Frankish Brothers ‘Find God’

It seems that the brothers are finding God or something. Its almost like a walking cliche for the convicted psychopath who wants to trick a whole new bunch of highly gullible people all over again.
Both were in attendance at an open Carol singing event as can be seen in the video link.

Its pathetic to watch really but you have to wonder if those there with children know exactly who they are and what their history is. Let’s not forget that Andy has form when it comes to making vile comments relating to children (as well as everything else).

From this screenshot it seems like an organisation called Sowing Seeds are behind it and that there is some sort of tie in with the prison service. This tie in may be informal or formal, I’ll need to look further into that.


My understanding is that the carol singing was an open invite though.

There’s no use hating on this group. They probably believe they are doing a good thing, but the fact is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. People like those brothers are pathological liars and deceivers. Their lies and deceit cut no ice with the smart and the sceptical, but there are Christian groups out there who literally believe that anyone can be ‘saved’. All the person needs to do is say they accept Jesus as their saviour etc.


I don’t agree with that at all. I do not believe for one second that anyone and everyone can be turned around. I do not think it is possible to turn a sociopath into someone with normal cognitive abilities. I do not think it is plausible to ever ‘cure’ a sadist, not through drugs, not through counselling and not through God.


It would be naive to the point of dangerous to think otherwise. But that’s the danger with the happy clappy brigade that have this come one come all vision. Their naive vision puts others at risk because it tells others, including children, that these brothers are ‘forgiven’. And by God no less. This is what I mean by the road to hell being paved with good intentions.


3 thoughts on “Frankish Brothers ‘Find God’

  1. No way!!! The pair of them are scum!! Nothing else to say about them!! The younger one who videoed the abuse looks like a big fat slob – no job – no life apart from living of the state…….. what a pair of excuses for human beings !!!


  2. Trying to improve their image!!

    Pity they didn’t tap Baby the way he
    taps the drum instead of throwing her down the stairs and jumping on her.

    I hope nobody believes that they have changed their nasty ways – it’s almost laughable – “let’s go to a Carol concert – pretend we are good boys and people will forgive and forget – NO WAY!!!!’

    (Sorry – this is my 2nd e-mail but it had made me angry to see those 2 louts pretending to be “good” boys)


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