February Frenzy

There can be no doubt or question that Operation Trilogy was an unparalleled success on every level.
The benefits of keeping this in the media speak for themselves – the media tell people what is news and what is important, they set the narrative that then triggers public discussion. This then naturally forces it into the political narrative.


From December to today we were in the Manchester Evening News, page two of the Sun, the Edinburgh Evening News, the Glasgow Evening Times and now Wales online. That is a phenomenal amount of press coverage in such a short time, by so many different media and in three different countries (technically).

Its not merely that it raises mass awareness in huge numbers and pushes this into the public domain. Don’t think for one second that something can appear so boldly in that many papers and go totally unnoticed by MP’s. Not only do they keep up with what’s in the press so do their interns and personal assistants. It would not surprise me in the least if some very well know political figures had now heard of us and our cause. Those who haven’t will do so.


All of that was done with a grand total of about two grand. Two grand is absolute buttons to secure that much press and the momentum that goes with it, esp when its in a sequence in this way. If you hired a ‘professional’ PR company to try to get you that much press in that short a time, they’d charge you at a rate of £500 per day just to get out of bed and for every day they claimed to have worked on it. Even then there is no guarantee they could deliver you up that much media and across England, Scotland and then Wales.


If you bought one full page in a newspaper for one day it can cost up to £5k depending on the newspaper. If it gets read at all then by the next day that paper is in the bin.

Operation Trilogy wasn’t just a huge success in terms of the media it commanded, it was a huge economic success. I would also consider it a psychological success. Let’s be honest, the entire subject of these abusers and their actions is downright depressing. When I came into this I saw a lot of jaded people, jaded by seeing this cycle of abuse/leniency, jaded by never ending pictures of abuse in the press. They were also jaded by the fact that there didn’t seem to be anything out there that had a clear and definite plan to at least try to shift the balance.

Then in November I said we needed a strong December and an uplifting end to the year. That is precisely what unfolded. In December I said that it was key to get the new year off to the right start. This has also now been achieved.
This is all excellent and reasons to be cheerful but February is perhaps going to be one of the most important dates on the calendar. Why? Because there is a bill being heard in Parliament on the 24th of that month. Its not a do or die Bill but it has value, esp if evidence is being presented that shows that pet abuse and other types of abuse are linked. You can read up on the type of Bill that it is if you Google ‘Ten Minute Rule’ or Standing Order No. 23. As far as I am aware that is the type of Bill that Anna Turley is presenting.
These bills do not in of themselves tend to lead to some immediate legal change. That by no means makes them worthless and there have indeed been exceptions, occasions when such a Bill had directly led to legal change.
From Wiki

‘However, bills introduced under the Ten Minute Rule do sometimes become law, passing through every stage of Parliament right through to Royal Assent. Since 1945, there have been over sixty Acts of Parliament which were initially introduced under the Ten Minute Rule. A recent example was the Divorce (Religious Marriages) Act 2002’.

60 since 1945 is not many but it shows it can take place. The most recent was only 2002.
What I plan to do for all February and on the lead up to the 24th is to generate as much of a storm as I can. Since doing things in quick succession clearly works so well I would look to do three events in February, at least one of which would be explicitly about that date.

Can this be done? Yes. Will it bring what is often seen as a boring Bill to greater public attention and in an interesting way? Yes. Does it keep the focus and pressure on those who will be responsible for looking at the Bill? Absolutely.

Since Malcolm Plant has a body of research that shows the links between pet abuse and other types of abuse, it may even be possible for me to use small pieces of information from that research and weave them into a message. The average person may not think to go and read a detailed set of research papers. But what they will take notice of are facts pulled out of it and presented to them in a way that is high profile.

To create a maximum storm in February can be done. I have options and thoughts on what to do that would achieve the objectives. The objective is to gain as much positive publicity for the cause as possible before the 24th, while factoring in that date and possibly two or three key facts from Malcolm Plants research.

What I am going to need though is a working budget. Obviously nothing can be done without one so we need one. The sooner I can get this working budget the more time I have to plan out what to do and how.

Everything achieved from December to today was done with about £2400. A budget similar to that would probably allow me to do three events in February. I can mix up the message on each one that we do. There can be one that places emphasis on the 24th and lets MP’s know we are all watching. There can be one that draws out some of those aforementioned links. The third one can be a wild card.

There’s no desperate rush to do anything this very second, but as I say, the sooner I have a working budget the sooner I can map out the best direction.

If 100 people donated £24 I’d have that budget and we can move forward with confidence and aim to create a frenzy in February.

In a nation this size that doesn’t seem a big ask. If you want to live to see the day when utter scum are thrown in the tin and not slapped on the wrist and allowed to go free then it’s worth £24 to play an active part.


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