Time Has Been Called On Culture Of Leniency

If I had a strong aversion to abusers then I’d feel happier today than I would a year ago. If I was demoralised by the numbers of abusers getting a free pass then I’d also be feeling a great deal more confident right now. And if I were frustrated at the culture of hyper lenient sentences among judges then I’d also be somewhat happier as I went in to 2017.

We have a very good momentum going here which as intended will carry us into the New Year. We also have at least the beginnings of something we can keep picking away at on February 24th (Standing Order No. 23).

This momentum will increase in 2017.


Everything we do in 2017 will all be about that momentum and ensuring that the general public take this on as part of their common narrative. The more they understand the full implications of the present status quo the more they will be able to relate to it on some level.

They should know (or at least will learn), that I’m not some tree hugging lovie that wants to save the earthworm. Nor is OF.

(I’m not seeing the immediate benefit here)


The people I want to see under lock and key are deeply dangerous and unstable people who are at present laughing in the face of the judiciary and most of all, laughing in the face of the public.

There are only two kinds of people who wouldn’t want that. The first would be those who are themselves defective scum. The second would probably be some sort of social sciences professor that wears cords he buys from Freeman’s catalogue.

(And a sensible range of reasonably priced wind cheaters)

Everyone else would definitely think its weak to routinely let convicted sadists walk free from court and right back into some other unsuspecting community.

The three flyovers over three Saturdays were intended for more than merely an awareness exercise (although in that regard they have probably over achieved!). The intention was always to use the three as a segue into something related that I want to push in 2017. I’ve mentioned what that would be before, and if I managed to pull it off then it would elevate everything onto a whole new level and in whole new ways.
It will be more than possible to do what I want to do. What it required was for the fly overs to go smoothly (which they did). It also required a strong end to the year – which we have. Now that we have those two things I can go forward and pursue what I think will place a whole new emphasis on this.

I have tried to take what is an unpalatable issue for most people and make it possible for people to read about it and stomach it.

The average person could read any of the stories in the Sun, the Manchester Evening News, The Glasgow Evening Times or the Edinburgh Evening news and at least what they’d read is an upbeat situation that is positive.

It raises the awareness, it gets the reach, but people don’t turn away from it because its some macabre horror story with no light at the end of the tunnel. I also think that the articles, while positive, come off in a way that avoids that slightly beaten down effect you might get with more conventional protests.

(You can see the issue with this campaign)


There is nothing simpering and apologetic in our manner toward political figures. We learned from the experiences of those who came before us that no amount of polite letters to MP’s ever triggers a reaction. Nor does it command news interest.

We see no reason why we should pander around those most responsible for running the country. If they are in charge then all those convicted predators that keep on walking free are doing so on their watch. It is that simple. I fully understand that not even May or Sturgeon can just bolt on new laws like some Emperor. But they are meant to be leaders, so why not do some leading?

As Prime Minister and First Minister what they do hold is the most power of anyone to initiate radical reforms. There is nothing to stop either/both from doing that and I am convinced it would prove a popular switch of gears for them.

In all truth it is surreal that we even need to debate this and make the case. This isn’t some issue that is multi faceted and with lots of grey areas. This isn’t asking May and Sturgeon to make respective cases for a single market v not one.

This is surely the most obvious, natural and moral thing we can do – get those convicted abusers and sicko’s off our streets and into prisons. That’s it. Quite why that is too much to ask is beyond me but it obviously is otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation.

If either leader could tell us what benefit to the community such people are then I am happy to listen.
If either leader thinks its a good idea that sadists aren’t sent to prison then I am all ears.
If either wish to tell me the benefits of allowing 80% of the convicted off with a non custodial sentence then I’d dearly love to hear those benefits.
Perhaps a local authority can explain the benefits of housing convicted offenders like Frankish and paying for their rent over and over? Better still, perhaps they can explain it to the person who cannot get a permanent home.

As this year went by we evolved. This is natural and necessary. We shall evolve again in 2017 and again it will be for the better again.

In May we were a fiery little group that were charged up by the recent breaking of the catalyst story. We then went through a phase in which most of the focus was about shining a light on their specific actions alone and their individual sentence. As part of that phase we carried out a public service by allowing people a chance to know what had moved in near them.

Since around September we probably started to move into a new phase. The new phase understood that you cannot hold public and media attention forever with one ageing story. It simply becomes boring to them and loses even shock value.

Going into the new phase required an absolute emphasis on stirring up a public narrative, bringing awareness to the entire issue to a brand new set of people all over the country, and what better time to do that than the lead up to Christmas which is often about spending and binging? What we are doing can be set in stark contrast to that.
One slight change I will make in the New Year is that rather than do a frantic fund raiser for one thing and then there is a big gap as we have no funds, I will instead simply set a budget and fundraise for that. I will then take that budget and get the most out of it that I can in sequences, much as we have done here.

I consider that a far superior method of working and the amounts asked for won’t really change. It does give me far more flexibility though and able to do more.

There’s also a naturally less dark feel to this than there was back in the summer. That feel was necessary then, but it is not required at this stage. There is no need to feel in the dark when in fact we will likely have an excellent chance to push through some hard core legislation in the future. Give it enough of a push and we’ll soon be using the tears of these offenders and their “mitigating circumstances” as aftershave.

I’ll probably always keep the core team small even if people go and people come. It does not take a legion of people to create a whole lot of debate and exposure. It does not take a legion of people to point out how morally wrong the present situation is.

Jane has worked tirelessly over the past two weeks to start gradually developing our long dormant Twitter. This has breathed some much needed life into it, most key of all is being able to Tweet key people directly. Something like Twitter needs one dedicated person to spend time on it. But it is worth it in the end.

I am still looking to add a creative/designer to the mix and believe me I am moving heaven and earth to find just the right person. Many a cold night has seen me walking across the moors with a giant bell while calling for the right person in a melancholic song. That part may not be true.
But I am seeking the right guy and the right guy(M or F) has to be someone reliable, someone that buys into what we are doing and someone that fits into the core team I suppose. You can’t just lob anyone in just because they once drew a rock of Microsoft paint.

However, on the back end of our aerial activity we have been approached by someone in the UK who seems to buy into what we are about. Moreover, he has an existing body of work. Good work. I am very confident that we can find the right person because apart from the fact the person is using their skills for the good, for anyone that wanted to get more natural exposure for their creativity we would be a good fit – we get good exposure.

To a certain extent I can then be selective even with a potential volunteer since there’s no use adding someone to the mix who turns out to be unreliable or what not. If we get the right person in place for January that will be just fine. As you can see we’re doing pretty well right now, so if we can find the best person by then that will be another string to our bow.

I definitely want to give a shout out to the people who have loyally and for months now funded the work we do. I can give OF the ideas and direction, but it takes hard cash to bring those ideas and that direction into reality.


What you are funding is a very good thing on several levels. For a start it all goes on what it was meant to go on. No extra is ever added, no expenses ever taken. That has been the case since we began out. Secondly, your funding is not going to that which has clearly stated aims. Its important to throw some money the way of rescue centres and we’ve done auctions for their benefit ourselves. But this is different. Those who have donated to us are investing in a process of change which will eventually lead to fairly radical legal and sentencing reforms. That’s what we’re all about – being that entity that keeps buzzing around the issue and around the political class until such a time they just yield for a quiet life and endorse the long overdue changes desired.
If you take a cursory flick through any paper you’ll find two sets of issues. There will be issues that we well known and documented, such as wars in foreign lands. It is vital and understandable for the press to report heavily on these, but in most cases there is not a whole lot we can do about some complex conflict outwith our own country.

The other set of issues that get coverage tend to be related to things like soaps and pop stars. I suppose it gets people under 21 to buy the paper and that’s why they devote so much time to their lives as news. I don’t blame the press for tapping into that market in this way, but its obviously not news which is important to anyone in Britain. Its done for commercial reasons alone.

What is far more of a challenge is to create almost a third set of issues and make them stick in a news cycle. Something that’s obviously way under a massive war in a foreign land, but something that is not banal like ‘news’ about someone’s boob job and she once sang a song. That’s a difficult third area to work into any news cycle at lest on a regular basis, but as you can see it can be done, if there’s a sufficient history to it then it can be achieved.

I’d also like to give a shout out to all those that have assisted at some stage in this journey and in non financial ways. Those who have sent in photo’s, created stuff, put things up for auction, etc. Even the smallest positive action is remembered.
I am also presently chewing over something right now which would probably graft us into the music scene. I’ve just thought of it today so its all a bit sketchy at this stage. But its something that could be pursued in 2017 that would once again take this whole situation to a whole new audience in a whole new way.


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