It is often said and I have said it myself – Britain is inherently weak on crime. But I am on a mission to show you that this is only partially true.
My aim is to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the courts can be hyper tough when they want to be and extremely weak when they want to be.
I am also going to set out to prove that the courts are extremely harsh and overly so on transgressions were there is no obvious true victim while being super soft on those who are the most demonic and dangerous.

If it were simply the case that we had a system that was generally weak on ALL crime then that would be one thing. It would be bad but at least it would be equally bad and down to flat out hyper liberalism.
However, when you have some of of split personality system that comes down hard on what would strike most as minor violations while simultaneously being very easy on those who burn dogs or prey on kids then I think you have quite a sinister dynamic there.

To illustrate my point about excessive harshness that courts suddenly seem to find in their soul for certain actions I have included the story below.

I first want you to keep in mind what those brothers did. I then want you to reflect on their suspended sentence and summer curfew. Hold that in your mind and now consider that this man received five YEARS and for what?

Was he caught with a massive cache of child abuse material? No.
Was he caught kidnapping someone’s dog, feeding it drugs and setting it alight? No.
Did he perhaps film himself throwing his dog down the stairs and then stamping on it? Nope.

(Mr Mason.5 years for bringing a stun gun home from holiday)


What could this obviously ‘evil’ man have done to incur the wrath of the judge and get five years? He brought a stun gun home from a holiday in Bulgaria. Didn’t use it. Didn’t threaten to use it. Wasn’t even aware that it was an issue here.

His partner gave birth in July and he was denied being there and all thanks to this judge who clearly deems this more serious than pet torture, sodomising children and whatever other filth you care to mention.

These devices are legal in many parts of Europe and many nations in the EU. I think it should be legal for people to carry defensive weapons such as pepper spray etc here. Why not? I’ve been to the C Rep and there is no issue with someone discretely carrying it there. There are some men in this country with bad intentions toward women. At least this would give a potential victim the chance to buy vital time if attacked.

Five years for that is just totally disgusting and under those circumstances. I don’t think you need go to law school or be a professor of law to understand how utterly moronic and deeply immoral it is to send a man like that to prison for five years while over 80% of zoosadists and two thirds of those convicted of possessing child rape material escape ANY sort of prison term. Even if they get one it is measured in weeks.
(Richard Arrowsmith faced up to five years in prison but was handed a suspended sentence after telling a judge he wanted to become a father. Despite being found with 137,000 images of child abuse)

If I was an alien visitor to this country I’d report back to my own species and I’d say that you are run by those who are blase about the kid rape and pet torture, but they will come down hard on any citizens who seeks to defend themselves in some small way.

I would say that the people that run your society want to make it impossible for you to protect yourself while at the same time not being willing or able to do it themselves.

I would very possibly conclude that your society was run by deviant psychopaths and control freaks. Dare transgress a taxation law and go straight to jail. Bring a stun gun home from a holiday in Bulgaria – go straight to jail. Batter a dog so violently that it pisses blood? No problem. Get discovered with thousands of downloads of kids being abused? Have a warning and a fine.

(Linda Wooldridge stopped by police after arriving at Edinburgh Airport. She was told she’d be put in the cells overnight if she didn’t pay £55 fine for not having a TV licence.
The 50-year-old paid to avoid jail even though fine had already been waived.)


I have absolutely no trust or faith in our judiciary. They may be technical experts in law but they are detached from reality and way too much of a clique for my liking.

I find it disturbing that they send a man to prison for half a decade for this nonsense while barely batting an eye when some piece of dog torturing or child abusing vermin comes before them.

Who is actually keeping an eye on these wild disparities as anyone in their right mind could see that..
A) This man does not belong in prison, let alone for five years
B) Those that torture and abuse pets and children should be those that get the book thrown at them.

What the hell is wrong with the judiciary in this country? Have they just gotten so drunk on their own power and self importance that they almost act like Kings? They seem totally whimsical to me in what they decide to do.
A dad-to-be has been jailed for five years after bringing a stun gun home from holiday as a souvenir – unaware it was an illegal firearm.
Anthony Mason brought back the stun gun, disguised as an iPhone, from Bulgaria as a present for a relative.
But he had no idea the device was illegal in the UK and was shocked to learn it was classed as a prohibited firearm, meaning a mandatory five-year jail term, a court heard.

The 30-year-old, whose partner is due to give birth in July, will now miss the beginning of his child’s life because of the biggest mistake of his life, the Newcastle Chronicle reported .
Imposing the five-year sentence at Newcastle Crown Court , Mr Recorder Kelly said it was harsh but the legislation was meant to be a deterrent.
“Such a sentence is undoubtedly harsh, let me make that clear, but it is intended to be with a view to deterring others, that is Parliaments intention.
It is not disproportionate, in my opinion, to the legitimate aim to deter people. It is merely harsh in relation to your particular circumstances.””


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