The Top Ten Reasons Why The Winds of Change Are Blowing.

1) Effective grass roots movements are sprouting up across the UK. Some deal exclusively with direct pet rescue (RAID). Others are out there in the city trying to lure the child sex predators. And then you have our movement, going since late May and I’d say a movement that in some ways bridges the gap between the two. While it is true we lead on a platform of reforms for animal abusers, we are clearly conscious of the links between those abusers and other types of abuser. We take those links very seriously and I always have. Anyway, the fact that you have all those grass roots movements forming and doing their good work is clearly a positive sign. It is also a sign that the courts and Government have failed the people though. Their systematic failure is the breeding ground for movements such as this. If they were doing the right thing then we would simply not need to exist.

2) The press and media are buying into it. While there may be many complaints you can make about the press I personally think they merit just a bit of praise for the sheer scale of exposure they have afforded the OF story and our activism since May. The fact that they have done so and usually in a very supportive way demonstrates that the press do consider this a news worth situation. If they did not consider it such then they would simply not cover it, let alone so often and by so many individual outlets. This is very good as it shows the press have an appetite for it, esp if you can present it to them in a manner which seems slightly different from the norm and has a back story to it.
Do not underestimate the accumulative power of the press. The press go a long way to shaping the public narrative and determining what is important. Do not forget that every MP has researchers whose sole task it is to seek out any name checking of them in the press, esp any which calls them out or is challenging them. No politician or party wants to consistently be seen to be on the wrong side of this situation. That’s the sort of stain that can be hard to wash out. If the press have the appetite for it in 2016 then they will definitely have the hunger in 2017 since things are just going to heat up several more degrees.

3) The types of offenders we are ultimately dealing with here are cannon fodder. This is not corrupt bankers we are going after, bankers who would naturally have political allies and lackeys. This is not high ranking suspected paedophiles we are going after here. These offenders, all of them, are worthless to the political class. They have no value to them. There is no pain to the political class and judiciary in eventually relenting and sacrificing those types of offenders. When enough collective pressure builds, and it will, then you can bet that the political class will throw these predators to the dogs (pardon the pun). We just need to drag them to that stage.

(I mean seriously, look at the boy. Reduced to wearing his hood up on a bus in the middle of summer. This is the face of evil reduced to nothing but a pathetic wreck)

4) These types of offenders are neither organised or funded. Their is no intelligence to their actions. You get highly sophisticated paedophile networks where there is an undeniable evil intelligence to their set up. That is not the case with these kinds of offenders. They are very much disorganised and with no monetary powers to call upon. An enemy disorganised is an enemy waiting to be beaten.

5) There is a growing body of academic and peer reviewed evidence that when relentlessly presented to Government is going to place them in a very awkward position. If they dare defy and ignore that evidence then doing so is precisely the sort of thing that with the right sort of campaign and publicity and material can cost them votes and power. If they are on record as openly going against solid findings and research then there is a case for saying they would be culpable of gross national negligence and they would be unfit to hold office. If good and compelling evidence of pet abuser being undeniably linked to other abuse is ignored then I would set about making sure that many thousands of British people would be told very succinctly that their Government were now wilfully placing their community in danger that could be avoided.

6) There is a political in by way of the Bill in February. As I’ve said many times before, this sort of Bill doesn’t tend to be heard one day and become law the next. There have been examples of the ten minute Bill making it into law, it has happened before. Generally speaking it is often times a mechanism to gain more momentum for the issue in Parliament. Its a good thing. We can TRY to force a wave of publicity that may be enough to make that type of Bill one of those rare examples that does go right into law. That would be fantastic but it is not what I am accounting for. However, we shall make an effort to keep on giving that as much air as we can by way of our activism. If, as I suspect, it doesn’t make it right into law, then that is okay. Anna Turley can take it from there on the inside and we’ll be the external pressure that will increase the pressure ten fold. There are other politicians who I believe are of a similar mind. I believe that as momentum builds more of them will step forward and be more visible.



7) We have truth and right on our side. This is one of those rare black and white things. This is not some subjective issue with many shades of grey. This is objectively evil and it is objectively dangerous to set evil free as it encourages them. This is not some complex debate or situation like immigration debates, or family court legislation etc. This is a simple case of evil people doing evil things and not being deterred or suitably penalised for it.
Someone could make a compelling argument for and against immigration. Someone could make an equally compelling argument for taxation reforms. No one in their right mind can make a compelling argument in support of the enemy we are faced with. I dare anyone in high office to do so. I think more people will clearly and swiftly see that we have right on our side and that we do an honest job for free. In an era of lies and wrongs, I think the public will incline to that which has right on their side.
8) I think that in 2017 we will likely foster a formal tie in with a body or association with a profile that would elevate this cause and these aims into the stratosphere. I’ve already mentioned my intent to try foster such a tie in with the FA and SFA. If I cannot do that then I will simply start by gaining active support from some high profile clubs independently. This would raise the profile of everything and bring even more pressure down on Government. It would also engage a demographic of young males who may not think about why these issues matter. All it takes is one or two clubs to get two or three of their high status players to do a photo promo for us and that alone would drag in a whole new legion of people.
9) I think when all is said and done that good is ultimately more powerful than evil. Evil seems powerful since evil plays by no rules and evil always lies. In reality that which is evil is often weak in reality. Evil only has the advantage of having no boundaries and having no conscience. But I believe evil is outnumbered for one thing. I think there are more people that are good pet owners than there are those like Frankish. I think there are more people that have kind intentions toward children than there are those with malevolent intent. We are the greater in number, all we need do is realise that and stand up to this. We need to keep trying to wake good people up who are currently asleep at the wheel. Evil also relies heavily on deception and deceit and sometimes that also gives them a short term gain. But in the long term? In the end evil has a habit of having its lies and deceit rammed down its throat.

10) As well as every other avenue we will explore every unorthodox or not often considered legal angle to bring about change. We will just gradually pursue that as well as doing everything else. There are some very interesting and big legal questions that I have raised to some key people over the past week. Questions and scenarios not commonly thought about but by no means without merit or potential traction. For example, if it can be shown that by continuing to ignore not only the public will but academic evidence of this being even more serious than pet abuse alone, then the Government and judiciary here can no longer formally use the excuse that they were ignorant to it.

They will also be continuing to free those who are beyond doubt and all question a serious risk to any community they go live in. And they are allowed to change their names so no one near by suspects who they really are.

Let us say that someone like Frankish got together with a single parent under his latest new name. What possible hope would she have of knowing what monster she had in her home and around her child? The Government have effectively removed that right from here and been complicit in the deceit. If that child then found itself the victim of one of his little brain seizures and was battered to death then without doubt this would then be on the very people in charge who had ignored all activism, all warnings, all evidence, and all fair and democratic means to get them to do the will of the people.
This would also be true of any victim of any such offender that they let go without seeing the inside of a prison at least.

Why should they not then be held personally accoutable? Ignorance will no longer be a valid excuse.
In such an instance we shall begin to make a register of all future victims of all those that had previous and walked free. I would then endeavour to bring all of those victims names to life in such a way that would utterly disgrace any exising Government. I would call upon powerful imagery and carefully constructed wording, and I would orchestrate it in such a way that they would look like the worse Government in recent history.

Of course, they can avoid all of that by simply doing what is long overdue and what is right.


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