Two Down And One To Go

As I wrote on a FB status things couldn’t have worked out better for the campaign and the issues than they have.
I cannot call it anything other than a huge success when your case is fairly presented in three newspapers in three different cities and in six days. Not just editorial, but editorial supported by video or photo’s.

For a movement of our size this is huge.



Keep in mind that all we do is grass roots. We do not pay PR agencies to filter our stuff out into the press. If its there then its because its deemed newsworthy and that is good news for the cause and aims as the press are clearly responsive and rightly so.
Mainstream media still shapes the public narrative and the more of it your issue or cause can command then the more the discussion will become a larger part of the public narrative.
I don’t think its unrealistic to suggest that between three newspapers in three major British cities we likely raised awareness among many thousands of new people from both sides of the border. You cannot put a price on that.



There’s probably not a whole lot of use in raising awareness over matters that people are already saturated by. However, what I know for a fact that the public are astonishingly unaware of is the extent of this particular threat and the way it extends out past pet abuse and into other dark and nefarious areas. I know for a fact that the bulk of people aren’t aware how many millions are spent on electronic tagging, nor are they aware that in more than 60% of cases the offender violates the terms. And when they do? They get a warning letter.

I also know for a fact that most people probably aren’t aware how a court ban on pet ownership is entirely useless since it depends almost purely on neighbours informing authorities. But this is not much use when convicted offenders are freely allowed to take on new names and infiltrate an unsuspecting community. This renders a ban entirely redundant.

I also know that the public will be unaware how local authorities commonly house these offenders in B&B’s and branded hotels. We know this to be true since that’s where the brothers were moved about three times – into hotels. We did some digging around and found cases where a women was raped and killed because the local authority had placed a rapist in the hotel and didn’t inform the owner what he was. He had been out two weeks.

By pushing this core issue into the public discourse they themselves will go off and soon discover that there is a whole lot of wrong and a whole lot of corruption going on. Ordinary peoples lives are being needlessly placed at risk because the establishment are inherently weak on those who are predators and sadists. Someone that didn’t pay their taxes on time would be at more risk of seeing the inside of a prison. They would certainly be more robustly pursued.

Nothing better demonstrates where their priorities lie than that. Torturing a little dog to death for kicks? No problem. Caught with thousands of images of category A child porn? Expect a suspended sentence. But dare to be seen to defy the state when it comes to a few pounds and you will soon feel the full force of their wrath. They don’t care about what is a risk to you or what corrodes your community. But try to avoid paying a debt to them and they will come after you like a terrorist.
There are issues that exist out there in the World in which we really don’t have much power. There is not much use expending energy and time over that which you wont change. I never worry about the threat of a nuclear war because if it gets to that stage then there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.
I think we should address that which can we plausibly do something about. We can definitely do something to improve communities the length and breadth of the country. Its really very simple. All you need do is remove all the sadists and predators and start locking them up and not letting them walk free after conviction.

Just being hard core about that one action would be a boost to communities more than any stupid Government programme that is meant to ‘improve the community’ but just becomes a talking shop. If there are less known predators and sadists residing in a community then it is logical that the community automatically becomes safer and better.
We can definitely do something about this. There are already MP’s who have been getting pretty hard core about it. When we stated that we wanted five years right back at the start I thought Anna Turley might publicly go for about two. That’s no sleight on her its just what I expected an MP to open with. But then she went on record as quoting five years as well which shows that aiming for something in that range is not unrealistic.
There would be a chain reaction of benefits if such radical reforms finally ended with sentences the highest they’ve ever been in the history of Parliament. It would beg a brilliant question – since you are now rightfully giving these types of abusers up to five years, you will have to push up the current sentences for those caught with child abuse material. Keep in mind that two thirds of those convicted of having such material do not get prison. I am confident that if you can radically push up the sentences for one class of abuser then this can have a ripple effect on the sentencing for other kinds of abuser. For me they are all cut from the same cloth and with similar basic traits anyway. We need to be a strong country and you cannot be that by being habitually weak on the most disgusting and evil of individuals.

I propose that our Governments and elected officials are totally out of step with the general consensus. I do not think the majority of decent British people like the idea of these sick predators getting off so lightly all the time. I don’t think the British people like the idea that its their tax that goes toward a system that presently frees these beasts to do as they please. Unless the British people have developed some sort of masochist psyche then I don’t accept that they believe such weakness is good for justice and I don’t think they believe it benefits their community.
There are 650MP’s. They all have constituents. Why don’t they knock on some doors and ask ordinary people if these types of predators belong in prison or in a house near them. Once they’ve asked enough of them to be a representative sample – take their findings back to Parliament. That is what they are for.

I wouldn’t be surprised when the overwhelming majority answered that such predators should indeed be in prison and for longer.
Here’s my challenge to all of them. If you have nothing to fear by asking your constituents then why don’t you ask them? They don’t just want you to ask their view at an election.


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