Scotland Has Chance To Lead By Example

For the first time since May we will have presence in Scotland tomorrow. Scotland and its First Minister are potentially in something of a unique position here. The SNP have 50+ MP’s who serve in Westminster. That’s where their influence is meant to lie. But Scotland also has its own Parliament and Scotland has its own legal system that does not rely on the English legal system.

Scotland even has an additional verdict over the usual two – the verdict of ‘not proven’. How does Scotland compare to England and Wales on the matter of sentences? Better but not great. I believe it sits at 52 weeks and not 26 weeks. I have a suspicion that those 52 weeks are issued as often as the 26 in England and Wales – not very.

If Scotland wanted to they have the power to set an example for the rest of the country on this. There is nothing to stop them executing their own legal powers and reforms and if they wanted to steal a march on Westminster then they could certainly do it this way. Scotland could increase their sentences from 52 weeks to four or five years and they wouldn’t need to run it past anyone outside of Scotland.

Scotland has very often pioneered legal reform throughout history. There is no reason why it cannot do so again. If Scotland were the first to initiate the change then I feel sure that Westminster would fall in line soon enough. The same would also likely be true if reversed.

I don’t hold a massive amount of time for either the Tories or the SNP. I don’t have much faith in mainstream parties in general. But I do know that the Conservatives are the Government overall and that the SNP are the Government of Scotland. I also know there is little love lost between the two.

My hope is not to ingratiate myself with either party. I’m not interested in banal conversation over a biscuit. My hope is to stir both over the same subject and at the same time. Its an issue that demands being addressed, its one of those rare black and white and long overdue things, and it really cuts right across all politics. I am holding this up as a moral issue to each of these two Governments and I am asking which is going to be the first to do the right thing.

It would be a fail safe position for either to pick up and run with. I have met or spoken to literally no one who believes that the present sentences given are a fair and just reflection of the actions. Perhaps if MP’s went out more often and spoke to ordinary people they would discover the same thing.

Only one MP that I know of has cited that all crucial yet often under reported link between this sort of abuse and child abuse. Why aren’t more MP’s speaking about that link? I don’t think the general public are even fully aware of the crossover that very often exists between the two. I am not convinced that the public are as fully informed about that as they should be.

(Time to stop the chat and get tough on abusers)

I won’t pull out a big block of academic data but from looking into it before someone that does what Frankish did is around seven times more likely be a risk to a person. And since he is weak then that person would need to be a child. I can also tell you that when offenders gravitate from one to the other the method of abuse often repeats. Therefore, if someone like Jack Whiting and his mutant friends were to attack someone then they would most likely drug the victim and try to set them on fire.
Those are the sorts of patterns I found when I spent time reading up on it.
I’ve no figures to hand but I’ve also lost count of the times someone is arrested for ‘child porn’ and they often have animal abuse material as well.


Let us never forget that Frankish himself was not shy to take to the internet and express sick notions about children. He got a free pass for that as well.


See the links and join the dots. There’s no use having the veneer of a civil society if its totally degenerate when you scrape past the first layer. You can only have truly civil society if you are prepared to scrape past the layers, drain out the garbage, and not simply be about the veneer.

There are cities throughout Britain in which this garbage is King. There are areas that are no go zones for anyone other than Chuck Norris. There are areas where good neighbours don’t want to leave the house after dark thanks to mobs of little feral rats who’ve never been socialised or given boundaries. In those cesspits every vile thing imaginable goes on.

The tide is changing on a lot of fronts though. The amount of focus generated from May to December has been extremely good. It is also very good that Anna Turley has her Bill on Feb 24th. Its not all of everything but its something. It is also very good that Liz Truss made some pretty strong comments a month or so back. These are all good signals and signs.

I think there is a real desire and momentum to shine a light on abusers in general. You need only look how a few gutsy victims come forward over historical sex abuse and it creates a cascade effect.

I think there is a genuine and sincere desire among decent British people to see predators get their come uppance. People are tired of such demons hiding in the shadows and now the mood of the day is to take a big light and shine it right into the dark places and reveal the truth and extent of an issue.

Abusers of ALL kinds are like parasites. They are living organisms but they need certain conditions to thrive. They thrive on secrecy. They thrive on targeting victims that won’t or cannot speak out. When you start to remove or disable those conditions you make life a hell of a lot harder for them.

They also thrive on there being a weak or insufficient deterrent and punishment. This is only natural. If you ignored the pain created by an infection then it probably wont magically get better. It may spread and even kill you. It goes without saying that when when it comes to both deterrent and punishment in these matters our Governments past and present have had tiny balls when what we require are big balls.

(We need balls like this)


Let’s stop tip toeing around all these abusers and start using the might that our Governments COULD action.

Being nice and pandering to them does not work, it never has and it never will work. Since we’ve tried that approach for decades how about a new one? How about one that doesn’t pander to them and seek to be nice?

Why do about 80% of those convicted of the most violent acts not get sent to prison where they belong?

Why do over 66% of those convicted of being in possession of child abuse material not get sent to prison?

I would again invite any serving MP to make a sound and appealing argument to keep on doing this. Who benefits? Not the victims. Not the spirit of the law since weak sentences go against the spirit of the law. The offender benefits. And possibly a private company like G4S who have the contract to do home curfews, tagging etc. No one else benefits from this culture of leniency which MUST be smashed.

There are an unspecified number (but its large) of feral beasts that have been encouraged to think they are over and above the law and that societal standards don’t apply to them. They’ve been encouraged by the simple fact that we are as soft as putty when it comes to dealing with them. This past week we had one judge let a child groomer off as he was deemed to be “immature”. Frankish and Frankish were given a home curfew having carried out their act in the home. They were also able to move home about six times during the summer, despite being bound to one address by the terms of the order. They were even given permission to change their names while still serving their pathetic sentence. This same freedom is also applied to any sex offenders serving a suspended sentence. They may have to go on a register, but they can still take on a new name.

It is obvious to all but a fool that this merely serves to allow the offender to be even more chameleon like. No wonder one offender can account for so many victims in a lifetime when its all made so very easy. It is also little wonder that abuses are more prolific and more extreme than ever, that’s the result of too much leniency.

This is not Theresa May’s country and its not Nicola Sturgeons. This is YOUR country. This is your back yard and your city. If you do not want to tolerate the culture of leniency any more then you don’t have to. Don’t feel so beaten down that you think your voice has no impact – it has far more than you think. This is far more of a threat to ordinary people than to the political class with their security and exclusive address. If our Governments have been weak then we don’t need to be weak on this. I honestly believe the average British person wants to see the last of grinning fools slithering out of courts as free men (despite a conviction). I think that is what most dads would want to see happen and I believe its what most mothers would want to see happen as well.

We do not want mob rule. But we also do not want rule by the predator and abusers and that is what we have right now.

British people may often be divided on anything from politics to sport. But I have total faith that they are all united in how sickened they are at the inherent leniency shown time and again toward the very scum of society.

In which case the political class need to listen to that and do the bidding of the people.


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