening News were asking ‘Marc’ if they could use his clip. We very much appreciated Marc having the presence of mind to both take and then Tweet the clip.

That’s really all it takes to get the ball rolling, a member of the public taking their phone and trying to film it. Not as easy as you might think while jammed inside a stadium, you’re not expecting a plane and you have just a phone. Nice one, Marc.

We’d love to be in a position to share footage that was both longer and clearer but there is no viable way of our doing this that we have yet heard of. We cannot stroll into the ground with cutting edge camera equipment and start filming away. You’re fortunate to be allowed a device inside a stadium at all these days. I was at a game in midweek and they were patting people down before allowing them in. They haven’t yet banned devices but they will do one day as they will be seen as potential missiles (yes, laws that govern football can be that Draconian).

The M.E.N. have been given the permission they wanted to use it. Its up to them but they really should since this is a nationwide issue that very much includes their city (that we are fighting for). We also chose Manchester specially so if I were them I’d certainly run it and easily build a good story around it. I’ve let them know that I’m happy to comment or clarify anything. We shall see.

Either way we go again next Saturday. Since there are only 40 miles between the rival cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh I will alert the press in both and in advance. I’ll add to the local press with the Daily Record, Herald, Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday. That should do the trick.

We probably wont bother spending time Tweeting players on both sides on this occasion. You have to experiment with things and it pretty much proved a waste of time doing it with the City and Chelsea players.

If I had a dedicated team to just Tweet I’d probably do it again, as you can get a different outcome. But since I don’t have that and with less than a week to use, it would not be a good use of time on this occasion. Jane will spend the time she invested doing that doing something probably more targeted.

We now obviously have something to join the Rangers – Hearts game to – and that is the City – Chelsea game. All it takes is for the press to seize it and it soon becomes obvious that all three games are connected. In the age of Lord Google it only takes someone seconds to throw in a key word and everything they need to know is there.

By the time we’ve done the last one in Cardiff it will then be time to wrap up for 2016. Assuming that temperamental weather holds for all three then we will have created a good pathway that will take us into 2017. I want to put this in the eye of the every day guy and not merely those that would usually think about these things. Its by reaching a broader and wider range of the nation that you can start to push the narrative. That’s why I push a populist and simple position.

Absolutely everyone can relate to and resonate with wanting to keep their neighbourhoods safe from predators. And everyone can surely relate to the justice system failing victims, whether those victims have four legs or two. No one likes the thought of offenders of that type swanning out of court free and with no true punishment. No one likes the thought that millions of £ is wasted each year on failed alternative ‘punishments’ like the e- tags and house curfews.

This may just be me but I find it very hard to get very triggered over the new £5 at a time when zoosadists and filth caught in possession of child abuse material are getting one giant free pass. And then they are shielded and protected on the outside. The fact that there are an untold number of very dangerous sadistic abusers is of grave national importance. The new £5 is not.

Throughout history there have been pressure and lobby groups. Those that do best are those with an end game. Our end game is to be part of a transformation that makes Britain the Number 1 Most Rubbish Place To Be For An Abuser. We need to be to these abusers what some nations are to heroin traffickers.

Very few people will cry a machine of tears if the Government cave in and decide to start sending such offenders away for years at a time. There wouldn’t be some sort of huge demo in London in support of such freaks. No one likes them and everyone hates them. They wouldn’t be cobbling together any sort of High Court legal challenge. What would they use to pay the legal costs of challenging such a radical change, their collection of cuckold porn does not count as currency.

I really see no logical or good reason why this should be too big of a deal. The simple fact of the matter is that we cannot have a system that is tilted in favour of the abuser and inherently lenient.

People notice such massive anomalies these days and when they notice them they start talking about them all over the Internet. Then from that you get those that go a step further and start of something like this. This then serves to make people notice it even more by pushing it and pushing it all the time.

The reason why I seek formal support from clubs in 2017 is very simple – it will raise the entire status of the narrative and the debate. I want to create a situation where the Government are essentially cornered and have to choose between sacrificing these beasts and looking good or refusing to do so and looking absolutely brutal.

I want to create a situation where one of the other parties suddenly see an opportunity to raise their stock by making a tough line part of their party manifesto. If the Government don’t then do the right thing there would be another party that would absorb the principles and probably win votes on the back end.

I think we can take advantage of this unique situation of Scotland having its own Parliament, its own Government but also a good number of MP’s in London. I think we can use that situation to the advantage of the goals.

Scotland presently gives a max of one year and not the 26 weeks that exist in England and Wales. Still not sufficient but twice as good. Scotland could go it alone in that legal change if they wanted, but my main goal is to put pressure on their MP’s that serve in Westminster.

They may as well do something constructive down there so why not leap on the moral high ground with this? No one could possibly criticise them for it and even those that didn’t like the SNP would like them for picking up that baton.

There is already on going needle between Sturgeon and the Tories in London. That’s good. We can use that. Neither are exactly deserving of praise right now, not when it comes to being tough on these predators. So we will attack them both publicly and invite a reaction so that we and the public stop attacking them for their weakness.
One of them will eventually find their spirit and cave in to what is a long over due and righteous change. They may even informally compete to be the first.

If the Tories took it on then those changes would likely be put in place all over the country at the same time. If (in theory) the SNP took it on and (example) decided to pass it into Scottish law first then I don’t think it would take long for England to follow suit.

You can never account for every single eventuality in this. Unexpected twists and turns can and do happen. Its a case of agitating things as much as you can and then presenting your fair case. Then its a matter of building it and never taking a step back, never relenting.

I personally see each day as a stepping stone toward the golden age in which Britain will find its morality again and this will be reflected in how hard we punish the criminal abominations that presently act without a care in the World.

Our enemy is truly and literally the very lowest of humanity. They are destroyers. All they do is destroy that which is good and innocent. They have no place being allowed to stroll out of courts and just go back to their life. Those that permit them to do that should ultimately be held accountable.

The truth is out there in the age on the Internet. Its a small world now for abusers of all kinds for their actions now come to light far faster than ever before. Their actions, their names, all of it can now be shared nationwide in a way that would not have been possible just 20 years ago.

You could say that technology is a great leveller in this fight.

The solution is very simple and there is no good argument against it. The only possible way you could make an argument against it would be by way of some sort of slimey legalese that went against the spirit of the law.

The solution to chaos is order. Order is restored by way of taking a hard but fair line on such offences. Five years seems entirely reasonable to me given how damn weird and outright nasty these actions are. At the very least we should be sectioning these people in secure psychiatric units. I honestly don’t care where they lock them up so long as they are locked up, for a long time and are physically unable to be a risk.

No wonder these little brats swagger around in such a haughty manner. They are the biggest weaklings and cowards in the entire country and that is why they do what they do. All cowards are opportunists. They aren’t even clever cowards. Any brain cells they have are usually destroyed by some crap they’ve been hoovering up their stupid nose. They are totally disgusting and always pathological liars with a victim mentality. They deserve no mercy, no clemency and no excuses.

We have tried alternative sentences, liberal sentences and we’ve tried to pander to them. It doesn’t work.
We can see with our own eyes that the only people it works for are the predators themselves. It places everyone else at risk, it undermines any community they sneak into, it also removes your freedom of association since they are foisted into your streets.

Moreover, the fact that they can be given new ID during a sentence they are serving removes your right to know who they are. Anyone can be caught off guard if they don’t know their faces and they are presented with new names. It spits in the face of victims and their actions leave a dark film on our country.

I want my country back from these freaks.

And we shall get it back.

They should enjoy these days while they last.

In the future their joy will be replaced with the cold and harsh reality of being plunged among real hard men … and for years.

We will then have a new generation that will be born and grow up automatically knowing that anything of this kind is serious and liable to cost you big time.

I would be proud to be British in a Britain that finally carried out the will of the public and aspired to be the toughest in all of the West when it comes to this.


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