Boots On The Ground

If I am granted good health and enough time on this planet then I can assure you that by the end of my time I will have moved heaven and earth to transform the current norm in Britain, that norm being that we’ve effectively surrender our streets, our communities and our dignity to the most evil and sinister of individuals.

How things are right now is simply not acceptable to me. I will not accept or surrender to this culture of the old being afraid to go out after dark, I will not tolerate a culture in which two thirds of those convicted of possessing child porn are given a non custodial sentence and I am not tolerating or accepting sick Orks like Frankish, Whiting et all doing what they do and being penalised as if they had illegally parked.

Smashing through that culture and entirely altering the landscape is so important in my mind that I’d be prepared to die trying to achieve it. That’s the sort of will that any MP’s or anyone in authority are up against in me.

I will exhaust all and every democratic route that I can, I will engage in a psychological war against the Government if they resist and against abusers so as to raise public wrath against them.

I am quietly hopeful and confident that this can be won by way of political and legal change. Not without a mass and relentless push mind you, but in the end I think the Government will eventually cave in and decide that this class of criminal are not just worth enough to them to hold out against an onslaught.

With that being said I am well aware that one time honoured tactic of Parliament is to drag something on to perpetuity if it suits them to. I am also aware that they may very well try to offer up some watered down and largely useless set of changes. If that happens our position should be to reject them. We should not accept weak compromise and half measures. They are a con.

If they try to pull that stunt then we should reject those half measures and keep on keeping on until they get it. This is no time to be meekly accepting the crumbs they throw you from the table. Our personal proposals (which are broadly echoed by Anna Turley MP) are already totally reasonable. There is nothing unreasonable in the expectation of up to five years in prison if you are a convicted sadist. There is nothing unreasonable in suggesting that in a case like the Frankish one it should be standard protocol for police to seize and examine all devices belonging to the offenders. I just bet that would bring up a fine treasure trove of questionable downloads and site visits.

There is nothing at all unreasonable in demanding that the electronic tag system be scrapped since it is such a vast drain on the budget and it fails to deliver what it is meant to do. There is also nothing unreasonable to demand that there be a publicly accessible database so that people know if a given person has form for these offences, just as we now have a national register for child abusers which is accessible to a member of the public who may have concerns over someone.

Not a single one of those positions can be called unreasonable or unrealistic. They are all absolutely achievable by any Government with the will to do it and they’d get very little public resistance.

We’ve never encouraged or condoned random violence as its counter productive, we distance ourselves from rhetoric of that type, again, I have always considered it be to worthless.

I will state this though. While I am willing and prepared to seek a political and legal fix, I am absolutely not prepared to cede this country and the safety of our grand children to this mass of degenerate scum who presently get a collective free pass from the state.

I am not prepared to accept it as the new norm that old people are terrified to walk home from the post office for fear of some spineless youths beating them up. I am not going to allow or accept known child predators to be released back into a community with a non custodial sentence. I am not going to tolerate a situation in which small groups of moronic teens who are high on drugs can kidnap and systematically torture a dog that was a much loved little pet to someone.

Sorry to all the weak career politicians and degenerate scum – your days of creating a hell on earth are going to come to an end.

As well as everything else I’ve been doing this past year I have also been doing a great deal of reading, research and contingency planning on an approach that may very well one day be required.
It is better to have something and never need use it than need it and not have it.
My planning is based on there being a doomsday scenario. A situation where Government not only ignore all and any reasonable demands to show true leadership and restore public faith that such filth no longer gets off so lightly, and one in which the instances of abusers/victims has spiked to an even worse level than this year.
We’re not too far from that now to be honest.

I do not think this doomsday situation will happen since I have confidence that the mood of the public is such that they are sick and tired of assorted defective abusers getting such an easy time of it. That mood is already being reflected in the increased and unprecedented media coverage this year and by the fact that there is evidence of it now existing inside Parliament itself.

I am confident that this momentum will increase in the new year and we will begin to enter a phase which starts to be the reverse of what we have right now – a new culture in which abusers and sadists of this kind are not pandered to but punished.
Once you have pushed legislation in place that now properly punishes a given class of abuser it becomes a great deal easier to make that a cultural and legal shift across the board and literally create a brand new wave of zero tolerance for predators. It sets a precedent from which other types of victims can expect better protections and other types of abuser will also find their days are numbered.

What I have spent time reading up on, researching and even recently having informed dialogue about is the concept of near future street patrols.

The simple fact is this. It is impossible for the police to do the job they could easily do 50 yrs ago. The numbers of officers has not increased in line with the population growth. Moreover, society has become far more degenerate and feral compared to 50 years ago. Officers are now tasked with dealing with a whole mass of drug addled freaks and weirdo’s that just didn’t exist in such vast number back in the 50’s.

Not to mention the fact that the typical officer is expected to cram in being schooled on basic counter terrorism practices and political correctness – so the task of the modern officer compared to that from a half century ago is a near impossible one.

What we cannot have and what I am not researching is some notion of random groups of thugs being judge, jury and executioner. This would be organised crime and I don’t suggest it. You wont exist long. You’ll also make grave errors. You also do not encourage boundaries and rule of law by having no boundaries or regard for law. That’s just an oxymoron. In the present climate there would be no better way to get yourself judged as a “terrorist cell” by this Government. I absolutely do not think and never will think such a thing can ever be a good idea.
What I have been researching are legally acceptable ways in which we could have patrols in towns and cities. I’d start out with one designated place, see it as a pilot scheme. When it went well and the public were seen to be behind it you then have a model that you can roll out to other locations. It can even be done as a ‘franchise’ of sorts, with trusted people in those different towns all responsible for their own recruitment and management of volunteers.

Everything would need to be done properly and professionally. Volunteers would need to surrender to some sort of background checks, since you cannot have those with a long history of violent crime involved. This is not something for loose cannons.

There would need to be a training programme established. I think that would be a must and that training could comprise of different aspects, but all volunteers would have to go through it and with good standards expected. This would simply be a matter of bringing in one or two of the right people who were qualified to develop such a programme. Not an impossible task for me. You would then need a venue in your pilot city to conduct the training, again this is a small issue.

(NOT something volunteers would get away with having at their disposal!)


(But you do have wheels as a tool)


(But it four wheels or two)



In a country like this you’d have no choice but to be up front and just tell the local police what you intended to do. No use hiding it from them, they are going to find out and would wonder what the hell was going on.
Rather than let them leap to the wrong conclusions and embarrass themselves it is better to present your intentions to them in a reasonable and professional way.
You clearly have to make a declaration that volunteers will not carry weapons, take the law into their own hands, and they will report a suspected crime seen. You have to show them what you intend to do and be prepared to give them written plans if they ask.
It also helps a lot if you are able to show any similar type of patrols in any other parts of the UK that any other groups of people are permitted to do. If you can show that (and I can) then it makes it hard for them to try to deny you if its fine for others in another part of the country. In actual fact, if you can be bothered go Google ‘Shomrim’ and you will clearly see that they exist with the full support of police and authorities.

If they can be allowed to do it then there is no logical reason why others be impeded, so long as its based on sound criteria.

I am even ready to liase with and be advised by patrol groups that have been a success, I am always prepared to learn from the success of others and add my own twist to it.

This can absolutely be done if it comes down to it. If you were starting out with one town as a pilot scheme then if you had even 50 quality and vetted volunteers that’s actually more than you may think if they are A) Mobile and B) In communication with each other. This is made all the more effective if you can foster an understanding with police and add them to the link.
(Don’t understimate the power of technology)


Who knows what serious crimes their presence may prevent with an early sighting? Maybe the girl being dragged into a car would be spotted and the car followed and the plates called through to police? Maybe that creep hanging around near schools would be spotted and photographed before he acted out? Maybe if such a patrol had existed that little dog called ‘Chunky’ may not have been stolen at all.

Let me put it this way. If it were done in one pilot town and in one year prevented one serious crime then its existence would be fully justified.

I also think its plausible in this respect. I do not think I would have that much of a struggle to find 50 quality volunteers in my own city. I actually think there would be a surplus number of people that wanted to do it and we’d be able to get the 50 best suited. I think this would probably have particular appeal to men, although I’d expect you’d get women that felt suited to it as well. If done well in just one place then you no longer have just a theory, you have a reality, and a good example at that.

I guess the sort of person I’d want to develop a bespoke training programme is an individual who had an impressive background in the security services. Even a well thought of retired officer would probably be suitably qualified. I’d want the best person I could find to develop a programme of excellence for volunteers who wanted to excel.

I would have no hesitation in favouring physically fit volunteers and if they were physically imposing then so much the better. While I definitely would not want them going full Rambo the reality is visual presence matters. There may be an instance when they have no choice but to intervene directly and if that day comes it is better and rational that they are both fit and imposing. You can still conduct a “citizens arrest” and if that was the demand then its obviously better it be done by a guy who is fit and imposing than a wee old women of 5’1.
(Probably not)bat5

(More like it)

Albero & Grana

I think that once the concept gained traction in a town then you’d definitely see far earlier intervention, more serious crimes prevented or reported early and perhaps even some lives saved.

If the police or politicians had an issue with that then they have issues.

The Tories used to bleat on about “personal responsibility”. Fine then. What could be more personally responsible than this?

For me to establish a pilot scheme this way would be no harder than it was for me to establish OF and make it into something. In some ways it would be a great deal more direct and less problematic. I wouldn’t do it instead of but as an offshoot of this, especially if this Government are absolutely determined to ignore all and any reasonable and democratic means to redress the balance and restore power back to the public while removing power from low life sub humans who exist only to cause pain and suffering to others.

They wouldn’t like it but that’s just tough. If they were doing their jobs then such ideas would never even be considered. The police may even resist it to start with, but if you can present your case in a firm but fair way and commit to keeping within the law then they’ll have to accept you and work with you (even grudgingly).

I am only one person but so what? One person can do a lot if they have the will and a plan and backers. One person can soon draw in and connect to others and before you know it you have a network.

I only wish that it were possible to engage all these abusers in conventional warfare. Let’s imagine all the pet abusers, child predators and other assorted sickos in a field. It would be absolutely fantastic to have an army of volunteer men to do battle with them in a winner takes all situation. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than such a hypothetical situation, but it will never take place. Why not? Well, do you for one second think that such a mass of weak cowards would ever turn up for such a show down? Of course not and they know it. Nice to dream though.

It is not however a dream to expect legal reforms that get tough on scum who set dogs ablaze for kicks of who get off on abusing kids. That is a minimum requirement that MUST take place.

It is also not a dream to make inroads into reclaiming our towns by way of the type of volunteer force I describe in this article.

Tell me what you think in comments


One thought on “Boots On The Ground

  1. I think you would have to be very very careful and check and recheck who you would accept – there are a lot of people out there once they feel they have a little bit of power could turn into little “Hitler’s” – you see it all the time with people who wear uniforms ( and I am not talking about the police ) – with the right type of people it would work but you would have to vet them very carefully


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